Sunday, January 15, 2012

Free Markets and Decentralized Institutions Combat Poverty Better than the Government Can Do

             One of the things we have to break conditioning over is, if there is a problem. The goverment ought to do something about it. This has always been the false hope government can solve the problem. Poverty and all the other ills that create more poor people is a result of goverment policy. As always very well intentioned. The results, always a disaster because of unintended consequences having the goverment get involved. Has anyone understood that everything the government touches turns to feces? They all know this, but still insist the goverment ought to do something about it.

             We have to start treating the government as persona non grata  when the politicians want to take over an industry or a part of society that was left to the people. The reason why we have such a disastrous economy is because goverment policy and regulations. The war on poverty created more poor people. The war on drugs make people use more drugs then ever before. They have not learned from prohibition when Al Capone was the mob boss of Chicago turning the city streets into a war zone. Now are southern border seems like a combat zone now we do not call them mob bosses. We call them drug cartels. If drugs were legalized and decriminalized. We would not need a war on drugs that steals more personal liberties then solves the actual problem.

              I am now a firm believer goverment needs to shrink and the welfare state be dismantled in phases. We do not need churches asking the government's permission to have a soup kitchen just to feed the poor which is now increasing because policy has created these dismal economic conditions. People who want to invest their capital to start up a business should not be burdened with red tape from the government. Government stands in the way of people who have capital to invest that does creating jobs. There should be no capital gains tax, nor personal or corporate income taxes either. The goverment does not create jobs or wealth. It is a leech that hires vampire I call bureaucrats to suck what is left of the life blood out of the economy making matters worse. Tax dollars being sent to Washington is wasted is money that could be used to hire people producing something the public needs or paying for good and services.

            A free market economy will solve the poverty problem real fast if government gets out of the way. That is a constitutional solution to our economic woes. Just because we see an economic injustice, it does not mean the goverment should always step in, their policies might be the cause of it in the first place. Putting the economy and the currency back in the hands of the people without a private Central bank or the Government interfering. We will solve poverty quicker and more efficiently. The only role of government should be is protecting our personal freedoms, economic liberties, unjustified force and fraud. It has no business picking winners and losers in a crony capitalism or fascist system like we see today where mega multinational corporations use the force of government to shut down any competition creating more poverty.

           A free market economy where big corporations, small businesses are on a level playing field competing for business without goverment interference using honest money backed by Gold and Silver will revive the greatness of this nation and minimize poverty. Solving poverty with big goverment policies redistributing wealth from one group of people to another never worked. These schemes have been proven to be a miserable failure. It is when government shrinks and allows a free people's talents and skills to be unleashed taking risk. Poverty will be almost eradicated. Again, we will be that shining city on a hill again and a beacon of freedom again for the world to look to as a hope for all mankind.


  1. What is "the wart on drugs"? Are those warts you get when you took too many drugs.

    With all the sheeple in this country wanting something for nothing, there's always going to be poverty in this country.

  2. why take a finger and not grab the whole hand ?

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