Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Media Created Grand Illusion of Gingrich.

              One thing I learned is well spoken charismatic people seeking power can be the most dangerous. I give Newt credit for being a good well spoken orator. But so is any good con artist or a used car salesmen. If BS was money, we would not have a national debt. President Obama,bush and Clinton would have a budget surplus but giving a good speech if BS was the currency. The truth about Newt must be told. If the media is choosing the person and the party. That is the man who will hurt the country to preserve the power of the party.

              Newt Gingrich is the poster child for everything that is wrong with Washington DC and the Republican party. What he stands for is the status quo of politics as usual. The Americans are sick and tired of business as usual in the District of Con-artist were everything changes but still stays the same. He is the new boss, same as the old boss. The media in Iowa and New Hampshire is in a synchronized effort to prop up the establishment candidate in an effort to defeat Ron Paul. Skewed polling data trying to sell the illusion must be countered and debunked.

               I was scratching my head back four years ago when the media said McCain is surging. John McCain had no money in his campaign. The grassroots did not support him, he thumbed his nose at the American people countless times with dealing Illegal immigration and campaign finance reform. Both measures were a attack on America an its liberties. We must not allow Gingrich a free rise like McCain got with this synchronized media effort to sell their candidate. Newt is for Carbon taxes and individual mandate for us to purchase health insurance. He still wants to sell the illusion of a war on terror, the patriot act, the justification for torture, wars for Israel and still tries to talk like Ron Paul when it concerns the Federal Reserve. To me it is all just rhetoric to woo the voters just to get burned one more time after the election. It goes back to business as usual.

              The establishment is scared of Ron Paul. If Ron Paul wins the party nomination and the Presidency. Not only the Federal reserve is in peril. The GOP might have all the globalist and neo cons removed who pretend to be patriots. Ron Paul will be able to change the leadership inside the party back to a libertarian, constitutional orientated people no longer under the globalist control. We can see more fairness in election breaking the monopoly of the two party system controlling the election process allowing other candidates of minor parties the equal forum as the two major political parties enjoy. Ron Paul represents real change and not just political rhetoric. That is what scares the establishment about Dr. No. This is why the media is trying to sell Newt like they are selling the Iphone or the Ipad as the next best thing to sliced bread. Newt is like stale bread and a loser. In an open forum, Newt would lose when his record is shown for all to see. Ron Paul represent who the globalist establishment fear. Loss of control of a major political party that can be a severe blow to the globalist agenda.

             We in the alternative media must dispel the white wash they will try for Newt. We must shatter this media created illusion. We must show why the main stream news media cannot be trusted and why they are losing credibility. We have to discredit Newt for what he is. A globalist traitor, a sell out, an authoritarian calling for the end to US sovereignty. We allowed the media to burn us with McCain four years ago. We must not let happen fours years ago happen again. If we do not redouble our efforts or nothing will change. No more grand illusions. Ron Paul for President or bust. If we don't, we will again say meet the new boss, same as the old boss. We must never accept that again. This is the year we sink or swim as a republic.


  1. I like what you write ... Another Good One..

  2. Absolutely right on. The McCain surge was a fake. Cain was a fake. Clinton got a media pass regarding Gennifer Flowers. I still remember the talking papers from the media the next day, all was forgiven and "case closed" on any possible marital indiscretions.

  3. Yean, but it works, unfortunately.
    Palin ran for office as an Israel First pro-war Neocon, then the media fabricated that she was Tea Party.

    Most people obey TV God.
    If TV media lost a billion dollars a year to own, if it was a business that lost 100 billion a year, they would still own it.

    Lying to the slaves is just that useful.

  4. Newt is living proof that any politician can further his/her career by sucking Israel's dick.

  5. Who names a child after a reptile? Shame, shame, shame. This country has had enough slimy creepy crawlies already.

  6. You know it's pretty bad when Cain has to bow out and Newt is seen a the front runner. Both have way more baggage than all the other candidates combined.

  7. Its time that the average American was informed that all the GOP candidates with the exception of Dr. Ron Paul have literally sold their souls to the devil of Zionist Jewish money and will do and say anything to curry favor with that despicable cabal. The media, being part of that cabal go out of their way to belittle Dr. Paul while promoting those who grovel the most at Israel's feet. Right now Newt is the leading groveler. Ron Paul will not grovel or kow tow. He is the only choice for real Americans.

  8. "the main stream news media"
    This phrase/title MUST be changed to its proper name - "corporate media". The "main-stream" is the Internet, the bloggers, who insist on Truth and, due to this insistence, are pulling readers away from the corporate-sponsored lies.
    Note on Cain - his campaign and supporters are supporting Ron Paul now that Cain has dropped out (see - partly because of Ron Paul's policies, but also due to Dr. Paul's insistence that the endless media coverage of the sexual allegations of Cain was Wrong! It pays to be a statesman and scholar.
    McInsane & The Newt should both have been turned out to pasture decades ago !!
    Ron Paul 2012 !!!!!!!!

  9. Getting votes of any sort to this swine will be the main focus of the democrat and republican controlled voting machines.We must ditch the computerized vote.