Thursday, August 11, 2011

Those Members of Congress Going to Israel, Please Stay There and Do Not Come Back!

               I would like a list the names of those we elected to represent us going to a foreign country to receive a lecture for the reason why they need to put Israel before the people who send them to Washington. We send people in congress to represent us, not a foreign power. The American Israeli lobby called AIPAC needs to raided and investigated. For any congressional representatives who wines and dines with anyone representing Israel, they will find out the hard way that all of them will be subject to blackmail. They will have nice girls willing to give their bodies to these politicians with hidden cameras ready to catch them in the act. This is how the Israelis use blackmail to control politicians.

               To me, I See Israel as a phony Jewish state that cries they are the victim, at the same time acts like a bully with its neighbors. They decry the 6 million dead in the holocaust when more people died at the hands of Mao Tsa Tung and Joseph Stalin. We do not hear the people of Poland cry about the mass death in Ketan at the hands of the Soviet dictator asking the American taxpayers for money to pay reparations like the holocaust survivors are calling on us to do. I wish congress would catch on to the swindle Israel pulls using the Christian community here for political reasons in the states, while they jail the very people who preach about Jesus with a five-year prison sentence in the Jewish state. Our government rails against China for its human rights violations and turn a blind eye to the persecution Israel wages against the people in occupied territories.

               Does Congress understand that Israel persecutes mostly Christians? There is no religious freedom in Israel, ignoring the small country being a socialist state too like Castros's Cuba. Do you know who lives in the West Bank and Gaza Strip? It is Christians mostly and some Muslims that live in these occupied territories, who are under siege by this rogue force. Congress must come to terms they cannot have a double standard when it comes to Israel. Congress ignores the human rights abuses here in our own land and in Israel. This same Congress will criticize the Chinese or some other dictator for the same abuses.

                If Congress cares about our own sovereignty and the right to self-government, we enjoyed for 234 years. They will ignore Israel's demands to deny the right of sovereignty of the Palestinian people and recognize the Palestinians right to the self-government of their choice even if it is Hamas and not the Zionist puppet Abbas. We need a congress that will care about the American people and our well-being. Who will put the American people first, second and tenth place in their own priorities.

                Let Israel learn to deal with its neighbors with real diplomacy. Therefore, if Israel deals with the Palestinians without our help or interference aiding abetting in the political process between two sovereign nations, they might have incentive to bring real stability to the region. That is when they do not have any foreign aid and military support from the United States. They will be seeing the need to make peace, our political support from the US congress and the evangelical community only does a disservice to Israel and the Palestinians. This shows us there are no winners as long as the Israeli policies of aggression are still in place. The American people with the Israeli and Palestinians citizens suffer at the expense of political power.

                  For those congressional representatives who travel to Israel to be wined and dined, here is my advice. Stay in Israel and do not come back. Chances are they are already in compromising situations making them subject to blackmail, therefore, do not return and resign from the US Congress. The American people do not need politicians who can be subject to blackmail if they take the bait in Israel succumbing to temptation or the appearance of regardless if they did wrong or not. Just stay there and do not return. We have jobless Americans without hope on the verge of being impoverished. Instead of enjoying recess in Israel, being in a situation to be set up they can use to blackmail them later. They should be back here finding ways to get Americans back on their feet. We do not need Israel and they do not need us. We need leadership and not sell outs to a foreign power that bullies everyone as a means to an end.

                   Let us get their names of who traveled to Israel and make sure they are not return to Washington for another term in the primaries next year electing a candidate who speaks for Americans and not for Israel. We need real Americans who care about the fellow citizens representing us, not Israel and the bankers. It is time we have people who will tell AIPAC to take a hike in congress and not sell outs looking for campaign donations. Therefore, those Congress people in Israel, resign, stay there and do not come back.


  1. Dear Members of Congress. Once in Israel ask the Knesset to issue the US loan guaranties to boost our credit rating back to AAA.

  2. Quick !! Change the locks on their office doors !!

  3. It would be better if their plane crashed.

  4. 1. It's the Katyn massacre.

    2. Israel isn't Socialist. Words have actual meanings. You can't just call something "socialist" because it's a general bad word to you.

    3. Demographics of the West Bank: Muslim 75%, Jewish 17%, Christian 8%.

  5. Let's actually make up a petition to sign to tell these f##cks to stay there and send it to them, so they know that we know that they know that we know...

  6. Even worse, it is MORE than established that Israel was involved in 9-11 and these congressional mewlers going over there to help bully the Palestinians is the most depraved act I have ever seen by a congressman. Going half-way around the world to suck for money and bully defenseless people.

    It is on a par with America's president Bush43 ordering sick tortures and having them video-taped for later viewing at the White house by Bush43 and his little friends. HEY!! Don't get on my case, the FBI tried to hide that one but it was TOO LATE.

    Justice first. Then peace.

  7. dirty filthy fucking mice

  8. HAY out there all you big strong men ,uncle sam needs your help again,got hisself in another jam way over in jewistan!

    SkIP that trip to the "HOLY LAND" this year and instead go to ICELAND and see how real men live!

  9. I really think the author should take note of Rotty's points, because he/she is correct on all accounts. Although I agree with the overall message of this article, the facts need to be straightened out a bit here.

    I'm wondering why you left out the FACT that Israeli military and intelligence, in conjunction with it's active agents in the U.S. government, media and private sector, were and remain the prime suspects in the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB hoax on 9/11? Are you not aware of these facts?