Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Money Junkies Are Not Invincible, Untouchable From Public Discontent or Facing Justice

            If Goldman Sachs believes they can rule the world by fraud. they are arrogant. Pissing off the people is not doing God's work. I just wonder which God's work they are doing. If these banks believes they can get the military and the police to protect them from the public anger. Well there is karma, what goes around comes around. When there is no political solution to remedy the problem of these central bankers have pulled by fraud forcing the public to pay for a debt they did not create, nor owe. When all the finance ministers, members of parliament and the prime minister all come from Goldman Sachs.The people will have very little choice but to deal with the problem head on. When their children's bellies are empty and a man's dignity is destroyed because he cannot no matter how much he tries cannot provide for his family because the robber barons stand in the way. He will resort to extreme measures.

            If Goldman Sachs thinks the police and the military is going to protect them from the people. The truth is when their paychecks are worthless and the taxes are up with new taxes added. When their pension funds have been stolen and they are not much better off then the peasants. There will come a point when the people will say enough is enough. They will not care anymore. The police and military will be overwhelmed and just stand down. These bankers are counting on the enforcers to protect them from the people so they can keep stealing the wealth of the people and a nation. Their complacency and false sense of security will be their demise. When the people realize that every one in these vital goverment post are all Goldman Sachs cronies. When the people come to the epiphany that petitioning the goverment to redress their grievances is useless because the bankers and people in high finance rigged the political system and the elections. People will have no choice but confront the problem directly.

              History has revealed the bankers are hard to remove by political means. President John F. Kennedy said"When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable."(I hope I said it right). The bankers are making it impossible for them to be challenged politically by the will of the people. When people are impoverished and the goverment being the enforcers for the bankers to keep people from being self reliant and dependent on the system for a few crumbs left on the table. People will find out who is responsible. Goldman Sachs is not invincible or untouchable. Money junkies were removed by force most of the time the financial institution occupied the goverment at many levels.

               The people of Iceland, the Ukraine, Chili, Equator, Brazil and Argentina all threw out the bankers by force when they bankers made it impossible for the people to be heard. President Putin threw out the bankers and President Andrew Jackson crushed the second bank of the United States. Jesus used force to drive out the money changers from the temple. How these money junkies were dealt with by force. I do not mean guns blazing. But people storming the building or a leader with the moral strength to use the police power to shut them down. When these money junkies are driven out. They run with their tail between their legs.

              If Ron Paul becomes President and he has to use force to shut down the Federal Reserve because Congress is in the back pocket of this Central Bank. We better stand behind him if he has to resort to such measures to right the ship of state.The mind mannered Texas congressman who might be President might have to take harsh measures to pull us back from the brink no matter how much we may not like it.The money junkies are not bullet proof. They can be defeated. The truth is are we willing to do what it takes to drive them out from our mist?


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  2. NobodysaysBOO!
    The banks are just doing the same as always they loan and thy RAPE err thats Reap,they are doing their HARVEST! They think THEY GREW all this cash and NOW is their HARVEST time.
    Scum politicos want some cash too SO they are bought and sold we just watch and do nothing as usual.
    Sadly Ron Paul has NO chance in a rigged USA!

  3. first we must have gulag FEMA camps. then starvation of the masses. there will be two militaries. those that will brutalize the citizens and those that will support the citizens. i guess you can call that civil war.

    forget congress, the house and the senate. it's rich boys looking out for rich boys. expect more onerous laws that legalize theft of trillions of dollars but prohibit everything else.

    it's the age of shoddy and robber barons writ large.

    check out the movie "one eyed jacks" with marlon brando and get back to me.

  4. Unfortunately it's comming to civil unrest in this country.
    It's extremely reminiscent of Nazi Germany as Hitler rose to power.

    Obama is like Hitler and Congress is like his Hitmen and SS.

    Concentration Camps are on the ready.

    Don't believe that it couldn't happen here.

    Just as the Jews were killed, don't believe there is a God that will save us. God didn't save them.

    There is no God, but there is the scariest Government I've ever taken part of. Amerika.

  5. It's the Jews behind this, we need another Hitler to throw all the Jews in the new FEMA camps and get rid of those satan worshippers ASAP. Then after the Jews, for good measure round up all the Mexicans too, unemployment problem solved!!!!!