Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Defence for the Freedom Writers ,the Bloggers against the Trolls and the Critcs

             We are entering a time we are all taking personal risk sticking our necks out for the cause of freedom. Many of us who blog telling the truth the mainstream media dares not touch face anytime getting are doors kicked in at 3am with storm troopers wearing black ski masks to put a hood over our heads to disappear forever. That might be our future very soon. I know I am on the government's list. I have nothing to lose. I am not trying to be invisible hiding from the government's prying eyes. I am doing the exact opposite. I want them to know who I am. I am hoping the get recognized by the Anti Defamation League being accused of being an Anti Semite. It will make my website get a lot more traffic. I am hoping the fusion centers are reading my blogs and know me well.

               I choose not the be invisible. Showing myself as much as I can being loud as much as I can is the safest place to be. I want the light shined upon me and want to shine the light on the truth as best as I can. If I go before a military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. They are not going to let me off with a technicality and release me because some bad grammar or misspelled words. If I am getting straight to the point and it resonates with most of the readers. Getting close to 100,000 hits a month does carry weight. Even though I do get scared about what the future may bring. I pray I will be able to watch my children grow up. Even though my fear may say call it quits and just go along to get along with the system. Well I cannot do that and condemn the future of my two children to debt slavery and a tyranny. I want my children to know their father did not lay down to evil, but stood up for the cause of liberty even if I am going the pay the price of my very life.

                For these trolls and grammar NAZIS who pick apart what people write and the manner in how they write is so counter productive. I find usually people who like to be critics will never contribute or step into the fight. They rather stay invisible and take cheap shots at people. They will never take the personal risk involved to bring the truth and information to the people. They will criticize the manner in the way people carry it out at the same time never being productive advancing the cause of liberty fighting for the soul of the republic. For you trolls and grammar NAZIS. Man up and step into the fight. If you are so superior in your writing skills. Then start up your own blog or your own website, then I will take you serious. If you are going to be invisible and be anonymous in the blog comments. Then  why should I take you serious if you cannot come forward and show yourself. That just proves they are gutless wonders.

                People like Michael Rivero, Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, John Stadmiller, Mark Koernke and many others have stuck out their necks. Many of them have been arrested and persecuted. I may not agree 100 percent with what they say. But they stick their necks out knowing the risk. Eustis Mullins and Ezra Pound took a lot of wrath from the powers that be. They are my heroes because they risked everything for us all. I have respect for these people because even though they are not perfect people with many flaws. They have heart and soul. They have guts. Regardless if they are illiterate or not. If they put their very lives on the line so we can be free. The last thing I will do is disqualify them for giving their lives  as true patriots because they could not read or write proper English. Having an education or not. It does not take a collage degree or a 4.0 GPA to know freedom is worth fighting for nor I will not discourage them either. Take that you trolls and grammar NAZIS. I will not let your cheap shots or snide comments discourage me. I have heart and guts. In the real world. I may not be the smartest person in the world. But I have guts and that is enough. If my critics do not like it because my English is less than perfect by their standards, then they can kiss my Texas white ass.


  1. Your articles are so great, thank you so much for all you write, you are so right on brother.

  2. Keep the fire & keep bumping your gums. I like your posts.:)

  3. What the hell is a collage degree? Is that a degree in pasting pictures to posters?

    I am having a real hard time trying to stop laughing right now.

    Just stop the bad grammar and spelling and you are good man, seriously. I agree with most of what you have to say. But take the ego trip you just wrote about down a notch.

  4. "collage degree" is by no means the worst of it.

    Personally, I find these errors hilarious. I send select quotes to people I know, just for laughs. It's like a "kids say the darndest things" blog, except it's a (purported) adult.

    Honestly. I come here every day. I just can't get this stuff anywhere else. I spend all day in a world of spellcheck and proper grammar. But this blog, it's like verse. Like a drunk child with a pen in his hand.

    Bravo, Sir. Bravo.

  5. Roland, you run away from every argument you start here.

    Roland, you are a shitty writer.

    I want to debate you being a shitty writer.
    You have no talent, Roland.
    So, why do you keep talking.

    Roland, people with a talent, they SELL THAT TALENT.

    You don't sell your writing talent.
    You can't even get a blog with comments on it.
    No one will pay you, to teach writing.

    Roland, how many times has this been now?
    Let's go with eight times.
    EIGHT TIMES Roland has started the 'who can write' argument, lost it, then ran away like a whipped bitch.

    Like now, man.
    Your laughable FAKE STUPID LIE.. you send quotes to people.

    You are even a worse liar, than a writer.
    And that is amazing when you think about it.
    Roland is even worse at lying than he is at writing.

    You are so phony, so synthetic, so pedantic, that you Roland are the most mocked person here.

    *wipes his ass with Roland's mouth.
    *Roland just takes it because he is too weak on every level to hit me back.

  6. I can too right!
    I be great!
    No one will comment on my blog cuz they b stoopid n shit!

  7. How bout we stop abusing the word "NAZI"? It's stupid, it's lazy, it perpetuates the All-American do-gooder myth of World War II, a teat that we've been sucking on for almost 70 years, and it's free advertisement for the phony victimization of the real genocidal monsters that are occupying Palestine.

  8. I once got a tad cranky, comment wise, with a poster on another blog who wrote almost totally in caps. I had been reading for many hours straight that day and although I liked what the writer had to say I just couldn't bear the caps. (Sometimes my mind can't latch on and then it gets lost in all caps.) Anyway he responded by saying that it was just how his thoughts came out and went down on the page. I felt bad and apologized for my comment. It really is the content that counts the most, not the presentation. Your spelling and grammar are "close enough for government work", as the saying goes, so just keep on keeping on.
    M. Rocknest

  9. When I was in Ancient Rome, I hated to read; everything was written in yelling.

    I have an unusual hobby. I make subtitles, like for movies. Lots of subtitles out there are wrong. Here is some insight into why. When I go to make the first and only English subtitle, I can usually find one out there already just not in English. I translate the non-English into English, and most importantly it has the time-stamps in place so you can just correct the wording.

    It taught me that grammar whiners are all people who can ONLY speak and read English. Being ignorant of the world, other languages, and their cultures is what causes it. When you can speak and read multiple languages, you can easily understand that one does not accurately translate into the other.

    The smartest thing ever written in some dialect of China is a 'smart thing'. What language is it smart in? All languages. The idea itself is smart. Translating it into many languages is another issue.

    My take it on it is, the grammar issue COMES OUT as people 'too smart'. The reverse is true; it is people not smart enough.

    Caps is yelling? WTF? Just hearing people say that disturbs me. It really is this outright statement, of a child-mind that REALLY DOES BELIEVE that they 'heard yelling'. Wow. That is fucking dumb. The inability to grasp the message is fucking dumb.


    Brij B out!!! No B uzin u dye!!!

    If you drive across the broken bridge, fall into the river, and then die... because the warning sign was spelled wrong, you are a fucking idiot.

    That you would CARE that the sign is spelled wrong, makes you a giant idiot.

    There is nothing there AT ALL! but the message. Everything else is idiot bait.

    Yet, I don't want to give the idea that I fall for the scam, since I don't. Grammar nazis are fakes. The don't care about the grammar.

    The behavior is, this thing we do, commenting and blogging, is like an IQ test. People want to say the smartest thing.

    When you UTTERLY FAIL to be smart: grammar attack is choice #1. 100% of the time, they wanted to make the smartest comment about the topic then only after they failed to come up with an idea did they fall back to being a grammar nazi as an escape, to pretend to be smart.

    100% of the time, people try to trump what you say. They ALWAYS do.

    Only after they fail to beat you, do they resort to cheap hustles. Grammar nazi bullshit. If they can't do that, it is personal insults.

    Original insults? No. They use only the most overused cliche' crap we have all heard a million times.

  10. The Copse ziz couvring 4 the 9-11 perpc. The manifold attacks are meant to bewilder and confuze. All out of reach and out of mind of the CFRtv, and their4 the sheepul.

  11. They say what is going on.

    Americans are terrorists.
    Which Americans?
    Americans who can fight back.
    Americans who don't vote Zionist ticket.
    Americans who DEFEND America.
    Americans who don't like the NWO.
    Americans who don't like open borders to Mexicans.
    Americans who don;t want a North American Union.


    They are going to attack first, attack Americans who would resist, a list of Americans who won't like it when they disband the constitution and form the Jewish-Bolshevist North American Soviet Union, with 'Czars' 'Torture' Concentration camps...

    they told you everything.
    You don't need to guess what is coming.

  12. Apparently the mystery is that you are not angry enough YET. They are telling you to your face, they are planning on doing things to your country where you will be that angry. They plan on heading you off at the pass.

  13. I like most of the ideas expressed. All I ever said was use a grammar manual and esp. spell check. Misspellings are not really forgivable in this day and age. That doesn't make me a grammar Nazi or make you uneducated. Please consider this: we read a LOT. Difficult prose simply doesn't get absorbed by people who don't spend a long time at any one place.

  14. Yes, Steve, it does make you stupid.
    Yeah, I MEAN YEAH! It makes you stupid.
    You came here to tell me THAT?
    Yeah, you're an idiot.
    I don't need you for that.
    You are entirely useless.
    Your basic reading needs, means shit to me.
    Keep your womanly pussy complaining to yourself.
    As said, you wanted to PARTICIPATE in the conversation, you don't measure up, so you whine about spelling.

    You should become a Superhero..
    call yourself... Spelling Bee man!

  15. say something of immeasurable merit, it will be ignored for misspellings, grammatical mistakes, etc; welcome to the internet and the anonymous rant. But actually calling them "Grammar Nazis" just means you took the troll bait, bitch. Practice what you preach, and stop whining and keep writing if that is what you really want to do. eventually you'll figure out, you'll want to correct those mistakes when people you admire begin to listen. only then, will they know you have something to say. Che was well read, so is Sub Commandante Marcos...who when it comes to the front lines makes you look like an adolescent mental masturbating slackjaw yammering at his little computer. Can you count the grammatical mistakes in this comment? Maybe you can't, maybe you can. But you want them to listen, say it smart, and save the bumperstick comments for the protest signs. do the work that actual writing demands and grow the fuck up.

  16. First they came for the 3,000 innocent souls taken on 9/11, but I didn't give a fuck, because it was easier to buy the lie and blame the Muslims - and that's what the TV told me to believe.

    Next they came for millions of innocent brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan, but again there was no fuck to give, cuz I'd rather watch football or Dancing with the Stars.

    Then they said that it was good to torture people, and deny them a trial, and extort false confessions - but I couldn't care - because that would only happen to those brown people "over there". Besides, what's the big deal, we've been brainwashed that it's ok for our own police to torture us with electricity any time they feel like it - and the courts will back them up - because they too are infested with evil in this land of shit.

    Then they came for the 9/11 Truthers, with new laws that say we can now arrest Americans on their own soil, with no evidence, no trial, for as long as we want - and I said it was ok, because I never had the balls to reason any of this through anyway, and I'll stand in line at the airport holding my shoes, letting some TSA pervert grab my balls and sexually assault my wife and 6 year old daughter, because I'm afraid - and I think that if I keep my head down and don't make a fuss, just maybe they will leave me alone, and the rest of you can just go to hell.

    I'm just a quivering, brainless fucking sheep, trained to obey and take any direction from some piece of shit wearing a costume. Baa Baaa, Cower and Cringe - let me get down on my knees and shlogg away on Satan's pecker - just give me that big screen TV and enough drugs and booze to get through another day in this shit-hole of a country.

    Then they came for me, and you know the rest.

    Now let me tell you something - If we truly are at the point where they are going to round up people and stick them into FEMA concentration camps, and if 300+ million people can't figure out that a small handful of criminals has hijacked the government and royally fucked-up this once fine country. Perhaps I'd rather be standing up straight in prison with others who cared enough to speak the truth and tried and achieve justice in this god-forsaken world - that would be far more preferable than living "free" on my knees like a whipped dog with the likes of those who could let this happen.

    Wanna fix this mess? Start with 9/11 and convict those elements within the government responsible for this mass-murder and the subsequent wars.

  17. I have no problem with the writing or spelling or punctuation here. I like it that people go to the trouble of setting up websites and saying what they sincerely think, if it were easier I would have already done it too. Thanks for doing this blog, my friend. I know it helps.

  18. If spelling mistakes don't matter, please go to and explain to me why there aren't any.

  19. Roland, you are the expert,
    What good did it do you?
    None at all.
    There is a list of things needed to be a writer.
    Spelling is not on the list.
    I introduce YOU as evidence.
    Look in a mirror.
    Did it help you?

  20. The situation is simple enough even for an IQ as low as Roland's. Struggle to keep up with this. In a perfect world, this fantasy world of the dipshits, where grammar and spelling are always perfect, WHAT WOULD YOU BE IN THAT WORLD? You would post what? In perfect grammar world, you would NEVER EVER POST ANYTHING. You lack the intelligence to enter any debate topics. You would what? Tell blog writers they need to move out of their mom's basement? That is the point. That shows the situation. YOU EXIST, we only hear about you, know you exist, have to be aware of you, because you spend all your time whining. So-- if you had no grammar to whine about, YOU WOULD NEVER POST AT ALL.

    In that, you win the debate. I can see it clearly now. Lack of perfection left the door open to mental cockroaches like Roland. If it were not for the grammar, Roland WOULD NEVER POST AT ALL, since he is too dumb to enter into the conversations.

    I see that. It is keeping the gate closed around the swimming pool, to keep mental toddlers like Roland from blundering into the pool and drowning themselves in the big boy water.

  21. While you are all bickering over whether the writer spell checked before posting OUR Country is being taken away from all of us! Pop another beer, watch NASCAR or DWTS and everything will be alright because CNN said so. Where are the modern Thomas Jefferson's or Thomas Paine's? To them the message itself was so important they risked their lives to write and print materials for the people to read and know what was happening. Today writers like this blogger try to do the same, but get lost in this divide & conquer rhetoric of the blog trolls, they divide us against each other over f'in spelling. I will wave at you on the way to the FEMA camps. Because no one has the balls to stand up and take this country back, even me, I sit here and read all of this and think "to arms, to arms" but alas I am alone at my laptop shouting to deaf and misled countrymen! Quit attacking each other and get together and figure out how we can get our country back from these thieves in expensive suits!