Friday, May 18, 2012

We Do Not Have Racist Police, Just Bad Cops Terrorizing Everyone

I am getting sick of these bigoted black activist calling the police racist. Recently, after a jury found ex Houston Police Officer Andrew Blomberg not guilty verdict in a jury trial. Hearing the people complain about an all white jury making an issue out of skin color is getting to be nonsense to the point, I am disgusted.. I did not sit it he courtroom or hear the evidence. To cry foul because the jury was all white is getting real old when they use the race card to escape accountability taking about the suspect was convicted of burglary. The accused teen was no angel. The youngster running from the police and the cop overreacting when he surrendered says everyone is wrong. Two wrongs do not make it right.

I can tell you from experience. I sat on the jury in a high profile case 20 years ago. I heard on TV the DA day after day demonize the accused to make them guilty in the court of public opinion. When I was chosen as one of the jurors to sit in judgment of the accused, I had to clear my mind and listen. Once I heard the evidence against the accused, The DA had no case and the judge was making sure the state had the upper hand. The defendants were denied witnesses and testimony of their experts to counter the states case.

Not to mention, the accused was a black couple with an all white jury sitting in on the case. The public defender was not putting up a fight; The DA was using this case for brownie points to run for higher political office. The jury saw how this couple was being railroaded into prison with a frivolous charge. When we deliberated in the back room to weigh the evidence after the judge instructed us. We gave the verdict of not guilty because the judge would not allow us to hear the defense's exculpatory evidence. We could not give a guilty verdict wit a clear conscience without hearing the defense side of the case. This was with an all white jury that ruled justly.

We must not fall into the trap of divide and conquer anymore based on skin color when it comes to Police misconduct. The police are not going after a certain group of people. They are coming after everyone. We are living in a Police State now. No one has any more rights under the Constitution. Those self-appointed black leaders love the police state and care less about real justice. When some poor black person claims being mistreated by the Police, these leaders have an issue to get face time on the TV camera to make to demonize the police even if the officer did nothing wrong. The officer is made to look like the bad guy no matter if the accused is guilty as sin.

The Police out of control are not just a black issue. It is everyone’s problem. Not just in the black community. If these Black civil rights leaders were so concerned about the Police and standing up for personal liberty. They would be standing up for everyone’s rights, not just black people’s rights. One violation is not on just one person, is a violation of all people rights. Regardless of a person's, skin color. Everyone's free speech and right to be left alone is under attack. The race card is getting old and annoying to see.

The Ford Foundation funds all these race pimps like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Quanel X and Rockefeller Foundation funds similar groups to keep us divided. They do not want us coming to together seeing we all have a common enemy. That is the bankers wanting to enslave us all as debt slaves. This is why we need to discredit these self-appointed black leaders and the Hispanic groups trying to keep us divided using hate. They have to be discredited or we will fall into chaos if we stay silent.

We cannot afford these race pimps to come in and throw gasoline on the fire. The Police are out of control attacking everyone. It is does not matter of you are male, female, white, and black, Asian, Hispanic, young and old. They are all being tazed, shot and beaten to death. No one is safe from these thugs. Police brutality is a civil liberties issue and not a race problem. Until we shatter the race paradigm and reveal that blacks are not the only ones singled out. We can come together and defeat the real enemy pulling the string behind the curtain.

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  1. Thanks for this. I have been saying the same thing for years