Friday, October 14, 2011

Is This the Waterloo of the American Empire?

              All empires fall when they overreach beyond its borders and tyrannize the people at home to maintain power. Sept 11 was an inside job not committed by Muslims living in caves, but rogue assets within Israel and our own goverment. As a result we invaded Afghanistan. President Bush Lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We were suckered into attacking Iraq. President Obama claimed Libya was a humanitarian disaster and Gaddafi needs to be removed. He cloaked the name for a war with Libya as a kinetic action. Now they are using concocted FBI sting to justify attacking Iran. The very behavior of an imperial empire fighting wars for the bankers and Israel at our expense.

             Ten years ago, When the Attack of September 11th happened. The Bush White pushed for the Patriot act and created the Transportation Security Administration. A couple of years late the Department of Homeland Security was created.  This was all done based on lie of a fabled enemy using false flag attacks and goverment manufactured schemes to try to keep us in a constant state of fear so we will surrender our right in the name of our security. In the name of stopping these evil terrorist, this was a perfect excuse to abuse the American people in the name of the war on terrorism. Since the Nixon Administration, the US Government has been telling us that drugs are bad and will not hesitate to send in SWAT teams to gun down an old lady going into the wrong house. How can we have a war on drugs when the goverment ships it in.  It is a phony war to take away more of our liberties from another direction. The DEA and the BATF and other agencies have been caught running drugs in Mexico to blame it on the law abiding people's right to keep and bear arms for the violence on the southern border. They tried to intimidate people for buying rifles if they purchased two of more assault weapons or shotguns. They will get a visit by an FBI agent or be raided by the BATF.

              This is the actions of an empire we have now. They are working hard to oppress the American people. They have classified the average person as a domestic terrorist if we disagree with the present regime. We are put on a list if we object being groped at the airport. The government is going insane expanding the size of goverment at home and being bullies abroad to nations that are not a threat to us. They grope us at the airport, wire tap our phones without warrants. The goverment is working hard trying to keep tabs on the people and dissidents. They are working hard trying to chill free speech by intimating people. They are working hard to shut down the internet because it is the last bastion of free speech. They are tracking the anti war crowd and the end the federal reserve crowd with the US Army. This is the act of an empire crumbling before our eyes.

               When we see the people out in mass nation wide opposing crony capitalism and monopolistic corporatism. Their is a genuine uprising happeneg. The left wing Obamanoids have been unsuccessful trying to take over the movement saying they are the lone voice of the protesters when they are not. So they try a diversion of a war to divert attention away from the corrupt scandals inside the goverment and the popular uprising. This could be our modern day Waterloo because all empires die of natural causes. They collapse from within when they cannot sustain themselves anymore. It happened in Russia and it will happen here. We cannot keep wars going around the world and oppress the people back home cannot be sustained. Napoleon thought he was invincible until Waterloo. If we attack Iran starting another war we cannot afford. Our empire will crumble because this empire is too bloated, it cost too much. It cannot sustain itself. so it will implode on itself. We are seeing this empire that might see its Waterloo before it dies. America will survive, but the empire will be gone. Amen!.


  1. Good spot on sentiment. Please consider letting someone proof read before you post.

  2. everything you've said is true, and if what you say is true then the entire government is guilty of treason

  3. it's all global agenda.

  4. I only disagree with the phrase "left wing Obamanoids". BOTH political parties are corrupt to the core. The modern day GOP isn't conservative, they're corporate, police state fascists. What we have is a one party system masquerading as two parties that work in tandem to monopolize the political spectrum. The People no longer have a voice. Party honchos determine the platform, and this is what the People are forced into supporting.

  5. I'm a Ron Paul Republican. You should be one, too.

  6. For the last 20 years or so, the Beast has been digging underground bunkers. They have been stocking them with state of the arts electronics and communication devices. They are storing massive amounts of food, water and even booze. I remember GW Bush broadcasting from under Cheyenne Mt in Colorado where Wolf Blitzer has a "situation" room, he was drunker than a skunk.

    They don't intend to give up without a fight. Joseph Merck once went to the powers that be and explained that you don't need to bomb a country into submission. You can spray part A from an airplane and when ever the time is right, you can spray part B. It eliminates the pesky population and doesn't hurt property. Of course, the military was repulsed because they had so many bombs, guns and tanks but the politicians went to work on it. On any clear day, you can see them spraying part A, called chemtrails. Whenever the time is right, we will see part B.

  7. Yes, your empire is crumbling but it will happen as it did to the Roman's, not as it happened to the British, who survived empire retaining power through a new commonwealth and bloc vote on the general council of the UN.

    The question to ask yourselves is HOW an economy that spends 700 dollars for EVERY ONE DOLLAR received in tax revenue can really last, that is the bottom line, every tax dollar brought in is spent over 700 times, this is a 700% negative spending deficit and the negativity increases daily.

    As the Soviets crumbled so will America, the collapse has to happen, needs to happen, so that the US can clean out the bloat and the pork barrelling, Russia emerged from empire leaner, fitter, prosperous and not in debt, that is what needs to happen to America.

  8. Never forgett the fact that social sec and other means was and is a investment done by ordinary people. The sosial sec was NEVER under water, infact it had a hughe proffit and could have been further invested to be a bennefitt for all.
    Dont forgett that, its been stolen by the goverment and used on wars.
    Bailouts and frauds.
    Started and maintained by both parts.
    Forgett the akses, thats a notion thats dying right now.
    Its the robbed against the robber.
    And with a corrupt and hate mongering regime inbetween.
    Thats the problem.
    Fockus on the problem, not be led astray by drivel.

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