Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Veterans Day, We Must Hold the Government Accountable For Abandoning Our Veterans Who Need Care.

                   This veterans day which is really called Armistice day back in World War One when the war to end all wars stopped. We are supposed to say thanks to our fighting men and women in combat who gave their lives in service to this country. In these times we have to do more than say thank you to those who served. For me once a soldier always a soldier. I will not leave my fellow service men behind. The American people cannot leave those who served behind either. We would not enjoy the liberties we have left if was not for them sacrificing life and limb.

                  So how can we give thanks to those who died and who are still living? We do not leave them behind, we have to speak up for these people. They have been abandoned by our government after fighting Israel's wars. It is a shame an Israeli veteran gets a very big pension check from the US taxpayer while our disabled veterans get crumbs from the table if they qualify. Illegal aliens get better housing and medical care than our veterans who fight wars for the bankers, corporations and Israel. It is national disgrace we do not take care of our veterans.

                 When I see homeless veterans from this phony war on terror. Many need much psychiatric care, They are getting sick from all the vaccines and depleted uranium, It took so many years for the US government to acknowledge Agent Orange and Desert Storm Sickness. The returning veterans are now declared a national security threat or domestic terrorist by Homeland security. They are denied the right to own firearms. This is our national disgrace because we allowed it and not held those accountable who are responsible. Those Generals and Bureaucrats in the Pentagon who covered up these sicknesses and stonewalled are a disgrace to the flag and the uniform they were.

                 They are leaving the men they ordered into battle for false reasons with out hope of any care they deserve. How can a General who was told by tradition leave no man behind turn his back on this important principle. They stab the soldiers ,plus the Marines in the back. These people in high places are a disgrace to their uniform and the flag they serve under. We must remember those veterans our goverment left behind, we have to more than just say thank you. We have to hold our goverment accountable for them turning their backs on these good men and women who swore to give their lives for freedom. We must never leave them behind.



  1. Who cares? They - the veterans made their own choices, they decided to fight for Wall Street's profit and Israel.

    We do care about those people who do really work and do really pay taxes. If the veterans are so great - why are they asking for something?

  2. you sound off like the zionist ass u apparenhtly are. Most of those kids dont know shit about poloitics;they bought into the lie. Most thought they were defefending their fellow citizens. You oh so obvious israeli firsters that use and manipulate them make me want to puke.

  3. To Holocaust-
    Do you really work? Or are you too busy attending your white supremacy rallies? Unfortunately, when these young men & women join the military to serve & protect the freedoms granted us through our Constitution & Bill of Rights, they are also defending YOUR right to spew the vile hatred that defines you.
    God bless America and her servicemen both active & retired, that were willing to step up and face those enemies both foreign & DOMESTIC who sought to bring our nation to its knees. You are not worthy to lick the dust & blood from their boots.

  4. Dear Anonymous #2, you stink of a government employed fake comment maker.

    This dog shit is even more pathetic than your comment on the other story.

    Are you on a quest to cliche' everyone to death?

    Seriously... you are a wandering horde of the cheapest, lowest, most over used, pathetic garbage of cliche'...

    What a douche

  5. My friend Matt was in Iraq and his commander was told to give mysterious pills to all the soldiers. Matt said his commander refused to do so, and went out and buried them in the sand. Matt's group came back and did not have the PTSD that others have had.