Monday, May 21, 2012

Inflation Does Not Discriminate. Debt Slavery is Color Blind and No Respecter of Persons

When we look back at the creation of the Federal Reserve System taking over our monetary policy. Ever since 1913, this private central bank has been the source domestic as well as international turmoil. It is very hard to defeat the bankers and drive them out of the nation because they hold the levers of power. They done it through many facets we know buying off politicians and controlling the money supply. The only way to can keep the people from looking at the real problem is to play the divide and conquer game to keep the people distracted on petty issues.

The Tax-free foundations that were formed before the 16th Amendment, own shares in the Federal Reserve. These foundations are exempted from paying any income taxes. The Carnage Endowment, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation to name a few funding the destruction of the USA. They have been involved in funding the Modern day Feminist movement to attack the family, the brought Eugenics into the Christian Churches, they infiltrated the many Christian denominations making them members of the World Council of Churches, they have entered the Seminaries to water down the Christian doctrine making the church ineffective. The Foundations formed the National Education Association to dumb down the public school system.

They set up curriculum on University Campuses with Black Studies, Latino Studies, Woman studies and other ethnic groups to create bitter people hating other groups. They set up racial agitator groups funding both sides to get them fighting each other. They play both sides of issue be for or against gay marriage, pro life or pro choice on abortion. They feed us lies of perceived threat abroad to go to wars with nations that never attacked us. Then using that threat to steal our liberties at home. They fund all these groups to distract us from the real reality who the group of people behind the curtain pulling the strings. For Americans being so naive and gullible for so long buying into the deception. The chickens are now coming home to roost.

They need these distractions of useless issues to keep the people blind to the real power. They want us thinking it is Democrat vs. Republican, Left vs. Right, Male vs. Female, Rich vs. Poor, Young vs. old, Rich vs. Poor, Working people vs. the entitlement class. You name the issue they use the establishment media to push; they play both sides to keep fighting a fruitless battle. That is the case I am trying make to the reader, there is the real power manipulating the minds of people that causes chaos and discord keeping the masses looking in the wrong direction. Keeping attention away from the banking cartel is the game the bankers play.

Henry Ford was right saying this reason why the bankers need to deceive the people and why this illusion in their minds must be maintained: Mr. Ford said:

 “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

When you look at the economic times, everybody is being squeezed. There is no segregation with inflation. They do determine the value of the dollar based by the color of a person's skin, race, creed, religion, beliefs, political affiliation or social status. The debasing of the currency of who pays more or less does not have an affirmative action plan or quotas based on political correctness. Everyone is getting the shaft when they fill up their fuel tanks, when they shop for food, when the pay the electric bills. No one escapes the economic turmoil.

We will defeat the bankers until we as Americans realize the taking back our country and having a society that allows a person the individual liberty to pursue their ambitions and passions without restraint from the Government getting in the way. We cannot guarantee an equal outcome, just an equal chance to make mistakes and succeed. Until we realize the banker using the force of government to divide us with FBI COINTELPRO infiltrating groups that promote unity and true tolerance. We all be suckered by the games the bankers played not to draw attention to themselves using the force and resources in the government to mislead us. The game of divide and conquer to hide to truth.

Debt slavery is no respecter of persons. It steals and robs the purchasing power and the value of savings regardless the color of the person's skin. Until all Americans realize we are all debt slaves in servitude to the banker's false debt. Put aside the petty differences and come to the conclusion we been played like a fiddle with the Federal Reserve System. We all get the shaft.

Once the Banker's hand is exposed paying for these racial agitators and media driven propaganda getting us to fight among ourselves as a way the bankers stay in power to keep attention off themselves they do not want. When it happens, there will be a revolution like the one Iceland had.


  1. Jct: Every time people use an alternate currency, the banksters get no interest! Millions are not doing interest-free deals around the planet. Occupy Wall St."Silver Bullet" Video Winner: Argentine Solution is another angle on the same interest-free theme except done by governments. Finally, a happy Argentine story about how they developed their own barter creditos system: Creditos barter clubs are half Argentine Solution
    Jct: Isaac Isitan's "Money" video on the banking system crash in Argentina in 2000 provides invaluable footage of the rise of the biggest people barter network on Earth, 7,000,000 members, the Red Global de Trueque network. The video goes from suicidal despair in Turkey and Argentina and to the joy of barter in Argentina.

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