Thursday, May 17, 2012

Judge Orders FBI to return Guns and Property to Hutaree Militia After Charges Were Dropped.

The Hutaree Militia had all charges dropped earlier last month when accused by Federal agents for conspiring to shoot police and overthrowing the government. The allegations were unfounded to charge them and the Judge ruled right.The Hutaree Militia was arrested in 2009 when Federal agents raided a funeral. All the members have been released from jail. Now the court has ordered the FBI return all the guns they confiscated. Over 60 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition the court ordered must be returned.

I hear when the government confiscates guns or property. When they are ordered by the court to return the property, especially guns. They drag their asses and try to jerk people around. They even stole a wedding ring from one of the accused. The truth is if we violated a court order failing to return property. We be in contempt of court, the police would waste no time coming to find us when a bench warrant is issued for our arrest. With the Federal government, no such thing happens. What a double standard in the law we have.

If the Federal government is dragging their feet returning the weapons to their rightful owners, Chances are these weapons were smuggled into Mexico as a part of operation Fast and Furious. Many of the weapons taken down to Mexico, came out of the evidence locker out the back door south of the border. It would surprise me if they ever get their weapons returned. The New Orleans PD still refuses to return the guns confiscated after Hurricane Katrina when a Federal Judge ordered them to do so. Many people still do not have their firearms back after they went after the guns.

The Federal Government always drags its feet when they are ordered to return property or owe you money.  This is one of the reason why people are so disgusted with the Federal government because such attitudes like this when they take their time returning property that does not belong to them. They show such disdain and contempt for the average American, no wonder people are ready for a revolution and buying guns is at a new record level. The American people are fed up because of this arrogance in Government because of cases like this. What do you say?

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