Friday, August 12, 2011

It Was Nice to See Ron Paul Get a Lttile Vicious and See Sen. Santorum Fall Apart.

                    It was a great debate. It is good to see Newt talk like Ron Paul and still very much not even close to Ron Paul. For the former Speaker of the House to like Ron Paul, he will have to renounced all he did as the leader of the US House. That would not be a good idea, because he would have to renounce carbon taxes too. It was great to see Dr. No be more aggressive on why he is the only true anti war candidate and sound money advocate. Where is really shined was on foreign policy and the unnnessesary wars.

                   It was very heartwarming to see Sen. Rick Santorum fall apart trying to justify why we need to go to war with Iran and why they could not have a nuclear weapon. It was very good to see the Texas Congressmen back up his findings with facts about no evidence of Iran pursuing such an endeavor. Actually he called the Senator out who lost his reelection bid in the Keystone state on the wrong facts on how the United States through the CIA had a coup in Iran to overthrow the Pro Western leader Modesek for the puppet the Shah who was brutal to the people of Iran. The 1979 Iranian revolution and hostage crisis was a result of blow back from that overthrow in 1953 and the installment of the dictator.

                   I just wish the Sen. Santorum would just be honest and tell the American people that the Military industrial complex wants more wars so the government will buy more bombs to drop on innocent civilians and we are running out of brown people to shoot. Ron Paul was honest, if Iran wants a nuclear bomb. It is not to destroy Israel who has 300 nuclear weapons. It is for diplomatic leverage and international respect. Ron Paul explained the logic of talking to the Soviet Union even though they were a threat back in the cold war. Ron Paul won hands down and I believe he will defy the media's dirty tricks and win the nomination.

                   The rest of the field that debated are big government politicians posing as patriots. We will have to fight with the congressmen if we are going to win. To see politicians like Sen Santorum try to sell the  Muslims want to kill us, so we have to bomb them before they bomb us does not work anymore. The other candidates could not sell Gitmo anymore and no due process for suspected terrorist. If any candidate has ever read the Bill of Rights, There is nothing in the first 10 amendments saying citizens, it says persons shall have the right. Everyone has a right to a fair trial. I am very impressed that Ron Paul resolved the issue once and for all about the folly on taking away liberties in the name of the war on terror as being nonsense.

                    One thing I see Ron Paul as.that is being hope for people abroad who love America. This man would restore our dignity as a nation and respected once again. The world hates us and has no faith in our leadership. It would not surprise me if Vladamir Putin watched the debate from the Kremlin and see Ron Paul as the best leader who will be willing to rebuild American and Russian relations after bad foreign policy has caused much instability in the world. I even think the Russian people would be happy to see a statesmen back in the White House and not a puppet of the bankers.



  1. Let's be serious here,like Obama promised the moon,once in, Hillary the Hawk--took over and OB became a figure head.
    Serious--If Ron gets in. all the republicians are rabid Israel Dogs. If he does try emplemently what he says--be a goner like JFK--plammed accident :^/

  2. xlnt..thank you..I understand the previous comment about JFK, and agree, but what other choice do we have. And let me tell ya, Ron understands also, and he knows he is risking his life. TO me, if a president can send troops to risk their lives, the president should also be willing to do the same thing, and Ron Paul is the only one that will take that challenge.

  3. It's encouraging to see the amount of campaign donations he's receiving from active military, tptw need to be careful with their shenanigans and vote rigging.

    What he said about blowblack applies to their actions against the American populace as well, not just foreign policy. It's coming, whether Ron Paul get's elected or not.

    And they all know it's coming, even if they don't quite grasp the severity of it.

  4. If I were the POTUS, the first thing I would do is launch a sneak attack on Israel with about 60 hydrogen bombs and forever flush those stinking Zionist turds down the commode straight to hell where they belong. The #1 source of the problems the USA and the world is facing is due to Israel, that illegal apartheid fascist entity.

    Rick Santorum's brain would rattle in a gnat's bladder. What's the difference between Rick Santorum and a maggot infested sack of crap? Nothing.

  5. Ron is our last chance.
    Either Americans are going to finally wake up and stop being the whiny babies the world says we are or it's pretty much turn out the lights.

    I'm betting on the babies but hope they make a liar out of me. I really do.

    Ron was the ONLY American on that stage.

  6. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that runs on a platform of honesty. I do not see that in ANY other candidate.

  7. It occurs to me that, if those 28 or so Navy Seals were 'taken out' in Afghanistan by the CIA/MOSSAD/Neo-Cons in order to make sure none of them spilled the beans about the phony, staged, Bin Laden 'hit' - then the Seals that remain alive are going to be able to figure it out pretty quickly that their #1 enemy is not in Afghanistan or Iraq or in Pakistan, but inside the D.C. Beltway. After all, we are talking about some highly trained, incredibly physically fit, hard-as-nails, tough as steel, elite military guys, right? These guys are the world's most dangerous and efficient warriors, right?

    Who might be thinking about settling some scores with these 'rabid Israel Dogs' in both political parties.

    I mean, what sane man or woman would want to have scores of pissed off Navy Seals hot on their asses?

    I've wondered quite often, if any of those whores for Israel in Congress who are promoting all these wars that are getting our guys killed and wounded and maimed for life ever stop to worry that eventually, the military might decide to turn on them and put a permanent and final halt to their treason and betrayal.

    If I were in their shoes, I know I'd be worried about this possibility. But, then, if I were in their shoes - I wouldn't be a whore for the nation who did 9-11.

  8. Ron Paul will be our next President. The MSM are defiantly worried. Bachman,Pawlenty and Santorum
    First thing out of their Mouth Israel. They love that country so much they need to move there. When America Public find out that shithole of a country was behind 9/11 I would not want to live there.

  9. Amen Israel did 9/11 Proven

  10. As for the SEALs I remember Kosovo and how when the Serbs (who weren't exactly defenseless) shot down a NATO (American) transport or rescue chopper this was very often not acknowledged but a week or two later there would be a report of "a chopper training crash" in Arkansas, Kentucky or Germany...

    Just as I remember the story of the SEALs in Pakistan as told by the people who were there.
    You know, the chopper that blew up as it attempted to land and who knows what happened to the other TWO choppers which took off.
    There were photos of this all over so it's not like it they can deny it.
    They do, however, simply not talk about it.
    A non-event, if you will.

  11. all the kings men cant protect dr.paul he is a goner,all the kings men chased PEROT out! The scum of the EARTH is surley following dr.paul around today.
    Please be watchful for dr.pauls sake!

  12. Considering how rigged the entire "election" process is in this country, I don't realistically see Paul winning the nomination. He's obviously head and shoulders above the others, who are all bloodthirsty warmongers for Israel, but I still have reservations about Paul. Just as one example, why wasn't he on the floor of the House every single day while Bush was in office, demanding the impeachment and removal of every single person in that slimy administration? Anyway . . .

    If he does get the nomination, he'd better stay off of small planes, and he'd better get a bomb-sniffing dog or two. I'm not joking.

    One more thing. When all is said and done, voting at the federal level is like pissing into a hurricane. On election day, nobody will see me within a mile of a voting booth.

  13. Anything happens to Ron Paul tens of millions of armed Americans are going to make the London UNARMED unrest look like tea with the friggin Queen!

  14. Yep!

    Anything happens to Ron Paul I will riot untill I'm dead, or we have our Nation back.

    I aint choosing between two evils anyway!

    It's a man worth following, or I'll have none of it anymore!