Monday, May 28, 2012

Obama Bypassing Congress to Ban Shotguns by Stealth

The Obama Administration seeks to disarm the American people by hook and by crook. They are seeking to go after people's shotguns using the Assault weapons ban considering the Shot Gun as a Semi Automatic Rifle if it has five or more rounds. This rule was not made by congress, this was a decision made by the Bureaucracy to disarm the people. For people who own shotguns, the agency will use the rationalization of owning shotgun does not serve a "Useful and Sporting purposes" or saying a shotgun that holds five or more rounds is a semi automatic rifle is designated as "military". They are using the Assault Weapons Ban to go after shotguns designating them as semi automatic rifles.

Do not buy into the argument of shotgun do not serve a "useful or sporting purpose". It has nothing to do with if shotguns serve a sporting purpose or not. Shotguns is a weapon preference of the individual if they want to own one or not. Shotguns with bird-shot can go through body armor; I can see why the BATF wants to ban them. There is a comment period before they decide the rule goes into effect. I do not think the Obama White House and the Eric Holder Justice department will listen to the will of the people(send them an email). President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have no credibility whatsoever going after our shotguns after they been caught shipping weapons into Mexico to blame it on our right to keep and bear arms.

This attempt to ban our shotguns is part of President Obama going after the guns by stealth as promised to the head of the Brady Campaign. Eric Holder filed a brief in the US Supreme court case DC vs. Heller case in favor of disarming the American people calling the militia not the people at large, but the state national guard. Since Obama cannot get gun control laws passed by congress to disarm the American people. He will use the regulatory process making an end run around congress to go after our guns. I think Obama is too late and I do not think to people who own shotguns will be so quick to turn them over to the tyrants. If they do, they will hand over the slugs and pellets first going down range

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This President has shown himself to be the enemy of the people. He has shown himself to be a tyrant seeking to break the will of the American people with a hot police state. What is standing in the way is not the AR-15 or the AK-47. People own shotguns because they can do more damage to an intruder just as good as any other rifle. The American people will know why we have a second Amendment when they try to take it away or send us to a FEMA camp. Shotguns are not for "Useful or Sporting purposes" They also are our liberty teeth necessary for the security of a free state.


  1. Realman, can you post the link to the article on the ATF website? You can't? Of course you can't.

    Because it doesn't exist.

    This rumor you heard is from April 2011. It was called the Study on the Importability of Certain Shotguns.

    It wasn't a ban on shotguns in the US. It wasn't even about shotgun accessories made in the US. It was about importing items like high capacity magazines from overseas.

    And they decided not to make any changes anyway.

    So rather than do your own research, you let the person that emailed you this story make you look like a fool.

    It wouldn't have even taken much reseach. Go to ar15, glocktalk, gunsnet. They all have articles and forum posts about this.

    Why didn't you look into this before posting it?


      There ya go dip-tard...
      Or should I say Agent Dip-tard?

  2. I read somewhere recently that the ATF wanted to classify any firearm greater than .50 caliber, which 12 guage shotguns would fall under, to be a "destructive device" like pipe bombs.

    One error here. Bird shot won't go through body armor, even at close range, but slugs will. For personal defense a 12 guage with 00 buckshot is the best. Like emptying a 9mm handgun into someone all at once.

  3. I didn't buy my shotgun for sporting purposes. I bought in case I have to blow somebody's f&%$ing head off.

    Does the new law require me to make a sport out of that?

  4. "Shotguns with bird-shot can go through body armor;"

    Really? What shotguns, what kind of bird shot, and what range? I'm skeptical.

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  6. Look up flechette, Dragons Breath, and other specialty rounds; its not just sabots anymore....

  7. This issue has just come up again, and is being passed around by some gun organizations.
    I received an e-mail the other day from SAF, if I recall correctly, on the subject.
    I did go to the link, but on topics such as this I attempt to explain the law as it was written, and it doesn't seem like anyone really cares about the rule of law; including organizations such as the NRA.

  8. The government, regardless who is president, continues their encroachment of our freedoms. It will continue as long as it's a small encroachment as the frog is slowly boilded to death in a pot of hot water.

    Just finished reading a thriller book about Americans who do take a stand against federal tyranny and ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. I recommend it cause it's about each of us and could be our hometown and it's so current.

    Like all living organisms, government will continue to grow until it's stopped. Thanks for the great article.

  9. "Obama Bypassing Congress to Ban Shotguns by Stealth"

    What a LOAD of Far Right WingNut BULL-CRAP !

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