Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hospice: Eugenics With a Smile Carrying Out Euthanasia?

                 It is very frightening to see these death panels and bioethics boards. When I was a CNA. I known Hospice back then to be nurses who would be there to help a person die comfortable. I seen Hospice many years ago just be there for people during their last days of life. Now something has really changed and really frightens me asking how we have fallen this far. I witnessed this living in Florida seeing people say kill Terry Schiavo because she cost too much money to keep her alive.

                I do not care if her state of being was what people call a vegetable or handicapped. We can no longer call ourselves a moral and just society if we do not stand up for the Elderly, the handicapped and the unborn. When we allow the goverment to play God saying who lives and dies. We are on a slippery slope.  I read about totalitarian regimes murdering the sick, the handicapped and retarded were killed off being called by the arrogant elites "useless eaters". Now that we have the baby boomer population all to retiring in mass and not enough of a workforce to pay for their retirement since the 50 million babies killed in abortion could have been the labor force to keep social security going is not there. The money is not there to fund them. The missing workforce due to abortion and the politicians raiding the social security trust fund are all done by design to create a crisis.  So What does the goverment has up their sleeve?

               With Obamacare now the law of the land. This is not to improve Healthcare. It is for the orderly killing off of the elderly, the terminally ill and with health problems. It is death panels to decide who gets care and who does not. It is for who dies or get life saving treatment. This is euthanasia pure and simple. The goverment doesn't have money to fund Social Security to pay for the baby boomers who are now getting ready to retire and the people already retired. The money junkies and the politicians created this mess. This is what Obamacare is for.

               Now we see Hospice is Federally funded though Medicare. I have even noticed a pattern with people who were under hospice care. I notice some of the patients needed some assistance who were independent who had cancer or some other terminal illness. They where pretty alert and independent. All of sudden the  same thing I hear happening over and over. The nurse gives morphine for the pain at night. The patient goes into a coma and dies. Hospice has been reported to starve patients to death with no food or water. So is Hospice the Euthanasia arm of Obamacare to cull the herd?

              When I worked in nursing. Many of the nurses and aids I worked with had heart as cold as ice with no compassion. No empathy to the dignity of the patients they are supposed to care for. I notice the good nurses would quit and transfer or leave the field altogether because of working among these colleagues who are devoid of any compassion toward the sick having no respect for the dignity for the terminally ill. Many of these nurses belong to a group called the Hemlock Society which is not a right to die organization, it seems more like are lobbying for the right to kill organization hiding behind the facade of the right to die.

              There are laws on the books for people who give advance directives in case they cannot speak for themselves who do not want to be put on artificial life support if they are brain dead. I knew a woman who had advance MS. She did not want a feeding tube put into her stomach when she started having trouble swallowing and had a do not resuscitate order as her last wishes. She passed away peacefully without Hospice on her own terms. Right now, The Social Security Administration is facing a real crisis were the people working contributing to the fund are less the the people applying for benefits which is a greater number. The Government is broke who cannot pay for its obligation because the wars, Military spending and the Wall Street Bailouts is sucking up the Federal budget.

             In the Government's eyes  quietly killing off people who are terminally ill as a way to save money using Hospice might be going on. These bioethicist are the eugenics freaks who love death. Our society is in decline because we no longer protect the weak and most vulnerable who cannot defend themselves. People who are at the mercy of people obsessed with death. These people who are in power and are in positions of authority in Hospice, and Hospitals are in place to carry out euthanasia. I know some nurses who are so devoid of any morality or value the sanctity of life. They would carry out killing off patients without shedding a crocodile tear.Obamacare is to carry out euthanasia under the eugenics plan.

           Hospice might be that organization who might be killing off the terminally ill as way for the goverment to save money with Medicare and Social Security under the guise of showing compassion for the dying. In my own personal experience when my father passed away, he was alert and still about to do for himself. A Hospice nurse was assigned to him to keep watch over him since he refused the directives to go to their facility to be cared for. H wanted to stay at his home, the nurse said he would give him morphine for his pain to help him sleep. At 3:30am, my father passed away going into a coma the nurse told us. He took Advil for his mild aches and pains. Now it is suspicious finding this out after the fact Hospice uses morphine even when it was unnecessary to administer the drug might be the cause of the patients dying prematurely under Hospice's care.

           My father did not want Hospice, his Doctor ordered Hospice to come out and care for my Dad. Something he did not need. I not accusing Hospice of murdering my Dad. It is just I am seeing a pattern now accelerate where everyone who comes under the care of this organization are all of sudden dead. I just have to wonder if the US government is quietly killing off the baby boomer generation who are terminally ill to save money for social security and medicare? Since Hospice does receive goverment funding as well as private donations as a non profit organization. Are they also given the financial incentive from the government to carry out euthanasia as a way to keep the goverment funding coming in?

          We as a society must stop the killing off of the weak, the innocent and the most vulnerable. We are not a moral and just society if we are not willing to stand up and defend the defenseless. I do not care if it is the terminally ill, the retarded, handicapped or the unborn.We have to reject eugenics, no matter what front they use like Planned Parenthood or Hospice wrapped in phony compassion. All life is sacred and has value in the eyes of God. The cost of going along with eugenic regardless if it is abortion, and euthanasia living under a medical tyranny if we do not stand up now.

         Our government and Wall Street money junkies want us dead. Hospice might be one of the ways they might be using to carry out eugenics on us. Eugenics is a medical tyranny that euthanasia will be practiced. We need to stand up now for those among us who are the most defenseless because we might be killed off because no one is left to speak for us.        


  1. As for as I'm concerned Obamacare is a non-issue. I could not afford to get sick before he was elected, and 4 years later I still can't. Obamacare? Oh please!

  2. Have seen this in about 4 cases with friends and neighbors. They give 1 to 4 shots and are dead. I'm not sure it was always pain killer as one man said the shots caused pain and he asked the hospice people to leave. But of course they did not and he died the next day. He paid for expensive insurance expecting care for months but he was dead in less than a week. A wife had dementia but was otherwise healthy the husband called in hospice and she was dead in within about 12 days. The husband thanked them alot and now is taking vacations. The hospice. Peaple are real creepy withered the way they talk after wards telling the family how the person went peasfully and how they are now in better place, the ralkey thing they are performing a great an noble service.

    1. Totally agree here. My father died of cancer and my mom had hospice come in. The nurse looked like she had fun going around playing fucking god with people's lives, while constantly reassuring us (as you pointed out) that everything was fine and peaceful. My father was dead in a week. I always thought it seemed hastened by Hospice. I walked away from that situation with an odd feeling in my gut about that hospice bitch and her fake fucking smile.
      Hospice = Eugenics

    2. Hospice a as a Murder Weapon

      Connecticut law was changed in 1988 with a test case permitting Carol McConnell’s family to remove a feeding tube. Fast forward to 2012 and Carol’s daughters are now using the same law to deny their vibrant father nutrition and hydration. Despite the son’s attempts to have a supplemental feeding tube placed in his father to assist with food and hydration, John McConnell died yesterday at approximately 2 PM (EST) in Avalon Nursing Home located in Mystic CT.

      Three weeks ago John McConnell was laughing, playing dominos, and eating pizza with his son and daughter-in-law who he was estranged from for almost a decade. When first seeing his son again John said, “What a welcome surprise”. The sisters worked overtime to keep James and his father separated, working one off the other, in James McConnell’s informed opinion. They proceeded to deplete John McConnell’s estate of approximately two million dollars or more, the eldest daughter lived in and then sold the family home while John still had life rights, along with other documented skullduggery.

      John McConnell was admitted to Hospice in late October 2011, a week after John’s son became aware of a case brought in probate in Jan 2011 where the daughters divided up more of the estate. John was still technically making his own decisions, but was not conserved and clearly needing help with his affairs. Both girls at various times were removed as financial POA and trusty due to their self-dealing, one by court order. A CPA by the name of Richard Hoytt, was assigned as John’s financial POA. Two days after an appeal was filed in the Connecticut Superior Court, John developed a rapid decline in his ability to swallow. The son James and his wife Suzanne, an RN with 16 plus years experience in rehab care, were promised a speech (throat) consult that was later rescinded, presumably by the sisters who had joint health care agent status and/or by Hospice.

      Failure to receive adequate nutrition to sustain life was the status by which John was admitted to Hospice. He immediately had his physical therapy stopped because John was now on a track to die and the insurance would no longer pay for such care. He was given meds, by Hospice in consultation with the daughters, which caused him to be so sleepy he stopped eating. The same meds have been known to cause swallowing difficulties. James and his wife asked for the meds to be stopped. They were only reduced, but John began to eat more.

      At Christmas John was enjoying watching his favorite cheese be served up when the eldest sister Kathie attempted to interfere with the process. She finally had to let John eat some cheese or otherwise be responsible for creating a public scene. When Suzanne remarked how nice it was he was eating so much and that John might now put on some weight, Kathie commented that it was not good for him to gain weight. One week after John started experiencing difficulty swallowing food, Kathie Hewitt, eldest daughter of John, had a meeting with Hospice where it was decided to stop all food and hydrations. No attempts are known to have been made to evaluate his condition and rule out other possible causes.

      Son, James McConnell, sought relief in the Probate Court and attempted to apply for conservator status. The court is required to respond within 72 hours for any emergency request. James also submitted a sworn statement on Thursday November 26th where he attested to seeing Johns Advanced Directive clearly indicating his expressed wishes only to have care withdrawn if in a persistent vegetative state, lost all cognitive ability, or natural death was very near. At the objection of Hospice, Avalon and the Sisters, the court pushed the hearing back 144 hours till 1 PM on Monday. John died on Sunday afternoon for which son James attests was a combination of refusing nourishment and an overdose of morphine in combination with other knock-out drugs.

    3. The campaign to destroy James and Suzann’s character in order to marginalize their position has been long and hard. Without any prior incident or any event that would remotely suggest anything but appropriate behavior, an position supported by the Director of the Avalon facility, in conversations with Jame’s attorney, the two sister’s limited James visitation to 45 minutes each day. They further excluded he and his wife from their dying father’s bedside and are now preventing them both from knowing where their father is being buried while refusing any information about the funeral home. A false police report was made by unknown person(s) on Sunday who claimed police had been called on James and Suzanne before and they were being disruptive and violent. Both James and Suzanne are practicing clerics with a record of service to humanity for over twenty years. David, the Hospice pastor, is just one of many people who would be happy to attest to James and Suzanne’s calm and always appropriate behavior.

      James McConnell says, “I never would have fought for the right to remove my mother’s feeding tube had I known how far these laws would have deteriorate and then allowed to be used to effectively quicken viable living peoples demise”. He further adds, that Hospice is now being used to promote death rather than facilitate palliative care”. “As a person devoted to connecting my heart to God and strengthening my spiritual fitness, the use of morphine over and above what is necessary to control pain, and rather used to quicken and promote death – robs the patient of the important dying process. Instead of being aware of the passing process and embracing it during someone’s last seven breaths; they are now held in a drug induced limbo until the morphine overdose wears off”. In addition to all the material world ramifications of taking a viable life on a fast track to death, such extreme interventions, according to James McConnell, no doubt effect the spiritual process of accepting death, and should be a major concern for all persons thinking about entering Hospice care as it currently operates today.

      May John’s unnecessary and premature death act as a catalyst to rein in the abuse of these laws set in motion by John’s wife’s president setting case in 1988.

  3. I disagree, strongly. Because we come from two very different views on this. I have never and probably will never use Social Security benefits. For me, it will always be a line on my paycheck. I pay into it, and count myself lucky if I get back a third of what I put in, when I retire.

    But you, you have a family member that is on Social Security disability. A person that is exactly the opposite, in that he has done nothing but take money from the fund. So of course you are going state you don't want those benefits cut.

    But the only reason you want to extend those benefits is because you personally make money from them. It's like passing a tax that everybody but you has to pay, then telling us paying that tax is an act of compassion.

    Well, I guess you can say I lack compassion, but I think that you need to take care of your own family. And keep your hands out of my pockets to let me take care of mine.

  4. Please be a bit honest! Terry Schiavo, wasn't killed by a hospice. Her Husband, as a Next of kin, decided it is enough for a person in the vegetative state. His decision was also sentenced by the Florida Supreme Court. I do not like obamacare (or correctly "obamadontcare) but wind things together in the hope that people won't pay attention in the hurry, that delegitimizes your own point.