Monday, January 16, 2012

We Must Pray for Ron Paul and the Elections.

             It is time we stop acting helpless allowing the criminals stealing the elections. Many people are on the ground spreading the word about Ron Paul. The have made phone calls and posted signs everywhere. He is gaining popularity and he needs a victory to break him away from the pack and ignite freedom in the hearts of Americans again. To rediscover liberty. We have to do more then complain about the unfair treatment of the congressmen. We have to seek a source greater then ourselves and much bigger then the ruling oligarchs. We cannot do it alone. We must call on divine providence for safety of Ron Paul and to expose the fraud openly for all to see.

             I am asking that we do more then just canvass for Ron Paul and make donations. I know the congressmen wants us to contribute financially. I think he wants our prayers for him and the nation also. Prayer always changes things. It is time we stop speaking our own defeat into existence saying they will steal the votes from Ron Paul. It is time we stop giving the New World Order power over us. It is time we stop being deceived by those 501c3 preachers thinking the end is near and we should all just stand down because the rapture will come soon. When I pray to our Creator. I feel no fear of the future because I know he is in control.

             I believe the Lord gave Ron Paul to us as a clear choice between light and darkness; righteousness or the unrighteous dictatorship ; Life and death; freedom or slavery. I firmly believe in the mercy of the Lord upon this nation and gives one last chance to right the ship of state before he completely removes his hand of protection over us. The moral decline of our nation is directly linked to the fiat currency of the moneychangers. This has been a tool to wreck our societies. Honest money will bring a moral reformation again. This is why Ron Paul wants to end the Federal Reserve Bank because it is a moral hazard to the people. Sound money will restore a much more moral business atmosphere and honesty in business practices. We may be out of reach of the banking cartel. They are not out of the reach of God in our prayers. it is time we stop putting limitations on ourselves and what our creator can do. Prayer makes the impossible possible making a way where there seems no way.

            We all need to be praying for Ron Paul, for our nation, repenting of our sins individually and our national sins. We need to be praying and fasting for every election. It does not take a majority to move a nation. It only takes a strong remnant like a small rudder steering an ocean liner from disaster. Prayer does change the direction of a nation. Prayer can overturn the tables of the moneychangers, expose the theft of elections and corruption. Prayer moves the hearts of the people to be outraged at such an injustices of the bankers and the despots. It is time we stop making the enemies of God and our nation more powerful then they really are. it is time we seek divine intervention and providence for the nation, for Ron Paul and our own lives.

             It is time we pray for God to be glorified through Ron Paul. It is time the nation rejoice when the Godly people are in control compared to the corrupt politicians who are always in reproach. Prayer will reverse the course of a nation. If you believe the end is near and you are standing down waiting for God to beam you up the clouds instead of waking people up. You are severely mistaken. Stop waiting for the rapture and ask God that Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be Done on earth as it is in Heaven. This is a battle we cannot fight on our own strength alone. It requires a power great then our enemies trying to destroy us. It is time to stop doubting and start praying if we want the real change we are looking for. Nothing is impossible if we put Ron Paul and our nation back in God's hands.

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