Monday, January 9, 2012

The Unraveling of the Controlled Opposition Against Ron Paul. The Big Government Pimps

               The illusion is now stating to collapse in the controlled opposition. Where I seen the controlled opposition was starting to be exposed to some Cuban Americans in Florida. I listened to a few Cubans talk about this in the year 2000. When the boy Elian Gonzalez was sent back to Cuba after the outrage of the Cuban exile community of the early morning raid. It was starting to unravel that some of these anti Castro groups were ran by pro Castro operatives behind the scenes. They encourage the Cubans to register as Democrats and big goverment policies by the exile leaders. Not all these groups are controlled opposition groups against Castro ran by pro Cuban operatives. There are genuine anti Castro groups that are Patriots and Conservatives who seek the fall of Castro who are not under the controlled opposition, they are not socialist or collectivist. As always in the controlled media. They are marginalized as the fringe element.

                When these leaders in the Cuban exile community started to undermine the case of Elian behind the scenes. Many Cubans in Miami seen that not only Bill Clinton and Janet Reno betray the Cuban exile community with the morning raid stealing the child with guns drawn, The Cubans seen the controlled opposition was being led by pro Castro operatives pretending to be anti Castro just to corral the exile community into a box not touching the real issues of the community. The Cuban exile community leadership is a prime example of a controlled opposition at work. Switching to the Republican party after the Elian saga did not change anything. Another means of a controlled opposition. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

                 Now we see the rise of Ron Paul in every poll. We see the controlled opposition coming out of the woodwork demonizing the Texas Congressmen for the same issues they preached about for years. Back 20 years ago we had William Buckley with National review, The Weekly Standard. The rise of Rush Limbaugh. Many talk show host followed like Sean Hannidy, Michael Savage, Neal Bootz, Mark Levine. The NRA, and Fox News. The all preached limited goverment, gun rights and really cutting the budget. I remember when they were campaigning before the Republican party took back both houses of Congress in 1994. They were preaching a non interventionist foreign policy. cutting the budget and low taxes. George W Bush ran on this same platform. Now here comes a real man who voted against every unbalanced budget, every tax increase; even a congressional pay raise. He voted against the Iraq war. Now this controlled opposition is coming out attack the congressman over issues they preached about all these years.

                 Ron Paul represents the real opposition to this globalist two party system. The leadership in both parties are controlled by the same establishment. The phony radio talk show host and the Heritage Foundation all belong to the same backers as the left wing groups. We are seeing the controlled opposition from the right and the left attacking Ron Paul with fear in their eyes. We are seeing the controlled opposition fall apart who used certain issues like being for or against abortion, gay rights and any other social issue for years as a gimmick. They only used these issues for fund raising. If a man comes along who will actually solves the problem they been crying for years asking for money. They just lost their gravy train and have to find another issue to ask for hand out over. The controlled opposition and neo con think tanks are no different than Jesse Jackson being a poverty pimp. Just these right and left wing controlled opposition are nothing more than big goverment pimps. Ron Paul affects their meal ticket because freedom will solve most of the issues that plagues this nation.

               Ron Paul is not only shattering the left right paradigm. His stance is also discrediting so much of the controlled opposition on the right and the left. This political machine is losing credibility and being exposed for what they are, political hacks maintaining the status quo on the right and the left. A lot of rhetoric with no action has been the controlled opposition's standard operation procedure for years. They are not interested solving the problem, they need an issue to be needed to maintain power like the Black Poverty pimps do the same thing race issues. People are waking up to it to the scam. This is why the alternative media is rising because we are not controlled opposition. We are just free to speak are minds telling the truth with the boss being our readers. We are the real opposition, anymore questions?


  1. Thanks for the article, I enjoy reading what you have to say.
    There is going to be massive vote fraud again, as usual, and as has already seen even in the very first stages such as the Iowa caucus.
    Real American men, with real guns, will be needed to see that the person the people actually voted for gets sworn in next January.

  2. My close and immediate family are comprised of near fifty registered voters, half Democrat who voted for the Marxist Obama and half Republican who voted for Bush. Now our entire family has come together and all now realize the institutionalized corruption of our government leaving us only one seemingly uncorrupted choice for the coming election - all of us will vote for Ron Paul.

  3. National review, The Weekly Standard. The rise of Rush Limbaugh. Many talk show host followed like Sean Hannidy, Michael Savage, Neal Bootz, Mark Levine. The NRA, and Fox News.

    If THESE are the media you deem alternative or 'controlled opposition' you have no idea what you are even talking about from the word go. You couldnt find a swamp of more corrupt establishment insiders if you paid for it. Wake up, for Gods sake!

  4. Awesome article, awesome message...we in Austin, Texas are coming to the same conclusions....very very disappointed in our Obama vote, now a Ron Paul supporter, NOT a Republican, just going to use that to elect him....he's the very BEST this country has put forth in over a century....WE ALL HAVE TO HELP HIM AND HIS TEAM. Ron Paul 2012. P.S. What I have seen our media (CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and all affiliates, local, etc., and all mainstream print media trash, minimalize, ignore, discredit, sling lies, against/to Ron Paul, it has been a MOST sickening display of collusion....what the hell happened to FREE PRESS??? This arrogant unending massive disrespectful hourly display has made me feel physically sick, it is a true blow to any critically thinking AMERICAN CITIZEN to see how controlled our news stream information propaganda really is. IT is so disgusting, that that AWAKENING alone is enough of a reason to support Ron Paul....) Keep up the good work!

  5. Excellent. You nailed it.

    I read one article (Jay Wieder?) that said: Who has the uncanny ability to unite Savage, Maddow, Rush, James Carvlle, Blitzer and Hannity, National Review and Salon, and on and on? Answer: Ron Paul

    BTW, do you really think the same people who pulled off the JFK Assination, the fake moon landing, the boxcutter-less, jet fuel-less, hijacker-less, plane-less, victim-less Hollywood hoax of 911, and the OKC attack are really going to let a little election finally get the best of them? I can't imagine it.

  6. There's gonna be an event in 2012 to prevent the status quo being taken from the banksters. Ron Paul will never be elected. They can't allow it upon the pain of you and your childrens deaths. On with the war. Bring on the rolla eye-o-tola. Let the games begin. Syria, North Korea, Iran or Venezuala. Hubba, hubba, hubba, place your bets.

  7. Interesting that no matter how many times the author gets schooled on the difference between Socialism and Fascism, he never learns....and neither do some of his readers.

    Obama is not a "Marxist"...he is a Fascist. Like Bush. Like every president since Jimmy Carter.

    Which is why the corporate-owned (equals FASCIST) msm went after Carter like they are going after Paul...curious, isn't it? Both served and knew the meaning of war....unlike the B-actor from Hollywood, Clinton, Bush Jr the wartime Deserter, and Obama. Maybe it is why Bush Sr. didn't invade and occupy Iraq...he simply kept them penned in...successfully.

    Look at the mess Dubya and Obama have left behind there....look at the mess other draft dodgers like Romney and Gingrich want us to wallow in...while fruitcake Pope Santorum wants to immediately nuke Iran.


  8. Open mic at a Pentagon press briefing reveals their mood, "When Ron Paul is elected, 2/3 of the people in this room will be out of a job!"

    Listen to their Zionist words from their own mouths.

  9. Ron Paul is the ostensible opposition to a system so powerful and sinister in its interests that he cannot possibly pose any opposition. The oppostion must come from the people, and will, as soon as beer and monday night football and mustangs and cheeto's and all the other brain novacane is taken away. But oh, it will not be taken away, oh no, it is here to stay. The status quo is every day more so. We're in for the long haul folks!

  10. Our country has been taken over by zionist Israeli JEWS. You can see and hear them on ALL mainstream media. Just look at the names of the people being interviewed. It tells you all you need to know. We only receive ONE point of view from the MSM... and it is NOT in America's best interest.

  11. Below is what wikipedia reveals about this Ron Paul campaign staffer, Doug Wead. What does a supposed anti-GOP establishment guy like Ron Paul think he is doing by hiring a guy who apparently has very deep connections to the Bush Crime Family? Are we being had, once again? Watch the youtube video linked below to get introduced to Doug Wead. I smell a rat, friends. Something doesn't add up.

    Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire

    From wikipedia:

    Professional history

    In 1979, Doug Wead joined entertainer Pat Boone and Dan O’Neill in co-founding Mercy Corps. In 1991, Wead provided initial funding to help launch a Mercy Corps economic recovery program in the newly formed Republic of Kazakhstan.[4]

    In the 1980s, Wead organized the Annual Charity Awards, now under the name International Charity Association.[5] Ten First Ladies and Presidents have served as honorary chairpersons of this prestigious event, including Lady Bird Johnson, Gerald Ford, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George H. W. and Barbara Bush, and George W. and Laura Bush.

    In 1992, Wead was the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Arizona's 6th Congressional District. Despite having lived in Arizona for only a few years, Wead won the Republican nomination after championing a tax limitation initiative and airing a television commercial featuring praise by former President Ronald Reagan for his humanitarian efforts.[6] However, the Democratic nominee, Karan English, received the endorsement of former Arizona Senator and 1964 Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater who thought Wead was out of touch with Arizona because of his relatively brief residency in the state — two years to English's 22. Wead countered that Goldwater's support of abortion rights spurred the unexpected crossing of party lines.[7] He ended up losing in the general election to English.[8]

    Wead was an active behind-the-scenes player in the 2000 United States presidential election, receiving some credit for George W. Bush's victory in the Iowa straw polls of 1999.[9] From 1984 to 2000, he served as an on-and-off adviser to both presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

    Time magazine called Wead an insider in the Bush family orbit and "the man who coined the phrase 'Compassionate Conservative.'"[10] George W. Bush first picked up the term “Compassionate Conservative” in 1987 from Wead.[11] In 1979, Wead gave a speech titled “The Compassionate Conservative” at the annual Charity Awards Dinner, and tapes of the speech were later sold across the country at corporate seminars.[12]

    In March 2008, Wead helped create the website Religious Freedom In America,[13] focusing on government threats to religious observance.

    In May 2009, Wead took a position with XanGo LLC located in Lehi, Utah

    He now serves as an adviser for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign.

  12. Does anyone in this forum know how many presidents Cheney & Rummy have worked under? take a guess! As McCain said the "intervention" of JFK...C.O.G. was created by these boys in the WH Hood they have been implementing a plan since Johnson "Intervened" with JFK, think about what he was about to do...bring back Gold backed $ scrub the CIA & The Fed??? hmmm has a familiar ring to it does it not? We are being played America, played like the TV loving, mind numbed fools we are...Really you do not subscribe to violent means??? yeah non violent means are working so well right? it only took 3% of the population to start the revolution...what will it take now...think about it...all of our "founders" were at the time traitors to the king, what are we the people now? jello brained drug addicts, whether your drug is football, dancing with the stars, hillbilly heroin, stress relievers, or just painkillers & beer, the American population is in a coma if you ask me. We have been weened on the MSM tit and buy into EVERYTHING on TV, if it was on the History channel it must be true right? NOT...I am really thinking of handing out flyers as this forum and others like it are really more divide and conquer/bread and circuses rhetoric keeping us at each others throats, instead of putting a noose around the real criminals in the 10square! Don't Tread on Me! Liberty or Death...much better than "what's on tv tonight dear!" What's Hannity saying...oh he is such an expert on everything...hack, cough, puke!!! Then there is the Comedy Central lot of Khazars who make fun of things we should be angry about...oh numb, dumb Americans, when will you rise and stand for your Republic again? p.s. ALL voting is rigged, hence the new digital frontier of everything...paper ballots? "oh no they have misplaced chad's can't use them"...exit polls yeah right...EVERYTHING you read, hear or see on modern media is "PROGRAMMING" people. unplug and wake the hell up! "I am mad as Hell and I won't take it anymore" say that a few hundred times a day and be real men again! We the carriers of the torch of modern liberty, what a laugh...wish I knew a few REAL minute men in my country wait under the NDAA I could be taken away forever because I said that right?...ah well back to my jello...since there are no real patriots left anymore, if there were NO ONE in the military would accept this and would be parking tanks at the much proof of the racket do you need, every member of congress, the wh and the supremes should be tried for treason or at least r.i.c.o. since they are ALL in collusion together to be richer and make we the people about stopping that money to Israel and create jobs HERE rebuilding our schools and infrastructure...really no more foreign aid, we need it right here in the good ol U.S. of A. think you can protest? think you can make change? If that were truly the case then we would be spearheading new dams, new bridges, new schools, new jobs for people "on shore", we used to be the greatest builders, now we are the greatest destroyers, do any of you really care? I do, but alas I will very likely be killed or put into a labor camp because I really thought we were a republic, not a mob ruled democracy! end of rant

  13. Hard to follow but a good story.