Friday, January 6, 2012

Talking to Our Kids About Corrupt Government, Discernment Between Propaganda and Truth

               We look back on despotic regimes and see how they used the kids to advance the state. We have history as a blueprint. Not only we have to teach our kids about why they should avoid using drugs or having illicit sex and saving it for marriage. We are going to have to teach them about how government is not their friend and they do not have their best interest at heart. Many of us do not have the time to home school or afford to put them in a good private schools We only have public schools to send them to. But we have to teach them discernment to combat the brainwashing.and propaganda.

                 I seen this type of snitch behavior in Florida were the state turn the kids against the parents. In the public schools in Florida. The social worker will come into the school to talk about child abuse to the whole class and tell the children if the parents give you a problem. Call us and we will take care of it. Well I had to tell my children not to talk about what goes on at home at school. They know better then to talk to CPS. The know better then to tell a Doctor when at their annual physical not to tell them if we own firearms or not. They do not write environmental citations for not being green at home because some whack job says we will drown because the polar ice caps will melt if we do not reduce our carbon footprint. As a parent we also have to be aware of the friends my sons have and make sure their parents are not busybodies who love to pick up the phone making anonymous calls.

                My kids are very aware of the Police state. They said no to Ipads and Iphones if they would tell the police if we own guns or not when they came into the school. They do not talk about my political affiliations. They refused free laptops from the school district and I brought them  myself instead because my kids are aware the government spies on them if they posses these laptops. My kids know the consequences that happen when they snitch on the family. They know the two brothers could be separated. They be placed in a foster home that is a living hell were they will not be fed right and no adult attention only a parent can give.

                 One of ways we have to save the republic is talking to our kids that goverment is not their friend. We may read a lot of information trying to keep up with is in the news. But also we have to share with our kids about what is going on. They will listen to us. Take them to historical sights and read history books to them about how this nation is founded. Tell them about the evils of tyranny. Show them how they deceived the children in the past and how families were ruined. If we take the  time with our children. They will have discernment to know the difference. We are their parents, we are their first teachers. Not the goverment.


  1. The best short text on our situation is available here:

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  2. Sometimes a parents propaganda can be just as damaging. I would encourage them to read, read, read. Let them find out for themselves, with parental guidance and acceptance of their choice of reading material. I say never push an agenda on a young mind....just show them that knowlegde is out there if they want it...and they need it! David Icke is quite good.

  3. Whimsy, Propaganda and Reality Published in ubiwar by Tim Stevens on Goal Twenty fourth, 2009 In complete concordance with my common viewpoint.

  4. It is more like the kids are more awake than the older adults. It is the parents and older generations who have been brainwashed all their lives.

  5. I'm the New World Order being fricken awesome!!!!!! I am surprised no one has reported Realman2020 to DHS yet. That would be sweeeeeetttttttttt!!!!!!