Sunday, May 6, 2012

To the War Mongering American Neo- Cons: Stay the Hell Out of Russia's Affiars

This is an old saying that rings true today, That is; be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Well it will not be what they want if the United States does not stop interfering into the affairs of the Russian Federation. It will not happen on the ground of they choose to fight on. This is why the people need to have the courage and start arresting people like George Soros, the Rockefeller, the Rothschild’s and Goldman Sachs along with all corrupt financiers who profit from destabilizing nations. Arrest the Politicians on the Bankers payroll too who have aided and abetted their fraud. President Putin should recall those Russian Airborn units doing anti terror exercises in Colorado and send them to go hunt down these oligarchs who are the real terrorists.

The people who never wore the uniform talk tough when the have people carry gun do their dirty work. When they were called to serve, they had a deferment to avoid the draft while another went in their place. Do these neo cons live in reality? No, they do not live in the real world, nor have they served their country. Do they know taunting Russia meddling in their internal affairs along with an antagonistic foreign policy the Obama administration has will have blow back on them. Let us face it. The Russian economy is far healthier then the US economy after Putin threw out the Bankers. The Russian Military is far better prepared with fresh troops not burned out being in multiple deployments as American soldiers are.

Let us face facts; many nations are now looking to Russia for leadership and security because NATO, Israel and the United States keep starting wars. After the attack in Libya and the fall of Gaddafi, I do not think Russia will budge one inch allowing an attack on Syria and Iran. I do not think Russia will tolerate anymore outside foundations lead opposition to stand trying to destabilize the nation. Putin needs to put out a letter of Marque and Reprisal to go take out the super wealthy class wreaking havoc around the world. He needs to pull Russia out of the UN and withdraw membership. NATO is the UN Army. When Putin opposes NATO, he is dealing with the UN. Commit not one Russian Soldier or Sailor to UN Missions, defend Russia first should be the policy over UN mandates. The UN hates Russians and Americans more than anyone else does. The reason is that before 1913, Russia and the United States were the thorn in the side of the European bankers.

It is also getting tot the point, the US Military will not fight for a dictator anymore. They will not fight for Bankers, Wall Street and Corporations. The US Soldier rather go visit Moscow and eat Borsch, Drink Kvas and Vodka then invade Russia to occupy the capital to protect a puppet leader. They do not want a war with Russia. This is why most Military contributions are going to Ron Paul's campaign over Obama and the other candidates combined. They Know a President Ron Paul would call the Kremlin instead massing troops on the Russian border to provoke a war.

The US Military and the American people are burned out on these illegal wars, we are tired of this war on terror being used as an excuse to tyrannize the people at home while bombing nations that never attacked us or a threat to us. That means leave Russian alone, they have had it with wars, they seen enough of them in the last century, they seen enough death, misery and destruction. Russia is not a force to mess with. Besides the US Military does not have the resources or manpower to fight Russia in a full scale war because they depleted the equipment and the personal are tired of fighting wars for Israel. We do not have the manpower or resources to fight a war with Syria or Iran either. There is no rational reason to go pick any more fights around the world. The Empire cannot afford any more-military exploits around the world. No one is in their right mind who thinks they can pick a fight with Russia and win. They are insane to think so.

This is why the Ron Paul campaign is exploding in popularity. The harder the war machine establishment tries to suppress Ron Paul or cheat him. The more motivated his support becomes when they push back. They want the troops home and want their freedom back. No more wars, No more meddling in the internal affairs of other nations. No more interfering in the lives of Americans using a phony foreign danger as an excuse run people's lives. I know if Ron Paul and Barrack Obama are the candidates this November. Dr No will win in a landslide. I know the Texas Congressman who we will call President Elect will get a call from the Kremlin. There is President Putin saying "pazdravlyAyu!"


  1. If Obama tried to get half the Presidential power that Putin has, you'd call him a facist. And rightly so.

    What would you say if Obama stated his intention to "hunt down" the oligarchs? Would you praise him like you do Putin?

  2. Let's imagine Russia placing an anti missle shield on the Mexican and Canadian American borders. That would effectively nullify the idea of mutually assured destruction. The US would be fools to tolerate this.
    Putin has no alternative but to defend his country over the very same thing. He'd have to be a fool not to, and Putin is nobody's fool.