Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To All The Patriots: We Are the Anchormen of Free Humanity

             History always has shown that it did not take a big majority to bring changes to society. The American war for independence only started with three percent of the people willing to take up arms against the Redcoats. I see this in many facets of society. I know many good men who are strong part of the warrior class, moral and upright people while they see their culture being pulled into darkness. These men being a moral anchor have kept these people from falling off the deep end. We see this in the many communities and other societies of a small minority of people holding to what is true being that voice in the wilderness. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a moral anchor of strong character keeping a despotic system from falling into a dark abyss always pulling back toward freedom. All these people were anchorman while forces were pulling society in the wrong direction, these people had the moral courage to pull in the other direction saving their people from utter destruction keeping things from getting any worse trying to reverse course.

             Now lets fast forward into today. It may look like we are losing, but we are winning. We had so much success, it has been overshadowed by bad news by the gloom and doomers. The New World Order was supposed to be here in the year 2000.  We have stopped the mass arrest from happening right after the OKC bombing when they tried to demonize the patriots. Much disaster we have avoided because of courageous people I call the anchormen did not relent. When there is a tug of war contest. The strongest person is the anchorman in the back pulling the hardest motivating the weaker people up front to can pull together with the strongest to get the job done. The strongest people of free humanity will keep us from falling off the cliff are the anchormen. They inspired weary to join his cause, instilling confidence of assured victory if they stand their ground if it is righteous reason to fight for.

            If it were not for people like Bob Chapman, Alex Jones. Michael Rivero.Ron Paul, Mark Koernke, John Stadmiller, Wayne Mason, Steve Quayle,  Katherine Albright, The Reverend Ted Pike, G, Edward Griffeth and countless unknown activist out there raising the banner of liberty. If were not for these people speaking out exposing the globalist agenda. What about the people inside the system leaking information out showing the plans of a tyranny they have plans for. Thank you for your courage. If it have not been for the above people. We would be in darkness under a tyrannical goverment long ago. For the success we have been having waking up people like never before. What would have been of American today. We owe it to these people to follow through with what they started.

             Now we have to step up and pull even harder like never before. Just witnessing the stealing of the election in Iowa. We are going to have to redouble our efforts to keep the forces of corruption from stealing anymore elections in the other 49 states. We are going to have to take the gloves off, be very loud, be stubborn and engage. We are the anchormen who either have to stand alone or with many. We will keep the republic from falling into despotism and tyranny. We cannot afford believing the self fulfilling prophesy saying "They will not allow Ron Paul to win" or saying "they will kill him". I refuse to believe that defeatist attitude.The only way corrupt officials can get away with it is if we do nothing; allow it to happen over and over again. We cannot just fight to stop the tyrants from taking over completely at the moment or slow them down just to try another day to lord over us keeping them in office. We have to fight to win. We have to fight to defeat the enemies of humanity taking away their spirit. We are anchormen. We cannot afford these defeatist attitudes anymore. We have to fight to win and settle for nothing less.

            Edmund Burke said "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing" We cannot afford a defeatist attitude anymore thinking they will not let us have Ron Paul as President. As long people believe that, then we get what we deserve. The greatest heroes in history always done the impossible because they refuse to believe in defeat with the overwhelming odds against them. They prevailed because they stayed the course. Ron Paul stayed the course all these years. He worked hard being true to his principles, being ignored and ridiculed by his colleagues in Congress. He has been the anchormen being the standard bearer for the Constitution. If he is having success now after years of hard work not wavering being an anchormen. We have to be that anchorman standing with him. We can win if we believe and we will. We have to be anchormen with the Texas Congressmen, or the republic will not survive.



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