Sunday, May 27, 2012

We Must Destroy and Discredit Romney, The Media,The RNC Now. Mitt Gets No Free Ride to Tampa

It is apparent the Globalist, and the hacks inside the RNC, the neo con radio talk show host with their willing accomplices in the corporate media are pushing Romney as the presumptive nominee. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is getting a free ride with the media. We seen this tactic four years ago pulling the same trick. Remember when John McCain was given a free ride after he thumbed his nose at the American people. He ignored the will of the people favoring Amnesty for illegal immigrants. We cannot allow this to happen again. We cannot allow Americans to have a false choice anymore this November with two of the same of people who will continue the policy of more of the same.

Both McCain and Romney had no base or the enthusiasm to energize the people. We must shatter this media generated illusion.

Between now and August, a lot of work must be done before the Republican National Convention Convenes in Tampa Florida to choose the nominee for President. First people on the ground in the City of Tampa and the outlying areas in Hillsborough County needs to reach out to the Sheriff Deputies, The Tampa Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol and the Florida National Guard. Remind them of their oath and the people ordering them to beat up protesters for their free speech and denying access of the legally selected Ron Paul delegates because their political hides are in trouble.

The people using the police as personal bodyguards to protect a corrupt government will steal their pension funds. Tell how sworn officers how the system sees them as useful idiots to be disposed of after they are used for their specific purpose. Maybe we can get the law enforcement community to stand down and not follow illegal orders. Remind them of the East German troops who refused orders to attack dissenter’s right before the Berlin wall came down. This is not calling for a mutiny; it is just upholding the rule of law and the bill of rights by not complying with illegal orders that violate the law of the land.

Next from now until then, we need to bombard the establishment media with calls for Ron Paul and Mitt Romney to debate so the people can have a real choice. Every time the media promotes Mitt Romney as the presumptive nominee. We need to hammer the comment boards with "What about Ron Paul?" on their websites We need to call C-SPAN and Neo Con Talk radio shows when they try to paint Mitt being just like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Romney would not amount to a pimple on Thomas Jefferson’s buttocks. George Washington would have Mitt in the Stocks out in the public square labeled a loyalist or a Tory. We need to tell them Mitt is no different with Obama.

They both are for Obamacare. Mitt Healthcare was the model to set up Obamacare

They both are for the Patriot act and the NDAA

They both will not cut spending.

They both are for Carbon Taxes.

They both are for sending our jobs to China. (Romney's company Bain Capital brought companies and shipped the jobs to China)

They both are for endless wars of aggression.

They both are for high taxes and none will rescind any burdensome regulations.

They both are anti second Amendment. They both are gun grabbers. Mitt Romney signed the Assault weapons ban in 2004 as Massachusetts Governor.

Both have no interest in pulling out of the UN; both are for surrendering more of our sovereignty to the United Nations.

Both are not willing to secure our southern border, stop illegal immigration. They will not enforce immigration laws and both are in favor of the North American Union

Both have no interest in shutting down Federal agencies that serve no useful purpose.

Both are not interested in abolishing the TSA or putting an end to the abusive tactics at the airport.

None stands for individual liberty and state's rights.

None shows any interest in neither auditing the Federal Reserve nor abolishing this private central bank. Both Romney and Obama will not hold the Federal Reserve Bank accountable to congress or the American people. 

The elites are pulling a bait and switch on us; we must stop it with all our might possible within us holding nothing back, Mitt Romney must not be the nominee. 2012 must be the year the people gets a clear choice who they want to lead the nation.

This August, When the Republican convention starts. Here is what we need to do in the info war.

We need to discredit the elections as being a fraud since Romney does not have the votes, or the popularity.

Ron Paul being denied winning states must be exposed by showing the stolen elections

The Media blackout must be exposed.

The RNC dirty tricks must be brought to light showing them denying the people's voice doing the bidding for the establishment.

This summer we must do some serious damage to the RNC where they have no wiggle room to get away with they have done in the past. They cannot use the police to do their dirty work with a backlash. They cannot change the rules so easily to get a desired result without being scrutinized.

Romney and the RNC must not get a free ride doing the will of the ruling elite. We must take the info war to a new level and defeat them utterly. We have something that ruling class does not have. That is heart and passion to leave our republic better off then we had it for our children. That is something all the money cannot buy the other side does not have.

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