Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Your Free Credit Report and Sue the Bill Collectors

I just received my Credit Report in the mail. I do not have bad credit. I do not apply for any credit and do not use a credit card. I am a cash paying man. I notice on my credit report was collection agencies checking my credit report looking for outstanding debts and other financial institutions. I thought I had to authorize someone to run a credit check under the Fair Credit Reporting Act?. How are they getting my social security number to run a credit check on me?

It is does not stop there. I had collection agencies calling me to collect a debt past seven years old way past the ten years. This debt was over 10 years old. I called the creditor and ask if they sent this account to the collection agencies? I found out this creditor never sent it to collections and the debt was written off long ago. I found out the three credit reporting agencies are not removing items on the credit report past seven years. I am finding out that some collection agencies are running credit checks looking for outstanding debts to collect on as a way to get money. We never consented to them running a credit check on me.

Under the Fair Credit Collections Act, we do not owe the collection agencies because we never signed a contract agreeing to pay back the debt to them. Do not be scammed by these collection agencies.

I would suggest everyone get their free credit report you can get once a year if you mail all three credit reporting agencies. You will see who has ran a credit check on you. Then ask if you authorized it? I you consented, that is one thing. If some of these agencies have accessed your credit history without your permission. You can take legal action against them.

We are living in the age of fraud and deceit. The age of dirty tricks and con games. Government, banks and other private institutions are scamming and finding ways to steam from us. It is important we know our rights as consumers or we can be taken for a ride. It is criminal what they are doing to scam a few dollars out of me. I stopped using credit cards because when I was with Bank of America a long time ago. I would pay cash on my outstanding balance.It was not a check or a money order. I paid in cash. I would still get a bill of having to pay a late fee because even though I made my payment on time. It did not know it took 10 days to process the payment until it posted past the due date. I got tired fighting Bank of America. That is when I cut my credit cards and said no more.

Lets not let the creditors and the collection agencies scam up or con us anymore. Pay with cash and stay away from credit.


  1. I am 50 years old, and never had a credit card in my life. Makes life cheaper, easier, and more stress free. I'm with you 2000%!

  2. Credit is a useful tool. For people that know how to handle it.

    I suppose you know your limitations, and that's a good thing. You can't trust yourself with such a powerful tool, so you avoid it.

    That takes a lot of guts to admit.

  3. I gave up credit almost 5 years ago. Before I had 7 credit cards. Now I live with what I have. Living this way has made me more responsible as I have to watch my spending and save for things I may need in the future, like a new car or repairs. Having zero debt is a very nice thing, you are free to do as you wish whenever you want, but you have to live within the limitations of your finances. And yes its all a scam, the agencies, the banks, the credit cards. These are all people hiding behind corporations that exploit the needs of others. You need something, you borrow, they charge you interest. They have much more than you and essentially produce income for lending you what they either don't have or really need. You are poor they are rich. 25% interest for some credit cards? Payday loans that are much higher in interest? You labor for what you have, they lend to poor people to make money. Its usury, don't fall into their trap.