Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street. It is American People Becomoing Wise like a Married Person Shaking Off the Battered Spouse Sysndrome Saying "No" to the Abuser?

               I am exhausted by the constant state of fear thrown into my face daily on the news to be afraid of those Iranians or some other Muslims. I worries me to see our troops not on the southern border protecting the nation from invasion, but over in far away distant lands attacking nations who are not a threat to us. Our forces are spread thin around the world. We are poised to go to war in Iran, We do not have the assets or the man power. Anyway we do not have the legal authority to provoke hostilities without a congressional declaration of war. We are exhausted with fear tactics and have do do without our rights to protect from those evil men, now we are at the point we are numb from being afraid. Now we just get angry when we are abused. We do not care anymore when we have nothing left to lose because the abuser took it all.

              We put up with the abuse of the IRS and all the alphabet soup agencies getting into our personal space. For our safety we are told to accept crotch grabbing at the airport. We can live our lives by the book to try to please the goverment. No matter how hard we try. We are still harassed mercilessly and our substance stolen from us. We are tired of the police writing tickets for infractions to enhance the budget of the local goverment. We are at our breaking point knowing we can do so much better without the goverment in its present state that is like a parasite on us. Like an abusive spouse who is destructive to the mate. So is the goverment abusive to the point, it has become destructive to the safety and well being to the common person. No matter how hard they try only invites a more abusive goverment get even worse than before. We are damned if we do, damned if we don't

              I can live without the empire breathing down my neck looking over my shoulder. My analogy of  living under an empire goverment is like being married to an abusive spouse. The more we try to comply with the demands of this abusive spouse. We still get abused more and more. Nothing seems to be enough. We think if we are a better husband or wife. They will be pleased with us and treat us nice. But the opposite happens and they get more abusive. It just does not seems to stop no matter how much we try until finally we come to the realization the spouse is wrong and we are not. I see the American people are now shaking off the tyranny like a married person overcoming the battered spouse syndrome. They are understanding that they played this game long enough. They tolerated high taxes and compliance with the government draconian mandates to satisfy the government who are just an arm of the Bankers. We have had enough and found out we are not the criminals or the terrorist. We will no longer put up with anymore abuse from the goverment.

            Occupy Wall Street is America shaking off the abuse of the goverment like the spouse realizes we can do without the abuser. They no longer will accept the status quo of complying with burdensome laws and regulations that really serve no purpose or benefit to the people. They understand we can never satisfy the hungry beast who want more like an abusive spouse. They are ready to take responsibility on their own without the goverment abuse. Like an abused spouse who see the abuser as an ungrateful person, we see now the American people and the around the world seeing we no longer have to depend on tyrants and money junkies for their needs. They understand they have the ability to make it on their own. Why do we need these crook and thieves when we can do much better on our own instead of accepting crumbs from the masters table? Just like an abused spouse realizes life is so much better without the abuser. If we do not shake off the abusive government. They will abuse us more than ever before.

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