Saturday, January 14, 2012

Was There Saboteurs Working Inside the Ron Paul Campaign in Iowa?

               I was listening to Darren Weeks on Govern America Saturday morning Jan. 14, 2012  the guest is a man not afraid naming names of Saboteurs inside the Ron Paul campaign trying to undermine the election. I do not have to documented proof to back this up. The guest on this show Jim Condit Jr. of Vote was willing to call out people responsible in Iowa who sought to short circuit the vote in the caucuses who are working inside the Ron Paul Campaign. These people out to sabotage the Texas congressmen  were saying the opposite of what Ron Paul's top staff was saying in Iowa. The Ron Paul Campaign  was pleading with people to converge on Iowa to watch the vote on Dec. 28,2011.

             It is one thing to see the media try to sabotage Ron Paul in media coverage with skewed polls and twisting his words. It is entirely another thing which is more dangerous and cunning to see it happening within the Ron Paul campaign. We have to watch more from within the campaign internally seeing who will undermine Ron Paul's efforts, just as much as the external saboteurs in the Republican Party and the News Media.   A few people working for Ron Paul in Iowa were saying the opposite saying to his supporters that his campaign has it covered and do not need anymore people telling his supporters to stay away from Iowa on Ron Paul's Facebook page.

             On Dec. 28, 2011. The campaign pleaded for volunteers to come to Iowa to watch the vote. Hours later a bogus letter on Ron Paul's Facebook page told his supporters to stay away from Iowa. Ron Paul admits he has no time to do tweets on his twitter account or post personally on his Facebook page according to first hand account by Jim Condit Jr. Jim has named names inside the Ron Paul campaign. First is the head of the Ron Paul Campaign is Drew Ivers who has worked hard to block the vote and discouraged any poll watching in 2008 and 2012. Also there is Matt Collins and Demetri Desario. These people were telling people to stay away from Iowa after Doug Wead who is a spokesmen for the national Ron Paul Campaign pleading for supporters to come to Iowa to watch to observe the caucus. Then hours later on Ron Paul's Facebook page there was a letter uploaded Ron Paul never written.

             Do you find it suspicious there is saboteurs working inside the campaign trying to derail a Ron Paul victory or the checkmate against any fraud discouraging voluteers not to come to be observers?, When the National Spokesmen for the Ron Paul campaign calling on supporters as volunteers to watch the caucus. Then someone on the inside of the campaign posted a letter to contradict the national campaign call for volunteers. In this Facebook post it is quoted by a party hack stating:

              " If you are considering traveling to Iowa to volunteer, I ask that you save the time and money you would've used on your trip to Iowa and to phone from home and/or donate instead."

 Making further statements in the same letter:

               " Also, I ask that you not contact the Iowa GOP or attempt to act as an observer for the count on caucus night, as uncoordinated actions hurt our cause more then help, My campaign in Iowa has supporters on the IAGOP central committee, and it has a plan in place for observing the count. I am confident in the process, confident in their ability to monitor the election, and confident in the IAGOP will be fair and open. Any Statements to the contrary are simply untrue"

Does that sound suspicious to you?

                This was posted after the Iowa GOP announced they were going to count the ballots at an undisclosed location. This tells me there are people inside the campaign who are working for someone else to undermine the Texas congressmen chances to secure the nomination. There was pleas inside the campaign and outside for observers. This sabotaging of the grassroots maybe was the cause for Rick Santorum getting votes he did not deserve.

                We are all going to have not only watch what is going on externally the foes of Ron Paul. We are going to have to keep a close eye on the inside of the campaign also. There are saboteurs working from within. We must watch for them and call them out when we see them. The ones working on the inside are more of the threat then those outside the camp. We have seek and expose the enemy inside the gates if we are to secure the victory for Ron Paul.

                 The establishment is pulling out all stops to derail and sabotage Ron Paul's campaign. We must not allow these hacks to break our will from the inside or make us complacent thinking it is all taken care of. They would not be scared if the fix was in, instead they are afraid because Ron Paul can win. We are going to have to watch from within the camp as well as the outside forces. It is our duty to make sure the elections are honest.

                We are in a political war for not just who will be the next president. It is for the preservation of the republic, our constitution and our way of life. Between tyrants and corruption versus a free people. Do not listen to the saboteurs inside the campaign saying stay away if you want to volunteer as an observer to watch the vote count. Just run to the sound of the guns instead anyway. We do not need marching orders for headquarters, nor should we follow a directive that contradicts our instincts inside the campaign to be a poll watcher. If there is a saboteur, we call them out immediately. The enemy within is more treacherous then the one outside. They have to be exposed and dealt with with no quarter.What do you think?

Screenshot of Ron Paul's Facebook page below:



  1. So... You're saying someone posted something as if it was coming from Ron Paul's account?

    In other words, posted as if they WERE Ron Paul?

    If this is the case then either Facebook was hacked or someone from within Facebook staff had to have inserted it.

    How else could a fake post appear?

    We know who runs Facebook:

  2. I was heavily involved in the 2008 Ron Paul campaign in Florida. It was riddled with FBI agents and Cointel type saboteurs. In my county, Pinellas, the elections are totally corrupt.The Republican Party stinks with corruption and the leaders were very similiar to characters from the Sopranos.

    I'm wondering why the current RP campaign doesn't contact me since the primary is coming up soon. I donated heavily and volunteered many hours on the last campaign. I was the only person who insisted that we file criminal charges when we caught Mittens Romney rigging the Florida Straw Poll. Dr Paul actually won that with at least a 100 to one margin. In the case of John McCain, it was 1,000 to one. In my opinion, rigging that poll was treason.