Wednesday, January 18, 2012

THE NEW SMOKING GUN: Israeli Mossad Agents Posing As CIA Agents Recruiting Terrorist to Attack Iran?

             This is as real false flag operation. First a joint operation US/Israel attacked the USS Liberty posing as Egyptian fighter jets to drag the US in a war in the middle east. Now for the last four years we been hearing the war drum for we must attack Iran because they are going to develop a nuclear weapon. For years now, there has been a covert war with Mossad and CIA operatives. It is hard to say who is responsible for attacks inside Iran. They are really itching for a war with Iran.

             Now information has surfaced that Israeli Mossad agents posing as CIA agents has been recruiting people inside Pakistan for the purpose of attacking Iran. To me, this is scary because Israel has been using our name to wage a covert war inside Iran for the purpose to start a war. I am really upset that Israel is using our name for recruiting terrorism. It is hard to make Iran look like the villain when it is Israel and the United States starting all the trouble. I know Israel and CIA assets were behind the killing of a Iranian nuclear scientist earlier this week.

             This is a real false flag operation were Israel was pretending to be CIA agents. This was done without the knowledge of the White House. I am glad this operation did not escalate matters any worse. Russia and China have made it clear that an attack on Iran or Syria is an attack on them as well. We do not need anymore wars in the middle east. Iran has not acted in a aggressive matter under the circumstances and has showed restraint. Israel and the United State goverment has shown themselves to be the real terrorist. Especially Israel Mossad  agents pretending to be CIA assets.

             I hope this further discredits any reason to attack Iran, since a used car salesmen in Texas and blaming the Persian nation for September 11th attacks have not stuck with the people for a war. The very same people beating the war drum gave us the Iraq war where there was no weapons of mass destruction found. Only our weapons causing the destruction. This report only destroys the credibility of the Israeli goverment reason to go to war with Iran. We do not need anymore wars.


  1. Hey Realman,

    This commentary is supported by zero fact. If you have information that supports your theses I'd appreciate your referencing it. I have seen a lot of similar stories, but you make inferential leaps from conjecture to fact at a high rate of speed that are disturbing. If you "know" something, what's your source?

    I'm surprised that Mr Rivero has your commentary on his website. He must need the money. As a final suggestion, would you please add a couple more Reaction Boxes at the bottom of the blog. Try "old news" or "made it up".

    One more thing, taking Anonymous off the comment as just keeps people from giving you honest feedback. You need it and you need to work on your gramar and syntax.


  2. As Far as anonymous comments. I have to police the comments on my website. Too many people were calling for violence. A n Intel Analyst will be on Freedom Watch tonight about this scandal. There is credibility to thins

    1. people were abusing the right. My kids read the comments. Too much vulgarity and profanity. Have to police it now

  3. Hey, come and take it, grammar has two m's.

    Both Israel's Mossad and the CIA have loyalty to the Vatican and The City of London long before the U.S.. Some day the CIA will be kicked out of the U.S. while leaving their desks and all contents in place. And leaving all weapons and other equipment.

    Both agencies are entities loyal to the foreign invading corporation pushing ahead with traitorous rubbish like the TSA, DHS, and many witting and unwitting elected officials.This is evidenced by their refusing to say out loud, 'WHO DID 9-11?' and then say who or mentioning the numerous HAARP weather attacks on American farmland followed by gaming the 'weather derivative' markets and carpetbagging distressed farmland. Every nation's major military intelligence agency world wide knows exactly who. Congress is too busy prancing and mewling for campaign contributions to address ANY major problems with any professionalism. Their 9% approval rating led to their declaring 'marshall law' out of basic insecurity. This resulted in their earning a 6% approval over the Rasmussen poll and later in the week, this number dropped below 5%. The bubonic plague gets about a 1% approval while wharf rats get a 3-4% approval. Congress does not have far to go. Such arrogance in such traitorous fools.