Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I think Not Everyone Should Vote. Voting Rights have Responsibilites Too.

              It scares me to know there are people out there who do not know who the governor of their state is. They can tell me all about football, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. But they have no knowledge of our history, and our founding documents. They do not even know who is running for President. They do not even know what the Fourth of July is really about. All they know is it is a day to set off fireworks and drunk beer to oblivion. We tell them what is wrong till we are blue in the face. They do not care, they are more concerned what team will go to the Superbowl. These people do not scare me if they do not wake up or know anything. These are the type of people I want to stay home this election day.Why I say this you may think.

             I remember hearing about these promotional drives to Get out the vote and rock the vote. All they do is register a bunch of people who have no knowledge of the issues. They do not know our form of goverment, they have no grasp of our history or heritage. They do not know their rights or who is their congressmen. Do I want these people going out and voting if they are not fully informed? Hell no I say. They should stay home and not vote. I cannot stop them from voting and nor will I try to deny them the right to vote. But if they are not informed of the issues we face as a nation, nor do they care about it. Then it is better for them to stay home.

           Some state require a person to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution as a requiement to register to vote. That oath means they take a responsibility to be informed of the issues and to know the Constitution they are supposed to be defending at the voting place when they cast their ballots. Voting for me is a responsibility. Yes there is fraud and deceit counting the votes. As for me. If I vote my conscience regardless if the system likes it or not. Voting even though they may cheat the election. We always send a message to the system how we really feel even though they will flip the  results. If we keep voting our conscience. Sooner or later they will have no choice but to listen. By voting, we can expose the fraud.

          For everyone who voted for a long time or a first time voter. It would do you good and your country if you take time and be informed. Read the Constitution and read some history. Look up the voting record of your congressmen, Senators, state legislators, city council, county goverment, the state governor and the President of the United States. Pay attention not to what they say, but what they do. If you take the time with some zeal to be informed and turn off the TV. You will make informed choices. Voting is not a right, it is a responsibility we have to take serious. That mean getting informed. For the person who will not bother to be informed or care to know. It is better they stay home this election day.

            I do not care about the quantity of voter turnout. I want to see the quality of those informed turning out to vote. Our nation is suffering because of ignorance and propaganda. With the internet, we have more resources to make more then an informed decision on election day. For those who are informed, it is our duty to go and vote. For those people who do not care. Please stay home if you do not care what faces us. I am not saying do not vote. Just stay home and vote for the next American Idol instead. Voting is a right, but also a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly, but with great care. The survival of our nation depends on it.


  1. So, which of the pre-selected, bank approved, corporate-owned, war-mongering, pro-Zionist candidates do we want to vote for to oversee the taking away of our rights, our bank accounts, and our jobs?
    We have no real choices. The PTB and the media tell us we can vote for A or B. That's it. Both are owned. Both are working against the American people. Neither have any loyalty to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Voting has become a scam. The voting machines themselves are a scam. I have no faith in the ballot box. I'll stay home.

  2. A statement that trickled down to me answered my need to understand how this works. For those of you who also know how the world works, the question should be clear to you as well.

    "Do you really think... we would let something this long-term, this critical... be left to the decision making of the 'voters' we have such contempt for?"

    Think on that a moment....

    The destiny of GREATER ISRAEL left to chance in the hands of goyim voters?

    The world domination plans of the military complex, left in the hands of the voter trash they hate?

    Is the 'voters' the 'elections' a matter of national security, a matter of war? In their view, obviously yes.

    It is just that coldly simple....

    The 'security of Israel' aka OWNING AMERICA, tax funding by America, control of American media public opinion, wars for Israel....

    Israel does not let their security 'be decided' by lol 'goyim voters'.

    You don't have real elections. As sad as it is that many people can't believe that, the truth is far worse. They don't even care if they are caught rigging the vote. What would you do about it anyway?

    Yes, it makes them blush a moment when they get caught, but it will still stand, and no one will ever be punished.

    They will never let Ron Paul be President. You know that the same as I do. Yes, vote for him. Make them work hard for their crime. Don't give it to them easy. Your votes won't be counted. This is war to them, CIA MOSSAD shit to them. They don't let voters decide anything. They get what they want and planned for..

  3. American Idle? Is that when an American-made car's engine is idling? Learn how to spell man. You make yourself sound retarded.

    I know the kind of person you are. You claim that you wouldn't stop or deny anyone from voting. In reading this post, it is clear, that if you truly had the opportunity to, you would enact discriminatory voting laws along the lines of poll taxes.

    Voting is not only a responsibility but is it absolutely sick that you think it isn't a right. Voting is absolutely 100% a right for every citizen in this country, PERIOD, regardless of how informed or not informed (i.e. you) the citizen is.

  4. You sound like that troll who gets deleted for playing grammar cop.

    I'd delete you.