Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Illusion of a Terror Threat is Over. The Government 's Excuse For a Police State and Illegal Wars Exposed

             All for our safety to keep us from those evil Muslims was all a farce and a crock. There was no threat to us in the first place. All these phony plots were contrived and carried out by our own goverment after Sept 11, 2001. They found a low IQ malcontent, offered money and explosive to go hit this or that target in a sting so they can arrest them later. We have the underwear bomber who boarded a plane without a passport. The State Department ordered the man on the plane without travel documents. Now we have a used car salesmen accused going after Saudi Diplomats. All thought up by the FBI so they make an arrest saying there is a threat of terrorism to scare us.

              This terror threat is just a goverment illusion to scare us into giving up our rights and to go start a war has just had its Waterloo or watershed moment. This Iranian used car salesmen involved in a Terror plot was back in June. It was all government informants involved with no Iranian involvement. Iran has nothing to gain Iran had no more to do with this than Pewee Herman did. Now all of sudden Eric Holder is now called to testify before Congress about Fast and Furious to fabricate that our right to keep and bear arms as the cause for all the violence on the southern border with Mexico. When the Obama White House was behind running guns to Mexico from the evidence locker. This scandal will eclipse Iran Contra and Watergate. 

             Making the case for the Patriot Act, The TSA and the Department of Homeland Security is a farce created out of fraud is now clear. Now all these police state measure are now in jeopardy. Selling us the need to go into Iran fighting wars for Israel over nuclear facilities does not wash. We been lied to about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.  This illusion of a foreign terror threat does not pass the test anymore. The case for more wars is no longer is justified. The US Government was behind it all concocting threats through these sting operations to justify we need more draconian laws that only help the real terrorist and punishes the law abiding.

             We the American people are tired of the wars. We are sick of these Homeland security checkpoints on the highways. We want to be left alone when we go to a football game or travel by airplane. We do not need to have our crotch grabbed. We want this extra judicial powers putting people on terror watch list and no fly list without due process must stopped. We want our right to Habeas Corpus restored. We want to be left alone. We are tired of being treated like criminals and all these cameras on every street corner watching our every move taken down. We want our lives back and stay out of our lives. This tyranny was all based on lies and a media illusion.

            It is over, the illusion of a terror threat is over. The government broke the straw on the camel's back. They been caught and found out.They can no longer sell us more wars and surrendering our rights to keep us safe. We do not trust a word the goverment says anymore. Why should we? They broken that trust long ago. The party is over and the mind games with the propaganda machine does not work anymore. It is over. The illusion is over. There is no threat and never was. The government who says they will keep us safe were the real terrorist all along.


  1. Good work, Realman!

    Yet, I guarantee there will be some AMERICAN IDIOTS out there who, just because they have hated Muslims for so long, will demand war on Iran...and few will protest it. (Or, I am wrong and many will protest it). IF ANY AMERICAN STILL BELIEVES THIS BS after even the mainstream media is skeptical, then LET THESE AMERICANS MARCH THEMSELVES INTO FEMA "SECURITY CAMPS" LIKE GOOD LITTLE SHEEPLE AND GET THEMSELVES GROPED every time they leave the compound, just as Americans with clearence get groped whenever they return to the Green Zone in Baghdad. ANY AMERICANS WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS BS DESERVE TO LOSE THE FREEDOMS THEY STILL HAVE! Angry? You betcha! Why? Because too many Americans refuse to believe the truth! Ben Franklin said it: those who would sacrifice freedom and liberty for a little safety and security deserve neither!

  2. I always argued the obvious. If there were "terrorists" then they would succeed at least some of the time over the past ten years. Or no?

  3. That sucks. This came a day to late. the black guy that allegedly had a bomb in his shoes pled guilty the other day. He better hurry up an appeal.

  4. Yes it is all made up "terror".

    However it is going to get WORSE IMO. Somewhere down the road is a 9/11 where a nuke will be set off by the same guys who pulled 9/11.

    This is a fight to the finish. We may win if we know who the "terrorists" are.

    Thousands of honest Americans were in on 9/11, innocently. In retrospect thay can see the part they were ordered to play in 9/11. They are sworn to secrecy because their operations were top secret. Sometimes there are more important things than "national security" as defined by those murdering our America.

  5. You can't stop terrorism, it's like saying u can stop crime. There are over 8 million muslims in america and ZERO Muslim terrorism since 911.

    The only way to stop it is if your the one behind it. In every case of "muslim terrorism" the FBI HIRES, FUNDS and PLANS the ENTIRE OPERATION.

    Go back to the first wtc bombing.


    My only question to the author is...

    IF THEY LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING what makes you believe they are telling the truth about 911?

  6. Although the OP is obviously machine-translated into english, the point comes across clearly.

    A non native english-speaker may not understand such warped idiom as "broke the straw on the camels back", but nobody can disagree with a sapiently fluent version of the message.

  7. You fucking idiots keep saying "The GOVERNMENT!!"
    What about the media? Television broadcasting is the mouthpiece of the Pentagon.

    Deal with it.

  8. No matter what happens, no matter how obvious the lies are, you will always have at least the hardcore 20-25% of Americans that will always believe what the "authorities" tell them.

    The people Lincoln spoke of when he said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time."

  9. Obama was supposed to be the Prez who was different, honest, principled, dedicated to the rule of law. Now we know he was just another evil insider talking bullshit.

    His real purpose: To stall the inevitable uprising with his false "hope and change". It worked - briefly - but now all hope has died, and America is about to come tumbling down from it's arrogant high-horse.

  10. In reply to the above comment about the media.... the 5 or so corporations that control the main stream bullshit media (including textbooks, mags, books, and tv etc. IS part of the government. That's what fascism is. And ask yourselves... just who exactly owns those media corporations? Then ask yourselves... just 'who' is the government? And who chartered and owns those subsidiary corporations such as the FBI, Homeland Gestapo, CIA ad nausea? Look up and study the Treaty of Paris 1783... Look up and study what King James had to do to get into heaven. Look at who owns the banks for those guys.

  11. NobodysaysBOO:
    Put some in jail they will stop.
    Just like watergate.

  12. how many americans , actualy know a muslim well enought to hate one, I ask all people all the time, why do you hate muslims, why do you support these wars, the answers are very disturbing, with a healthy dose of ignorrance and a complete loss of the history lesson, this has only continued as long as it has because americans are fucking stupid, and I am one,we have most certainly got the government we deserve....

  13. Why did kids play Cowboys and Indians? Why did they play Cops and Robbers? Why did they play G-Force and G.I. Joe? Some factors to consider: They are kids. Other kids on school playground are strangers. There is a common thread between them, which was watching TV. We could call that culture. Kids today, have spent their entire life on ethnic-Hollywood Tv and movies. In 1994 the movie True Lies: bad guys are Middle Eastern Muslims. Kids don't play cowboys and indians anymore. Ethnic-media said shooting Indians is bad. Today kids play, Army vs Muslims. Not an accident. Media trained them that the 'bad guy' is someone Israel hates. People today don't need to 'meet' a Muslim. They have gotten hours of programming daily from birth that muslims are the evil enemy. Transformers 2: Opening of Movie: Autobots on their own to 'save mankind' go attack some Muslims. Even if this staged terror attack guy falls to nothing, it still won't be nothing. They kept the flame on for a future attack on Iran and they reinforced muslims are evil so worship Israel louder. Worth remembering that most people don't read anything for entertainment or self-education. They watch tv. You don't need muslims to make the uneducated class hate them. Hating them as villains is all they have ever known.

  14. larry silverstein -
    owner of the wtc -
    made a fortune on 9-11.
    dancing israelis
    (mossad agents sent to
    "document the (9-11) event")
    were released to israel
    by fbi's michael chertoff.
    michael chertoff went on to run
    department of homeland security and
    make a fortune selling porno scanners
    to America's airports.
    our constitution is in shreds.
    America's blood and treasure
    have been squandered
    in attacking israel's enemies.
    get the picture ?
    charles ranalli
    hint: Revelation 2:9