Friday, January 6, 2012

A Declaration Flyer Being Passed out in Montana As a Result of NDAA

The Author is unknown. This Flyer is being passed out in people's windshields in Montana in responce top NDAA. This declaration might be a setup to see who will take up arms or it could be sincere. To get a PDF copy CLICK HERE



  2. @anonymous:

    If you don't like it, complain to the "Founding Fathers". It is illogical to believe that such decorated intellectuals who fought and spoke against tyranny for so long would leave the "Constitution" wide open as a "living document" knowing full well that tyranny would always try to usurp "freedom".

    Everything that has happened since the creation of the Constitution has been Constitutional. Don't agree? Ask a lawyer. Everything from the creation of corporate "persons" to Patriot Acts to the NDAA have all undergone the Constitutional process and passed all the checks and balances. It is all constitutional. You just don't like it. Neither do I.

    But I'm not fooled by contracts no matter what they are called (ie "Constitution" is a contract between humanity and the US gov't). The fact that this document is what "grants" people their "freedoms" is completely contrary to the idea of "God given rights". Only the individual can be responsible for "God given rights". No piece of parchment with ink splattered on it in pretty patterns changes the fact that an individual is responsible for his/her "God given freedoms".

    End of story.

  3. To Anony ASS #2 Posser You Better Go Back And Study Again ...The Constitution Was To Rain In Government.Not To Give Freedom But To Defend Us From The Tyranny We Now Face!

  4. Everyone knows what to do now. There's nothing left to talk about. Mount up. It's time to ride.

  5. The NDAA clearly states it does NOT apply to U.S. citizens within the United States. Read the fricking Law idiots.

  6. Anonymous said...
    "The NDAA clearly states it does NOT apply to U.S. citizens within the United States. Read the fricking Law idiots."

    If it does not apply to American citizens, then why in a senate session, when senator Lindsey Grahm was asked whether NDAA applied to American citizens or not, he stated that it did? Was he lying, or just not realizing what he was saying?

  7. How do you "Rain In Government"? It that where you make a cloud rain over the government? You are so stupid Anon #3. And I am going to predict this douchebag Realman2020 will be arrested before the end of the year for inciting terrorism. I'll throw a c-note down on that.

  8. To Anonymous: It is the Congress who are inciting terrorism against the people of this country, douchebag.

  9. This nation has been in a state of war against the people for years. Ever hear of COINTELPRO? Then there is the undeclared war of FAIR GAME which is practiced by many so called law enforcement agencies to take out the trouble makers citizens included. The Geneva Convention for prisoners of war 1949 August 12 is being violated every day. Free country? wake up it hasn't ever been free, they just say we are free.

  10. Who cares what the laws says the American people have been under attack politically and economicly for some time now ....its time for all true Americans to take up arms. citizen militia would be a start!!!!!

  11. It is, therefore, with the most evident propriety, that the plan of the convention proposes to empower the Union "to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, RESERVING TO THE STATES RESPECTIVELY THE APPOINTMENT OF THE OFFICERS, AND THE AUTHORITY OF TRAINING THE MILITIA ACCORDING TO THE DISCIPLINE PRESCRIBED BY CONGRESS."

    Concerning the Militia
    From the Daily Advertiser.
    Thursday, January 10, 1788
    Alexander Hamilton

  12. You can have your own opinion, but you cannot have your own facts.

    Oath Keepers are in place in ranking positions in the military. They recognize their duty to the people and to protect and defend the Constitution against domestic enemies as are described in this factually correct flyer.

    Those that honor their oath are already considering the possible need to circle tanks around the Capitol building and put an end to this tyrannical behavior. It is much like a forest fire, the sooner you put it out the better.

    It is still legal to train and be ready for enemies on our soil, so be sure to build your courage and recognize your duty. Citizens be on guard, get prepared, know your enemy and have a plan.

  13. To Anon#2:

    The Constitution is a charter defining the US government as an entity by the poeple creating it and granting powers to it. It sets limits on these powers both explicit (e.g. bill or rights) and implicit. The implicit limits are due to the nature of the document being a limited grant of power. Those powers not explicitly granted, by implication, are not granted.

    Now who do you propose judge and enforce these limits? The very government which the document created? The court systems operated by the same government you are trying to limit? The legislative body of the same government you are trying to limit?

    You are arguing that the subserviant party of a contract should have exclusive power to interpret the meaning of the contract, even when the interpretation perverts the clear intent. This is ludicrous.

  14. Laws, whether good or bad have a certain momentum behind them & carry a limited amount of power, but physical objects like the 200 million guns in the hands of 100 million Americans are more effective at keeping liberty than slips of paper on windshields.

  15. If one reads more carefully the section which supposedly protects US Citizens from the actions of the NDAA, you will see that it is a scam. A close reading and reference to the sections it mentions shows that all it says is that it is not MANDATORY for US Citizens to be held to its provisions. In other words, non-US-citizens MUST have the NDAA held against them; US Citizens MAY have the law held against them.

    Ask a lawyer. He will tell you that "MAY" just means, "we'll use it against anyone whom we wish to."

  16. I'm a 65 year old veteran (USN) raised in upstate New Yawk. You know. A Yankee. In the past the antics of Texans never failed to amaze me. Statements and antics so radical and far off the chart that they stunned the human intellect.

    How reality has changed. In the year 2012 Texans are among the few making perfect sense.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

  17. Printed 10. It's a start.

    Had breakfast with educated, knowledgeable friends who should have heard about it, and they had heard about NDAA, but thought nothing of it, because there was nothing about what I was saying in the LA Times. They did not know about the signing statement.

    I repeated Jon Stewart's remark, paraphrasing that would be fine if Obama stayed in office forever. Since they are democrats and elderly and unlikely to change or accept awaking at this late point, I did not push.

    All the more, I know what we are up against. Media plays THE biggest role.

    We must take over the airwaves, and it would be a thrill to do away with the poo that is most TV.

    30 Rock is funny... and at times breathtakingly brilliant. So some of it can stay... ;-)