Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ron Paul Needs to Avoid Being Bogged Down With Irrelevant Social Issues

               If anyone feels passionate about being pro life being against abortion. That is your personal opinion and should not be a political red herring in this election. It is a waste of time and a distraction asking if a candidate for President will appoint judge to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade. The truth about Roe vs Wade is that it is more a State's Rights issue. The reversal of the landmark ruling will only remand the abortion issue back to the states to decide. It would not outlaw abortion at all. It will just make it an issue for the State Legislature to decide. Ron Paul handled the answer just right making it a State issue and not a Federal one as the other candidates did.

                Right now we are being looted by offshore bankers and Israel for their gain and our loss. It does not matter if it is Gay Marriage,Abortion and even school prayer. These are matter for the states to decide. To use the social issues like abortion and gay marriage to get vote is irrelevant at this point in history. These social issues have nothing to do with what is really going on that is the top priority. A modern day pro life neo conservative only want abortion outlawed so there will be fresh troops to fight wars for Israel and the bankers. These social issues are just a side show.

                 It is my advice with all the momentum he is having with coming in a close second place in the Iowa straw poll and clobbering Gov Perry in his own state in a recent poll. It is not good advice to be bogged down in social issues. They only serve as a distraction from the real issues of the money junkies on Wall Street sucking the life blood out of this nation. I believe people care more about being left alone at the Airports, the right to privacy with no illegal wiretaps and the loss of liberty. People care less if Adam and Stave are sleeping together at this moment. They are more concerned about having a job and personal dignity without the government looking over our shoulders.

                 I say Ron Paul do not get distracted with don't mean nothing social issues that really have no bearing what is obvious at the moment. People are losing their homes by fraud of the banks, they have no jobs and an ever encroaching police state. The congressmen needs to stick with his message of sound money, ending the Federal Reserve and no more wars. If Ron Paul stays focused on what the real issues are and not get distracted with the political side shows. He will win. The reason why he is winning is because his message is resonating with the people because it strikes at the heart of what is wrong. That is what set Ron Paul apart from the rest of the candidates is because he is focused . Ron Stay the course.


  1. If abortion was norm in your time fella--most likely you won't be writing today. Europe/Russia/.N.A brith rate is negative--no wonder Blacks/Far Easterners folks are taking over--without a shot fired.Ron Paul needs to stop calling himself a Liberterian or get the FK out of the slealze Republician Kosher Clut clan :^/

  2. Rational people can overlook social issues, even if they disagree. The problem is that most people do not think rationally and believe they should vote for the candidate that best fits their opinions on social issues

    The two party system in place was designed for this purpose. That is why we are in Bush's third term despite a change in party.

    Folks need to wake up, realize what is going on around them, and not give two sheeits about things like where the candidate stands on abortion.

    Agree with the author here, Paul is better then this and should try to avoid them as much as possible.

  3. He should simply tell the truth and move on.
    People respect that if they believe it is the honest truth.

    As for the 5th column M$M, they have their orders. Their kosher orders.
    Paul has not paid fealty to Israel.
    That's the REAL issue.

    As long as he stands firm and doesn't engage in negative talk against Israel the way many wish he would, he'll be fine. Not just fine but respected and admired.
    That's the real test and everyone knows it.

    He also treats everyone equally and that's something the others know nothing about and when they try to simulate this they look like the poseurs and puppets they are.

    He has actual knowledge of the issues and he REALLY IS A DOCTOR.

    Not a "doctor" like say... Al Gore and the like.

    This is the last chance this nation will get.
    There really is no other choice.

  4. Good post- It is a simple problem really... If I were the CEO of GoldmorganCitiFargoAIG, the last thing I want is for people to wake up and start talking about monetary policy, Glass-Steagal, or debt. I would much rather see the public fighting tooth and nail with each other over hot button issues like birth control, sex education, gay marriage, even immigration. The point is I as a CEO am laughing all the way to the bank that the rest of you poor fools are fighting over scraps while I am raping your grandmothers and taking their life savings.

    The point is that the rich elite live in gated communities and workplaces totally immune from whatever side prevails on these hot button issues.

    So only the stupidest of people would waste too much time getting distracted by these issues, as the nonsensical post two spaces up shows.

    The rest of us, who actually care about our country getting looted by an immoral and criminal elite are willing to compromise on the hot button issues as quick as possible so that we can gain momentum on the issues that matter. The beautiful thing is that the compromise is already ironed out in the constitution - get the federal government out completely and let local communities and states decide.

  5. Ron Paul will not win.. he is a sideshow designed to drain the energy of a healthy chunk of population frustrated with the dichotomy of political parties.

    The media filters EVERYTHING we hear/see. There is no chance for your neighbor to stop listening to that narrative, think for themselves and learn about Paul's positions.

    Even if Ron Paul stuck to non-social issues, the media will conveniently ignore him. Even if the non-voting 60% of the country turned out for the election and voted Ron Paul.. the rigged counting machines will tally it in favor of Perry, give Paul a close 2nd place finish and then conveniently ignore him to talk about how narrowly Perry defeated third place Obama!

    Face it folks..we live in a fascist corporate-controlled police state where the political circus is to convince the media-fed zombies that we still have a republic.

  6. Seriously. Its a major problem. Basically the whole election cycle is based around these lollipop issues. Unfortunately its all the sheeple know as well.