Friday, August 5, 2011

Compromise Killed Our Republican Form of Government.

               I just hope our servants we place in political office will come to realize very soon that being in bed with the bankers may not be a good idea no matter how much money for the war chest seems to be a great idea. To feel the backlash of the people coming will say it might not be a good thing to endorse no matter how much they bribe the politicians is to do the will of the oligarchs. When the bankers are in control, there will be compromise so that hold on power is never broken. Congress must wake up to the fact that being in bed with the bankers, and Wall Street fat cats is not a good partnership at all. When they have homeless and hungry constituents at home in their districts needing relief with no end in sight. The US Representative who knowingly cast their vote for legislation that further impoverishes his people back home to satisfy those who support them might have to think twice about next time about accepting any donation from Wall Street next time around to fund their reelection campaign to hold office again.




            The problem is there are too many lobbyists and congress is in session too long. They need to spend more time in their districts than inside the beltway. Special interest write the bills and the congress votes on them without reading the bills. Second, there is too many donations made to these candidates come outside their districts and states they represent. Once they win office that owes their backers and not the voters who are sending them to represent them. That is how they are compromised blocking real reform from happening; this is how the President had his way with raising the debt ceiling. It is because congress is compromised by special interest that would benefit from raising the debt limit because the Federal Reserve would fire up the printing presses printing money out of thin air.


             If I were the speaker of the house and the President wanted to borrow 2.4 trillion. I would say no way and would not waste my time trying to make a deal. The only deal I would have accepted was living within a budget based on revenue coming in to the treasury. No deals and no compromise. If Ron Paul was the Speaker of the House. I know he would have told the President go pound sand and would start to put the President in the box within the confines of the Constitution.


             As long we have the Federal Reserve Bank, there will be no change anytime soon. The Bankers and financiers will have congress by the short hairs to make sure they vote their way and not the will of the people. As long as Uncle Ben in the Federal Reserve keeps printing money backed by no assets of value to fund big government projects and to buy votes for the congress to for reelection. We will never pay off this debt and shrink the size of government as long we are not using sound money policies. So hear is the word to those in politics in all levels of government.


             Is it worth you sacrificing your soul for political power. Is it worth it to take money from corporations that will impoverish those you are supposed to represent? No matter how much money they put in a Swiss account for you and fund your war chest for reelection. When you are found out to be a sell out to the Bankers and Multinational corporations and people come with more than pitchforks to show their displeasure. Will it be worth it to sell out for power for short-term gain risking the angry flash mob at your door after your security detail ran off?  Those millions of dollars in an offshore bank account will save you.The other choice is do what is right and say no to those high powered. Congressman Ron Paul done his best to live by example for his colleagues on Capital Hill to show you do not need to Bankers to be reelected back into office. All they have to do is stay true to themselves and not compromise.

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