Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Reason for War with Iran: Follow the Funny Money

                The reason why we have an unstable world and a goverment out of control is because we have the International Bankers in control. If laws were not selectivity enforced, John D Rockefeller, Lord Rothschild and J.P. Morgan would be hanging from the gallows. These are the people who cause famines wars and misery. These are the people who impoverish nations and kill leaders who do not play ball with the moneychangers.

                The war they are trying to start with Iran has nothing to do with Nuclear weapons. Just have one nuclear tipped missile would not make a hill of beans if Israel has 300 of them and hundreds of anti missile batteries to knock them out of the sky before they reach Israel. It has to do with distracting the population from the coming economic implosion and putting in a corporate dictatorship to rule over the people through FIAT money.

                 This reason to go to war with Iran is insane to do in the first place. Iran has not attacked any country ever. Israel and the United States needs a fabled enemy to justify its police state at home while attacking nations into submission to set up a private central bank under the control of the European bankers. We have become a rogue state antagonizing the world as the bullies for the bankers. I thank God Russia is flexing their muscles telling the aggressors. This war will not be a cakewalk toppling sovereign nations when Russian and China ready to defend Syria and Iran's sovereignty.

                 The saber rattling beating the war drum to bomb Iran is nothing more than the European bankers using the American Military as a hired gun to bomb nations into submission to accepting a private central bank to put the people into debt slavery and for the Military industrial complex so they can keep making bombs. When there is no wars, that is not good for business for the defense contractors. This  impending war is about the bankers gaining control of the issuance of the currency. The rest of the propaganda is just a cover story to sell the public to justify a war.

                I would suggest Russia, Iran and all the other nations not under the central banking system hold thier ground. They have the moral high ground. America lost its moral compass and no longer has anymore credibility. We have become a rogue nation wreaking havoc for the bankers. It is my hope the people will force to act on something the goverment is not willing to do. That is shut down the central bankers and place them all under arrest to be tried in a court of law. If we do not act to shut down the bankers politically or take matters into our own hands to bring the 1090 year reign of the Federal reserve system. They will destroy the world and us.

              Follow the money and you will see that the bankers are pushing this war. Weapons of mass destruction or not. The enemies of humanity must be taken down or we all be working for funny money as debt slaves.


  1. I agree...........all I can say.

  2. This piece is another of the me to brand of commentary you seem to enjoy Realman. It would be refreshing for you to write on a reasonably unexplored topic like OWS Dallas or illegal immigration in Texas. Please do some research and try something new.

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