Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Remember The America of My Youth That Does Not Exist Today. Do You Feel the Nostalgia like Me?

              For us Americans who were born into innocence full of youth. I was not born in the era as you see on the Saturday Evening Post. I was born in 1967. But it was a time of unrestrained adventure. I lived a part of my life in New Jersey before the nanny state reared its ugly head into a full blown police state. Life was simple. I had a job before I was 10 year old riding my bicycle delivering newspapers for the Asbury Park Press. Yes I had a job when I was a young lad. I wonder if that is possible now since the control freaks took over. I grew up the rest of my youth and teen years in Florida. Looking back. I see how much life has changed. I am nostalgic hoping again for a life simple again with no complications.

             Now life is complicated. not because of technology or the fast pace life we see. Why is life different than years ago? I can see it is not us. It is the goverment that has become the headache and a nemesis in our lives. When I was in the Army and served my tour of duty at Ft Irwin California. I stayed out in California three more years. California was much better back them and not controlled by the nanny state control freaks when Deukmejian was the governor. Now it is unrecognizable with the out of control police state.

              When I returned to Florida, I stepped into the twilight zone. We would joke about Florida, especially Pasco county. We would say jokingly which is true about Florida"come here on vacation,leave on probation and come back on violation". I notice something was wrong with the sunshine state when I returned. All of sudden I was getting tripped up in the legal system with draconian laws. I harmed no one or anyone's property. It was stupid laws which really had nothing to do with public safety, just revenue generation. My crime was: not wearing a seat belt when I was home on leave from the Army in 1987 when they passed the seat belt law back in 1985. I did not know my license was suspended in Florida until five years later in 1993.

               When I returned to Florida from California. I had a California license. Even though they suspended me getting a Florida license. My California license was not revoked or suspended. In Florida's eyes, my license was suspended for not paying a fine for a seat belt violation even though I had a valid license from another state. I spent the night in the county jail. The case was dismissed on appeal from for lack of due process of law on the part of the state. The judge pointed out the waste of money and resources incarcerating me. The judge said Florida administratively suspended my license depriving me of due process. I dodged a bullet. This judge was old school,he still respected people's rights and the courts role being unbiased. The judge was not an agent of the state. So much has changed now. Judge are black robed demons being a law unto itself ignoring the laws and the constitutions. So what has changed?

Here is a few examples of then and now life in America:

               I remember I would go fishing in the saltwater canals, I was pretty much left alone. Now you have to have a license to fish anywhere even if the lake is on our own property.

               I remember when I get into fist fights in school with my classmates, the principle would break up the fight, take us to his office and give us corporal punishment(the paddle). Then he would send us back to class. Today they call the police with SWAT gear on. The dimwitted cops would tazer the two students and arrest them if the thousands of volts from the stun gun does not kill them.

               If an Elementary student under 10 was out of control, the police handcuff the student and take them to jail. 30 years ago the school would call up the parents to get the child under control. Not today, they will just call the police and place a kindergarten student under arrest.

               Now they have zero tolerance policies in school. Now a student can be expelled from school for bringing nail clippers to class. When I was in school. I was allowed to bring a pocket knife, nail clippers and keep a rifle in the trunk of my car to go hunting after school with the principle's knowledge. No one freaked out. Today they would call out SWAT today putting the school on lock down just to retrieve one shotgun from a car..

                When a child was disciplined at home for doing something wrong, the school would not get involved and supported the parents. The school used common sense, if a child was really being abused, they intervened when it was necessary and proper. Today they call CPS for spanking the kids, the parents get arrested and the child is thrown in a foster home, a hell far worse then a loving home.  Now children are little spies instructed to tell the school everything that goes on at home, if they do not agree with the parent's choice. The child will lie about abuse to get their way. No wonder parents are fearful disciplining their children today, now they just give the children what they want than make the kids mad. Now we have spoiled little kids who do not respect the parents.

                  If I was traveling out of town and needed directions to find a street or a place. Back then, police officers would assist me. Now today, if I ask for directions, I will get interrogated about why I am here and were I am going. They asked questions that are none of their business like how much cash I am carrying on me because I dress like a drug dealer..They run my name through the NCIC and run my tags to make sure my car is registered, to see if my license is valid and have the proper insurance. When I worked for 7-11 and a drunk person ripped the toilet bowl off the floor and robbed the store. We called the Sheriff's office. We were trying to give a description of the person and the car they were driving. They did not want to hear that. They wanted to know my name and date of birth with my social security number wasting my time while the bad guys get away.It is easier to them to see if there is warrants for my arrest than chase real criminals who committed a real crime. They never caught the robber. When they did arrive to take a report, they treated us more like the criminals and we were the victims of a real crime. Now you see why I do not trust the police because of this goon mentality.

                    I recall places so beautiful in nature and wildlife. I would go camping and take my favorite lady there to have a little romance with her having a nice picnic. We would have bonfires out there and camp out. Now these areas are now restricted as"Environmentally sensitive areas". Now we have no more access to the area anymore. When these nature places were free to access. We picked up our trash and kept the area clean. So how can it be a sensitive area? I do not see a dead forest. The racoons never went hungry either. Damn greenie weenies!

                     I remember when there was a bench warrant for someones arrest for not paying a speeding ticket or the person committed a felony. The Police or county sheriff would come during reasonable hours to carry out the warrant if it were stopping the person on the street or detained them where they can be found just as long the public was not in danger if a skirmish broke out. Now they send SWAT out in the dark of night terrorizing little children with guns drawn for unpaid parking tickets because the police dept has a bunch of new toys they want to play with from the Department of Defense or a Government grant. Police back in the day always were mindful not to hurt the innocent and used force in a responsible manner. Now they just do not care who they scare,hurt or kill. even if it's wrong house they bust down the door to. Now I see why the public is getting more inflamed by the police and the system

                    Now what we use to do that was normal and now criminal. We cannot drink raw milk, we cannot grow a garden, our kids cannot have a lemonade stand. We are forbidden to feed the homeless. If we chop down a tree in our yard because it might fall on our home. We go to jail. We cannot have a yard sale without a permit. Have we gone insane? What happened to using common sense? Homeowners cannot have a bible study in their home by city ordinance.  We cannot fly the "Don't tread on me" flag because it violates a city zoning law or it offends a city council member. We as a nation have gone mad. Playing cops and robbers as kids is bad now. Playing Cowboys and Indians is now politically incorrect because we might offend some native American. Kids cannot play dodge ball in school because we might hurt some children's feelings. Even using a banana pretending it is gun or drawing a gun can on a piece of paper can get a student thrown in jail even though no one is harmed. Now we see this political correctness and the nanny state gone wild.

                     If you look at a portrait from the Saturday Evening Post of a little boy offering a girl a daisy. A very innocent thing. now that is considered sexual harassment in the public school. teacher have now sued the school districts for sexual harassment for students having a crush on the teacher. That means my teacher I confess now that I am guilty of sexual harassment. I loved my first grade teacher Miss Pounty, She was a hottie. My offense was I gave her an apple everyday.

                     I remember my father taught me to be chivalrous to open the doors for the ladies, open the car door to take her hand ,help them out of the car and pulled the chair out so the lady can sit. Now being gallant is now labeled male chauvinism. I remember ladies acting like ladies and not acting like men. Now they act like men, but want to be treated like ladies. Today men cannot be men thanks to feminism twisting the mindset of the ladies of America.

                     I long for the day seeing ladies in nice dresses wearing high heels. Now when I go up to my children's school or go see a receptionist. They dress like slobs in khaki pants and a polo shirts. I do not see those nice dresses anymore. Ladies ceased to be feminine. I do not even see the girls who are my kids classmates dressing like ladies. I just see a blur where man and ladies wear jeans and t-shirts. They all dress the same. I do not see the female students dressing like young ladies should. My female classmates when I was in school always dressed nice for school. Now I do not see that today.

                      I remember when watching TV shows, the father was respected and the children understood good order in the home. Now I cannot watch any modern day TV. Now it is considered funny to watch a young child insult the father's intelligence and show disrespect to him. The father is now a mindless dumb buffoon and the wife wears the pants in the family. She is the boss of the house and no matter how right the man is. Do not challenge her or he will be in the dog house. If the father puts his foot down when he is right, the wife undermines him in front of the family. No wonder the family is so screwed up and males are confused about their roles in the home. These ladies watching these garbage shows on TV and Oprah has really done a number on these young lady's minds. Now I do not see loving wives. I see a commanders with breast in homes bossing the man around using sex as a weapon to get her way. Very sad to see the families like this.

                     I use to look forward to flying, now I dread the thought of going through security. Now I hear we have to arrive hours earlier just to make it through the TSA security so we do not miss our flight. I do not want to answer personal questions that are none of the government's business. I do not want my naked body scanned in these high powered X-ray scanners. I do not want to be felt up being groped unless it is Jessica Simpson that does the search. Flying is an experience I use to love. Now to fear the unpredictable TSA who does not exercise common sense security and acts irrationally. If I had a choice ,I rather walk through east LA and Harlem taking my chances than go through the TSA check point at the airport.

                     I can go on and on about what I miss in American I once loved and enjoyed. I wish for a life much more simple were common sense prevailed in goverment and our daily affairs. I hope this trend of insanity stops and we go back to a life of keeping things simple without filling out goverment paperwork. I hope our society will be sane again soon were innocence is cherished in our children and valued. I know it will not be like the paintings we would see in the Saturday evening post. After the the bankers, the corporate media and politicians has wrecked our society with propaganda blasted through our TV 24.7. I just hope we will reverse this disastrous path. I have no solutions to offer. I am just nostalgic. Do you feel the same way?


  1. No Real Man I don't. Because during that time I was actually protesting to try to stop these things from happening while you "enjoyed yourself".

    You didn't participate then so you have to participate now.

    Oh and in the "nice places" that you lived, the people were notorious for hurting and murdering people that were the wrong color or income bracket.

  2. Yes, I remember,

    That was before the state of israel effected a coup d'etat of the the USA which was 911.


  3. I'm a little older than you, so my perspective is a little different. For example, you missed the police riot in Chicago in 1968. I saw that first-hand. Not everything in the "good old days" was very good.
    But we have numerous points of agreement -- especially about zero tolerance policies and militarized over-policing.
    Some points of disagreement, too.
    I was an abused child, myself. And I do mean seriously abused. Nobody ever came to my rescue because of that "father knows best" and "a man's home is his castle" bullshit. Most abused kids I knew who survived it either eventually fought back or ran away -- I did a little of both.

    Like Lili, I was also involved in trying to stop the gradual eradication of liberty that followed the murder of Jack, Martin and Bobby -- I call them by their first names because they were my heroes -- the illegal war in Vietnam that escalated under LBJ (who was deeply involved in the murder of JFK), discrimination against Blacks and against women, continuing oppression and genocide against Indians, and an utterly insane arms race -- little things like that.

    Much of that protesting, unfortunately, was unsuccessful and things continued to decline until today we have what we have now -- the logical extension of what we tried to stop back then. And now EVERYBODY better pitch in to fix it or we are all individually and collectively completely and utterly fucked.

    liberty & justice,


  4. I was born in 1954... I saw what was coming in the early 80's. Got out in mid-80's. Never looked back. Happy as hell that I left too. Go East, young man. Get out while you still can.

  5. Lili - get stuffed

  6. The problem is as always the same tribes shit for centuries,that's right,it's the Jews.

  7. agree with Jack Rabbit

  8. Yep, tis a different place. I was born in
    1953 and it certainly has changed. When I
    was in college we had a trap range out behind
    the dorm.The rule was all shotguns had to be
    unloaded in the dorm and no drinking if you
    were shooting,Seemed reasonable. Today they
    are in your face about everything. I think
    some states are worse than others. I live
    in the north east and I can shoot in my
    backyard if I want to. Plenty of kids and
    lemonade stands and nobody gets in your
    face if you want to have a barn sale. I
    can drive my tractor across town and as
    long as I'm not being a jerk the local
    cops don't bother me about not having a
    plate on it. I only fly out of airports
    that don't have the porno scanner so I've
    never been through one and never will. I
    refuse to carry a cell phone with GPS and
    refuse to put a toll transponder on my car.
    I grow some of my own food and load my own
    ammo. I have my own water supply , deal
    with my own septic system and cut wood for
    part of my heat in the winter. I'm thinking
    about wind and solar to take the house at
    least partially off the grid for power. You
    can find some peace, still if you are willing
    to look for it. Some of my friends have gone
    completely off grid and some have left the
    country. Jury is still out for me. It is
    still tolerable where I live, at least for

  9. I was born in 1961.I remember kids bringing in their first rifles for show and tell in 3rd grade.I remember walking with 4 or 5 other children to go shooting, our rifles slung on our shoulders as we walked to the farm where we practiced.Times have changed..for the worse.
    I never thought I would live in a totalitarian nightmare....but I do.God Help us!

  10. I should also mention when I was in college I bought a mini 14.I shot it at our rock quarry.The administration had no issue with me having the mini-14 in my room.No issue at all.Can you imagine the shit-storm that would result today?
    It is so sad.I have my grandfathers Damascus barreled 12 gauge that fed the family during the is unfireable now due to the ravages of time/black powder ammo.But try to imagine, if you can, how totally disrespected my families honorable use of firearms is in this era of Amerika.
    What a crock the "new" sensibility is.Clueless and vapid...and without honor.
    No Honor at all.

  11. Kick the damn jews out of every seat of power, and The good ole days will be back again.

    If you disagree that jews are the cause of the major problems in this country, you are ignorant or lying.

    There is no other way and no other solution.

    so, please argue and show your ignorance or dishonesty. Have at it.

  12. Being as old as all of you and then a few years on some, I see with similar eyes. I happen to follow Chuck Baldwin who moved to Montana and now is preaching states rights and to stand up as states to the government to whistle it back down to size, the 10 acres or so and keep them there. Some states are fighting back, but not enough. Too much corruption, so I guess we may have to relocate to states with more backbone and let the rest rot until they figure it out.

  13. The people have become soft and weak. Is it the fluoride in the water? The chemtrails in the air? The mind control conditioning in our popular media or the schools?

    The tyranny will only stop when enough people start saying "no."

  14. Minor nit: It was Governor Deukmejian

  15. The fake anti-racist equality world will never happen. The principle at work is human nature and crosses throughout human actiivity, so let's look at a simple example people can readily understand. Think about art: painting, architecture, writing, symphony, - these are intellectual pursuits. The fundamental unavoidable ultimate flaw of their utopia is quite obvious. The superior people could make these things. The inferior people cannot. The inferior people plan to 'take the factories' which they can, then the factories break down, then you have nothing. Intellectuals are not the same as factories. You CAN'T take them. Sure you can replace Mozart with rap. You can replace cultural cinema with porn and Centipede fecal eating movies. You can replace high civilization with low civilization. You can't make the elite intellectuals make FOR YOU. No, they won't paint for you. They won't compose for you. They won't build for you. They won't write for you. It really is the gigant lie, 'you can be them'. Sadly, no, you can't. If you could do those things, you would be doing them now. The best intellectuals are usually fiction writers. We were told the story of 1984. It was accurate. All low society ends that way and we are there now. People talk about they used to OWN GUNS. The new lower people Marxists cry out, "We can't own guns like you did! We would murder each other and shoot ourselves by accident!" I agree. You can't control a gun like me. You can't drive and talk on a phone. You can't do much of anything I can do. When you try and be me, you hurt yourself. So society is lowered to your mediocre abilities. Melting pot America will never be anything but shit. Society is a mirror that reflects its members. The reason evolution was covered up in so many ways, is because it is true. Humans are just mammals. Take the word species: 5,000 species of frog? But the word is erased for humans. Many kinds of humans, genetically different. Some have abilities that others do not. One kind of frog can never be another. What could more obviously be RELIGION than thinking the human mammal is the one and only organism on earth that ever existed without species. When the species of human that CAN build and create gets pushed out, you will simply have nothing but shit. Reality is a bitch.

  16. The post above me ^^

    Excellent and spot on.Adding shit to ice cream does improve the shit somewhat,but totally wrecks the ice cream.

  17. The control freaks began taking over after they sold the absurd "war on drugs" to Congress and the dumbed-down mainstream, while demonizing anyone that didn't agree with them. The "war on drugs" gave the corporate fascists the kind of excuses and clout to destroy the left-wingers who dominated the antiwar movement and helped put an end to that corporate police action.

    The "war on drugs" we should understand, would not have been possible without the kind of high budget they required to go after marijuana-users, so Nixon rejected his own research team's findings on marijuana and exaggerated the effects so he could include it in Schedule 1 with the seriously dangerous drugs like heroin, cocaine, and opium.

    By lying about marijuana, Nixon enabled the right-wing war-profiteers to continue their wars for an American empire and the first thing they did was go after all the left-wing liberals that posed the most political competition, including the unions.

    Presently the "war on drugs" has a tax-payer paid budget over 5 billion per year, while the USA, Canada, and Mexico, all are being turned into one massive police-state and 50 percent of all prison inmates are doing time for nonviolent drug possession.