Friday, August 5, 2011

I Call on All State Attorney Generals to Stop This Super Congress from Starting.

               This is one more step we take toward being under the rule of an imperial body set up by compromising on the debt deal between the leadership in both parties with the President . This body violates the separation of powers because the President with a select few hand picked puppets from both parties from the house and the Senate will chair this Super Congress. This is circumventing what is left of our republican form of government. If I were the state legislators who care about preserving our liberties and the Governors who care about their state surviving this crisis in Washington. Regardless if they maybe puppets themselves beholden to the globalist to an extent.

               I call on my Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott to challenge the super congress in court. This super congress is a threat to the sovereignty of Texas. This unaccountable body of sellouts can very easily plunge Texas into darkness with poverty and tyranny. The very freedoms we cherish are in jeopardy by a group of people who will do the bidding of the bankers and not to the benefit of the people. All bills originate in the US House of Representatives, under a super congress all legislation comes from the committee of thirteen. The people sent to congress by the people have no say. They cannot draft any bills, they cannot amend any legislation coming out of this Star Chamber body outside of the constitution, nor can they filibuster. Parliamentary procedure from the Jefferson manual is now pushed aside for this super congress who can make up the rules as they go along..


            Texans are threatened with their right to keep and bear arms, the right of privacy and private property rights from this super congress. The slogan of no taxation without equal representation will be replacing it with a new philosophy of Taxation without hesitation. This super congress will trample all over Texas if its legitimacy of this Star Chamber group is not challenged by all means necessary starting with the courts and hopefully the governor calling a special session nullifying all laws coming from the super congress. I see AG Greg Abbott has more fight in him challenging Obama on many fronts in the courts than the legislature does trying to pass a law barring legalized sexual assault by the TSA.


             I hope Greg Abbott reads this blog, decides to challenge the super congress if he sees the seriousness and urgency to confront this unconstitutional committee that further usurps the right of Texas to self govern. This group of people outside our constitution nullifies the people we send to congress and our state legislature to a ceremonial body with no effect. This committee of thirteen is a threat to state's rights and the right to self-rule. Before this Super Congress rears its ugly head doing power grabs, this idea forming this group before it starts needs to dissolve by declaring this committee unconstitutional.


              Our republican form of government has a unique design with checks and balances for a reason so tyranny never takes a foothold with bad laws. This is why we have two chambers in congress, the President and the Judicial branch all keeping a check on power. This Super Congress removes a vital check that does pose a severe threat to every state in the union if not challenged. We cannot sit back and allow it to happen. The only way we will stop this imperial dictator in the White House and the sell out on this committee of thirteen will have to come from the states and the people being the final check on power. Washington is broken and it will be up to us to fix it when all else fails.


  1. is State Attorneys General!

  2. We need to make a public declaration on an individual basis that WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE this new Super Congress. Start writing letters to all legislators, senators, the prez, absolutely everyone, stating just that.

  3. You may not recognize the government, but it sure recognizes you.

  4. Wise men know that a group of 13 is a coven, not a committee. America is being ruled by Black Magick.
    Anyone who fails to oppose this coven is possessed.

    By possessed, I mean, possessed like a slave is possessed. You give them the tiniest crumb of respect and they "own" you.

    Because most Americans have already lost their minds to Glamour Magick, those of you who are still free have your work cut out for you. Americans are in trouble not because the rich are cruel and selfish, but because most Americans worship the rich and respect them.

    You don't fight Black Magick. You tell the truth and turn your back on it. Even "The Wizard of Oz" makes this point clear: corruption is cleaned up. You give them a bath (pour water on them)and the witch melts.

    They have no power except that of Black Magick--and that's no power at all.

  5. NobodysaysBOO!:
    I bet that Ron Paul is NOT picked for this group of fools!
    I will also bet that the super congreef will be held in ISREAL if possible or will they only chose duel nationals like from ISREAL!like Cherkoff ect. ect.

  6. 13 is EXACTLY the number of astrological signs plus one. Do an astrological analysis of each of the members of this so called ''super congress'' and you'll see they are not what they appear to be.

    THEY ARE FROM THE STARS THEMSLEVES! The members of the super congress and Obama are all Masons! They are starting to openly admit it because they know we can't do anything about it. GOD has forsaken AMERICA and now Satan is using his evil Black Magick on the greatest country on earth.

    We are doomed people. Create your orgone generators and pray.

  7. Hey realman--trying to email you. I like your posts. In March you talked about the evil empire is us, I agree. Just did a post on my blog about it too. Will be adding a link to your blog in the near future. Keep up the good work.
    Editor X,

  8. If...
    one subscribes to the belief that occult power is real then one must also realize it is but a lesser power, a counterfeit, to an esoteric ultimate power that they are subject to.

    They use fear to weaken our access to this weapon that we can use to defeat them.

    “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

    Learn to fight against them where you can win.

  9. I agree.We do need some public campaign not to recognize it Overland Park dui attorney