Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is America the Bilderburger's Waterloo?

Do not get all scared that all is lost and hopeless because the people on the top have all the money and power. Depending what vantage point we are looking from, things will always look different. We read publications written by academia and the foundations talking about plans for a world government. We are reading from a mind of a sick person or someone is who is far removed from reality. They see the common person from another vantage point, looking down at us. Even a Satellite looking down on earth can show much, it cannot show the finer details. Even from space, it is not 100 percent reliable, there is much left out the camera cannot see.

The people who want to rule the world that never had to worry about a meal, paying the utility bills and making the mortgage payment on time.  They have their experts and Psychologist who do studies of human nature. If we believe their findings, we would believe they are Godlike and invincible because they know what they are doing. We would believe it is futile to resist the elites because they know what they are doing. They are using scientific theories to control to population's minds. The social engineers are not infallible; they have failed many times trying to reshape people’s thoughts. They used the same playbook to take over nation after nation. Eventually they will fail because they become too arrogant and overconfident. We also see this looking from a distance and now they are very predictable which is why they are losing.

They always say” pride comes before the fall". Like Napoleon, the USSR, and Hitler. These empires overreach and collapse from within because they own corrupt rot.  The elites who are part of the Builderburger group enjoyed the luxury of keeping its meeting secret and their agenda hidden from the public. People in the mainstream media had a monopoly on the flow of information until the age of the internet. Now we have individual journalist not controlled by an editor. The alternative media has grown so expediently because content that resonates with the people is gaining steam. The propaganda is failing miserably since the alternative media has dominated the internet,

This group of people meeting in Chantilly Virginia does not know hardships and put their faith in power and money to get their way. Once the hired thugs are gone or depleted. When Americans are buying guns, they are flying off the shelf at record levels. When people are resisting in all peaceful ways to solve the problems we face, while other prepare for a possible conflict. I do not think they can censor or contain the internet, if they try to shut it down to curtail it; it can be rerouted to bypass the NSA and the Pentagon. They are not all powerful or all knowing. They are not invincible or untouchable.

Napoleon thought he could not lose and he could conquer Europe. The truth is the Builderburger group, the super wealthy who never had a care in their life. They will self-destruct as they try conquering the world. They will not win. America will not be taken down without a fight. As they try to destroy us, they will bring on their own destruction. The human spirit cannot die and will prevail over evil. America might the Waterloo that will take down the Builderburger group. Americans are not easy to conquer.

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  1. Where did you get the idea that Napoleon thought he could never lose? Honestly. Did some conspiracy website tell you this, or did you just make it up entirely?