Monday, November 7, 2011

The Zionist Hate the Russian People and American People More than Anyone Else.

              I am so glad to have the honor of meeting Russian people. They are the most educated and the most methodical of most Europeans. Out of all the European societies on the east side of the Atlantic. The Russian people have been the most rough and rugged in all of Europe. The Cossacks have a history of being some of the most fiercest fighters. They were the warrior class of the Russian people. When the Russian Revolution started because the dismal condition under Czar Nicholas where people were serfs to corporate slavery that was created by the bankers so capitalism can be demonized as evil. The Cossacks were divided fighting for both sides during the Russian Revolution.  As a result 70 years of Soviet rule has disbanded this fierce fighting force.

             The Cossacks had a history of driving out the Kazarians(Jews) many times because when they came in every time. they wreaked havoc trying to make the people debt slaves by fraud. The Russian Czars at the height of the American civil war thwarted the bankers who used the British navy to do their dirty work. The Russian navy frustrated the Banker's efforts during the civil war. In 1917, a group financed by Chase Bank Manhattan after the Federal Reserve Act was in place. They overthrew the Czars and the Banker took over Russia. Under Soviet rule for decades, this ruggedness was either quelled by oppression, or was diverted to fanning the flames of hatred creating the Cold war.

             On the American side, we also have been a rugged and rough frontier men. We had individualism and free from a central banking system when Andrew Jackson threw out the bankers until 1913. Ever since 1913, the globalist when the Federal Reserve System was passed into law with the Bolshevik take over in Russia. These bankers have been playing the propaganda on both sides of fabled enemies. The 20th century has been plagued with wars and famines. Many tyrants have massacred millions of innocent blood to fighting proxy wars with the Soviet Union funding one side and the Americans funding the other. But the bankers behind the scenes have been funding both side all along. The cold war was a lie concocted up by the Zionist bankers to bring in the New World Order.

             Now it is almost 20 years later after the old Soviet Union fell, and Vladamir Putin is now the leader of the Russian Federation. President Putin threw out the oligarchs who were agents of the Rothschild and Rockefeller clan because they have looted the nation. Now these agents of the Oligarchs were chased out now live in Israel. Now Iran, Venezuela along with Russia are now at odds with the European Banking Establishment. Now the next year election might be the game changer that the central bank in America is at risk of being abolished. This could be a threat to the Zionist Bankers if Russia and the United States form an alliance against the European banking establishment as a threat to their power.

            Now Israel who is saber rattling a war with Iran over a phony report over nuclear weapons, We have duel citizens who are Israeli who might use a war with Iran as a way to draw in the United States into a war with Russia because the Russian Federation is ready to help defend Iran and Syria also Israel is taunting too. I do not believe Russia is sending aid to Iran to start World War III. I see it as more of a deterrence saying they are ready for a fight. The American military is in no shape for a full scale war with Russia because the equipment is broken down and worn out.  Former Vice President Dick Cheney tried to start a war with Russia when Georgia attacked Russia trying draw us into a war with the Russian Federation. Why do they want Russia and the United States to go to war with each other?

           The Russian people and the American people are joined at the hip. They both have a history of a warrior class with a rough and rugged people. We are not like our European counterparts. We are different and distinct in our histories and culture. Israel as a globalist tool has been trying to get us to fight with each other using Iran or Syria as a provocation. They hope to destroy both forces so they cannot fight back against a globalist army hell force. The Russian people are very nationalistic and patriotic. They take pride in their history, tradition and culture just as us Americans do. Russians I know will resist the New World Order when their culture and way of life is threatened with a hot tyranny that will make life under Soviet rule a cake walk. The Bankers have a far more brutal tyranny they plan to unleash on the world that will make communism mild in comparison. I know Russians are tough people and will fight to survive as a people to preserve their posterity. I know we will step up when push comes to shove too. This is why we are hated most more than any other people on the earth. Because Russian and Americans are not soft people.

           Even though the people in both nations have been dumbed down with popular culture and propaganda. But there is a large core element in both nations who are a warrior class who are aware of the scheme of things in the world as well as the politics internally. But if I where the Russians, I watch of the Chinese who are strong allies with Israel. Maybe these deals with China are to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Never trust a country who is good friends of Israel. It is great Russia is taking actions to avert a war instead of  provoking one. Military equipment and military aid deployed means deterrence showing they want to keep the peace showing overwhelming strength. Russia is drawing the line in the sand against imperial bankers using American forces and Israel from starting anymore wars of aggression.

           As Americans, we need to identify and rout out all duel Israeli citizens in our government. They do not serve America. They serve Israel trying to draw us into more wars and ultimate a war with Russia to start a major war while the Bankers loot the wealth of the World using a conflict as a distraction. Remember the Zionist Jews hate Russian and America with a passion more than anyone else. Our rugged and rough mindset with very distinct cultures have been at odds with their agenda. We are not a soft people and tough as nails where we cannot submit to them. Our rough form masculinity will prevail. If we are hated by the Zionist the most, it is because we are not a weak people who will push back We defeated them before and we will defeat them again. That is why they feel threatened because we are not a soft people, not easy to conquer.


  1. 100% agree. America needs leaders who put America first. Why do we send so much aid to Isreal when we are broke? Who runs our country?

  2. 911 was a lesson in more ways than people generally notice. 911 was an attack BY ISRAEL against Americans. What happened? The media belongs to Israel. FBI has been PERFORMING terrorism themselves for many years. Congress is an Israeli puppet show. People talk about it like, 'America is sold out to Israel'. The actual fact is, Israel RULES America. Israel CAN AND DOES declare war on America. Israel CAN AND DOES murder any American they please and have it concealed in the controlled news. The idea was 'Silver or lead'. You take the bribe OR be shot in the head. Yes, they take the bribes. Yes, Israel has a free and open hand to assassiante any American leader they please. THEY CAN BE CAUGHT RED HANDED DOING IT, and expect zero reprisal. Even if caught assassinating your leaders in the worst case scenario.. nothing would happen.

    Not that complex about who owns who. America politicians constantly talk about America needing to making sacrifices for Israel. Does Israel talk about making sacrifices for America? No. Never. They don't disguise their ownership of America. They are rather open about it. There is no two-way street between American and Israeli politicians. Israeli politicians ORDER AROUND American ones. America orders NOTHING. The pro-Zionists don't even bother lying to you that Americans order around Israel.

  3. 100% agree.

    “The singular role of any government is to secure the rights of the people, any law that does not hold this basic tenant is unconstitutional.” – kdtroxel (corporations are not people, people are not corporations)

  4. I hope The People in Russia and America do not fall for the tricks that the bankers play. The American People do not want war with Russia or anyone else for that matter.

  5. Well maybe now folks will understand why back in the 90's some of us around the country started forming the militias. Yeah we got hammered coming out the gate by none other then the ADL, the southern poverty law center and every Zionist lackey and minion who ever crawled out from under a rock. I'm an American nationalist, and damn proud of it,I put my country FIRST,SECOND and third. Screw Israel we own them nothing and I'm just a wee bit fed up with creatures who make up less then 2% of the population being allowed to take our country to hell on the express bus. If your a real deal American male, then you know a fight is coming and that fight is long over due. God Save the Republic!

  6. Cage them all- in a pen at the zoo! Place all their treasonous enablers in another pen- right beside them! (Charge admission, to go there and watch them get fed slops!)

  7. DO NOT WORRY...THE ZIONISTS ARE WEAK. THEY HIDE BEHIND MONEY. THERE ARE NO REAL MEN AMONG THEM. THEY WILL FALL AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE. THERE WILL BE NO NEW WORLD ORDER. The Will of The Real People of GOD will prevail. The Zionist do not care for Human Kind. GOD is in charge. Have Faith and Stand by Your Fellow Human who Believes in God as you do. Christian and Muslims should not be tricked into fighting each other. This is a Zionist Trick. Jews are also tricked into standing with Zionist. May GOD help you. God Bless America.

  8. Hanging your Israeli dual nationals for treason (the ones that aided and abetted 911) would be a good start for a safer and more peaceful world.

  9. The zioturds are the army of the Antichrist; it is the duty of all of humanity to fight this evil force. When it comes to fight them, we are all brothers and sisters!

  10. I have followed this site for months & agree 99.9% w/ the web-master (one of the very few w/ that ratio)...I think as a real AMERICAN(very few left) we are on the cusp of a 3rd revolution...a violent one @ that!!! We must comprehend who our real enemies are!

    I have ancestors who fought, bled & died during the 1st revolution & ditto the 2nd(the war of Northern Agression) & now its my turn at bat!!!!

    ...Look out zionist-jews/DC/Wall Street jew-bankers....I'm swinging for the fence!!!!!!!!

    To those of you who're still sitting on the fence, understand this:...Washington (the feds), CANNOT win a "SNIPER"S WAR"!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ..............& neither can the israeli security personnel stationed at their many consulates scattered across the USA!!!
    ...shoot & scoot boys & may GOD BLESS & PROTECT us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The 'occupy' movement is the beginning of the end for the murderous shyster Jews. Wait till it really HTF after the Jews attack Iran and there's no oil.

  12. Hear nothing, See nothing, Say nothing.
    Words are women,
    deeds are men.

    This revolution is not talked about.
    Like the fist - it happens all by itself.

  13. You are nothing but goyim. patoo

  14. Russia is the most christian country on the planet. I wish Canada was more like her.

  15. The person who wrote this probably tried to help rewrite the history of 1812.

    I have two words for you and your little ego Star-Spangled Banner booster; "GO TO HELL".
    America must be put on trial for war crimes and theft.

    This would be the best example, that no America could ever consider, the insanity of the PNAC war on terror.

    If there is any real meaning to the word, even the U.S. twisted version, Lady Liberty and her stiff necked little brats will be forced to give up all that blood soaked oil and illegal drug profits and face JUSTICE.

    And you left something out, of course on purpose Russia slaughtered tens of millions of it's own. Russia doesn't have the problem with the "national amnesia" America has.

    Perhaps a great big gavel on your heads may keep you from destroying the planet.


  16. Bullshit: Bolshevist Russia was the VICTIM, just as Bolshevist America is suffering the identical disease.

    In both stories.. Protocol Jews rule a murderous police state and the people are powerless short of armed revolution.


    What is the Jewish word for that? Oh yeah, a TERRORIST.

    It is a death penalty crime to take America back from the Bolshevists. They spy on you. They already did erase all your rights. You have no rights. Nothing is left but the 'hope' they would not 'decide' to come after you.

    If you can't act, then never speak about those who can act. If you value life so much, just give yourself once you have a terminal disease. Everyone dies.

    The people do not need to answer for their leaders, not in America, not in Russia, not in China, not in North Korea, not even in Pissrael.

    I have zero say in how America functions and I get paid zero $ on their crimes. I get no rebate in oil or drugs.

    You failed to divide us, Bolshevist.
    I'll stand beside anyone from any nation if they share my values.

    I do not worship the past.
    I do not fear the future.

    Spend your one life how you see fit.
    I ask no one for permission on how I would spend mine.

  17. They carefully HIDE their disgust.

  18. Let's not forget what's also happening between sunni and shia. They are being tricked into annihilating each other. They will go to war, US and Russia will be drawn in. And who's left to steal the mid east and north african resources? Gee I wonder.
    The Chinese are being stupid insofar as they will be gutted after all is said and done.


  19. It's a fundamental thought/mind problem people have i.m.o. since a long looong time. When protesting the banksters, the thought is about injustice to the protestor's pocket. If these protests were based on humane reasons, these should have occured much earlier and in many more numbers. Where is the compassion and responsibility as a fellow human to stop wars and the satanic system the governments of this world have put on us? Why is it that we only start raising our voices as soon as our own asses are on the line?! selfish indeed, we need to cure ourselves first, before looking at others...

  20. For Russia the Catasrofe was the Comunstic rule, a rule that systematicly wiped out or covered it up, the entire history of the Norther Europa.
    Why do you think there is black holes in it, its supreded.
    Rasicm in its ultimate wrapping, I know things that now onfirms that, and the seacret is Scandinavia, their last Bastion and Israel.
    The same forces that runs Amrica and Israel.
    They dont even hide anymore and their agenda is clear, its just the wrappings that difear.
    The shitt remains the same.

    The second is the trapp of Nationalism, a perverted notion and right now is in the hands of waccos on the fringes of Russian comunetys.
    And the never ending and thats a long tradition in Russian mindsett, the rule of law. or more correctly, the Lack of any.
    From everything, foodsafty to pensions, traffic and scools, this must end or everything menth for progres will be berried and evaporat in a corrupt society.
    It always in the end, just a matter of time.
    I and so sould you know, the differences are just in created consensusses based of fals premisess and lies.
    We are the same people, even in the USA.

    If you have the time I recomend anyone to take a look at this, the sortiment random.
    its about Nother European And Sentral Russian Plains(aka: from the Whithe Sea, thru the Volga basin and all the way to the Black sea.
    I am nother Europan, but belongs to the Oldest ones, and after, soon 70 years my grandmothers land, inside Russia is fobidden teritory, still a.w.speak.
    I can go there, because of Poltics and Cold war Paranoia, still lingering after all this Years.


    Hehe, read about the old dynatys of Russian.

    The eceptions are there, and I belong to this group, the original inhabitants of the artics.
    There are actual differences in our race as Humans, and its not about the skinn, thats completly irrelevant, its the eyes.


  21. Well, I would rather check the facts. Russia did not need any revolution. Cossacks were the last ones to rebel. Most of them were quite well off. Tzar Nicolaus II was a fine ruler. He created DUMA (Parliament) and the election was about to start in Fall. That is why Lenin was in a hurry to strike, and start the revolution before the election. Russia was building industry and was on her way to compete with te West.
    For how many centuries are we going to repeat the stupid, pathetic lies about pre-revolution Russia. Revolution was needed for the bankers and world hooligans, and the West to dismantle Ottoman Empire and get to the Middle East resources. Austria and Russia had to be neutralised. Have a closer look who was running Russia for all those years! Definitely NOT Russian people.
    First, it was Russia and Germany to be robbed. And now the USA.

  22. Interesting article. I agree with the remarks regarding the russians. But how are Americans too strong for the Zionists? All i see is the USA doing EVERYTHING they demand.

    Btw, China has strong ties with Iran and Pakistan too. They have no interest in letting those countries being bombed by the Zionist/US forces.

  23. NobodysaysBOO!
    BEST PLAN and COMMENT here!

    Anonymous said...

    Hanging your Israeli dual nationals for treason (the ones that aided and abetted 911) would be a good start for a safer and more peaceful world.

  24. Obviously the countries not ruled by Israel don't want an Iran war. Why would they? Wars are bad for everyone but buzzard Jews. Carpet bagger Jews love to lick up the blood and feed on the corpses, no doubt, there are massive Israel organ harvesting operations on every American battlefield. Every child that comes in who stepped on a mine or was hit by a sniper has all his organs harvested with industrial efficiency.

    If you border with the country being murdered by the kikes, you have huge problems: refugees trying to escape, black market smuggling, the kikes coming to YOUR SIDE of the border to perform false flag terrorism, spying, and other assorted evils. There is a loss of trade going both ways.

    Georgia sold itself to filth-raeli rule to provide bases against Iran. The USA, Israel, UK, their special forces and mercenaries attacked South Ossetia. Russia handed them a total beating. In the war history books, it was one for the books. A defeat as epic and legendary as the utterly laughable ass-kicking Israel took in Lebanon when their entire Merkovah tank corp suffered the worst defeat of tank in the history of tank. A loss so HUGE AND AMATEUR, that Lebanon-2 is now the #1 must read of all tank commanders, as the definitive example of how incompetent, cowardly, and idiot the fool filth-raelies are. Nazis wrote the books on using tanks. Israel wrote the #1 book, 'How NOT to use a tank.. aka 'Dumb as a Jew'

    So, is Russia feeling capable of fighting Zion? Yeah. They massacred the Zion special forces in Georgia. Total butt fucking ass whipping.

    Is China ready to fight? Absolutely.
    China is not even worried.
    They DO have the industrial ability to wage war.
    They DO live on that continent and can move by land.
    This is the age of the missile. 'Battleship' 'Aircraft carrier' age is OVER. They only exist because we don't fight real wars. America-Jew-slave.. only massacres civilians. In a fight against Russia or China... the whole navy vanishes within 72hours. No longer exists. Hyper-sonic anti-ship missiles wipe Navy off the seas.

    America could not even GET to the war, much less win it.

  25. The conversation then drifted to Netanyahu (BENNIE the RAT), at which time Sarkozy declared: "I cannot stand him. He is a liar." According to the report, Obama replied: "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"