Tuesday, January 17, 2012

South Carolina GOP Debate: A Lot of Neo Con Mudslinging and No Substance

              What a joke Rick Santorum being accusing Ron Paul getting his talking points from a George Soros group is so asinine. Then the former one term Senator accuses the Texas Congressmen of destroying the right to keep and bear arms because Ron Paul; says tort law is a state issue when gun manufacturers have lawsuits. State tort laws has slapped down many of these frivolous cases against gun makers. It is just shows they are desperate to gain ground trying to push Ron Paul out of the picture.

              As far as Rick Santorum trying to sling mud at Ron Paul, did not stick. To call Ron Paul anti gun is like calling the former Pennsylvania Senator the anti war candidate. Rick Santorum is a right wing Mullah who wants to use the power of the state to legislate morality or bomb nations that do not agree with his version of theology. He was last weeks flavor of the week that has lost its taste. They ran out of losers to counter the real Ron Paul surge. They are out of stooges, idiots or puppet candidates saying the same old rhetoric tat has been repeated in years past.

            All I seen was a bunch of mudslinging at Romney and Paul. Mitt brought his own scrutiny on himself and Rick Santorum calling Ron Paul Anti second Amendment getting talking points from George Soros left of Barrack Obama on foreign policy did not fly. Apart from Ron Paul. All I heard was how they would manage big goverment instead of real cuts to shrink the size of goverment as the Texas congressmen outlined. The rest only talked about slowing the growth and not reducing the size of goverment. What is next? will they try to talk like Ron Paul since they ran out of things to say? There was no substance, just a lot of sparks with no fire.

           I just hope Newt, and both Ricks drop out after South Carolina. The nation needs a real clear choice who will be the nominee. Newt, Rick of Texas, Rick of the Keystone State are the same poison as Romney, but in just different tasting flavors of the Neo Con Kool Aid that is just as bad or worse. Ron Paul last night hands down was the real conservative while the others are just the same poison as Obama. Ron Paul is the only one who can beat Obama, the candidate will be a dead horse like they did bringing Bob Dole or John McCain forward as the nominee. We cannot afford anymore of the same of all talk and no substace. We need to genuine man. Ron Paul.

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  1. Here is a screen shot of Jere Brower and his Stop Ron Paul facebook group admitting that they are calling individuals posing as ppl from the Ron Paul campaign. http://i.imgur.com/RD12b.png This screen shot is from today. Isn't this against the law? Isn't it fraudulent misrepresentation of campaign authority? http://us-code.vlex.com/vid/fraudulent-misrepresentation-campaign-19137871 Something needs to be done about these ppl.