Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is Obama Dangerous to the People and to his Master's. Will He Give Up Power?

It is a very dangerous time between now and Election Day. Right now, we see Obama's support base erode inside the party and among black Americans. Obama has been good puppet for carrying out his masters wishes implementing the agenda. He has been bad also because he has awoken up many people to his real plan for America. The elites have decided as reported at the Bilderburger meeting to throw Obama under the bus. We are seeing the left in the media and in politics turning against Obama and promoting Romney.

President Obama is now a law unto himself instead of going through congress passing legislation. He is just signing executive orders bypassing Congress. He is giving himself power he does not have and it has really awoken the sleeping giant in America and around the world. His advisers said he needs an Oklahoma City or a 9-11 to be reelected because the people have no faith in his leadership anymore. He takes expensive and lavish vacations at our expense while millions of American is out of work. I think Obama is mad that the establishment has turned on him and looking to replace him with Mitt Romney to continue the agenda since there is not a dimes worth of difference between the two. Nothing changes, the same policies just a different face and rhetoric.

President Obama might feel hurt and betrayed not wanting to give up the presidency since now he is a dictator. Congress has not challenged him on the executive orders and the wars being launched without congressional approval. He might feel emboldened to pull off a false flag, crash the economy or stage a crisis under PD-51 and his latest executive order National Defense Resource Preparedness to cancel the November elections to take complete control of the infrastructure. If the congress is not resisting, what is stopping him going further.

He could use the NDAA, the Military commissions act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Bill to arrest members of congress, even his globalist handlers, to arrest activist and media figures. He could order the Military to go take over state capitals and arrest governors who will not play ball with him and his seizing control of the country. He can use the drones to attack anyone who stands in his way. If he feels dissed by his masters who put him power, he might pull this off because Obama and his czars he appointed might not want to giver up power.

Obama might be a monster the elites have created they might not be able to control anymore. The masters may tell him he will not be reelected. His attitude he might to do some thing major to stop the elections to avoid a humiliating defeat at the polls this November. He dissed the elites before with killing the Keystone Pipeline something Pastor Lindsey Williams reported in a radio interview. He really ticked off the establishment stopping this job-creating pipeline. He can diss the elite again by not stepping down and declaring himself Dictator for life because he does not want to give up power to the other puppet leader Romney.

I have a feeling he has become more dangerous because he might fear losing the power he has accumulated. Obama might pull a fast one where the globalist and Obama might be chased out of America because I do know the American people will not tolerate Obama being president for life and many will this as an opportunity to remove the traitors from our mist. The American people are now armed to the teeth.

How do I come to this conclusion? Well Obama is an arrogant narcissist who is now very dangerous assuming power he does not have under the Constitution. In his mind, he did what he was told by his masters, so now thinks he deserves another term as President. He gave amnesty to million of Illegal aliens to help secure the vote to reelect him with a stroke of a pen It is very possible he will do what it takes to stay in power if it is causing riots, doing everything possible to destabilize the nation to declare Martial law. All this so he can invoke the executive orders he signed and the ones by past presidents. He is a dangerous man now we have to be ready for what he tries to pull on us.

It is very unpredictable what he will do in the coming months, he may do what his masters want and step down for his Caucasian clone to finish the agenda. The other is dissing the globalist masters by taking over everything canceling the elections. We have to be ready for both. The good thing is, if he does declare himself dictator for life. We will have a real revolution. I just hope it is peaceful.

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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if there is some infighting and bickering going on behind the scenes - oh, to be a fly on the wall in one of those "secret" meetings.

    The personality types employed by the elites almost guarantee that 'egos' will commonly get in the way of the grand agenda. It's at times like these that the masters have to yank real hard on the chain to bring the attack dogs to heel. The only question is just how that 'yank of the chain' will be manifest.

    In the end, this is how evil is defeated, by forcing it to turn against itself.