Monday, July 4, 2011

TSA Getting Cancer from the Body Scanners is Nothing More than Poetic Justice

                  I written a blog months ago that the TSA will not get any of my sympathy like the Vietnam and the Gulf War veterans in Desert Storm deserve.  This is an agency void of any common sense, compassion, they lack the capacity to show any common courtesy and human dignity. Before the travelers had the right to say "no" taken away. The TSA workers had the choice to say” no" to the body scanners and full enhanced pat downs that makes air travel not a pleasure but a humiliating experience. Tourist has more of a better chance being victim of theft and robbed by the TSA agent than a travel swindle artist or a professional pit pocket.

                  The reason why I will not work for the TSA is out of self-respect. I rather eat out of a dumpster and keep my morality in place because my parents had to show me to know better about what is right from wrong. I can remember when I was in the Army serving as a combat medic during the Cold War. I was taught the principles of the Nuremberg trials saying” I was just following orders” is not a viable defense to do what is immorally wrong and get away with it. Only people without a conscience can do this job.

                  The TSA workers getting cancer from the full body scanners is nothing new. This has happened before in the past too. We all heard about the shoe x-ray machines giving sales men cancer in the last century. These people at least tried to produce a service for the public who were not groping the customers buying shoes. The TSA is up there with the police who were diagnosed with testicular cancer placing the radar guns in their laps frying the family jewels. Some these radar guns were not calibrated for a reason, that is generating revenue for the government. It has nothing to do stopping speeders. It was a dishonest method with these radar guns. It is justice seeing the police who knew they were doing wrong to get their nuts cooked placing these guns in their laps.

                   This is poetic justice of what the Police who used these radar guns and the TSA using the full body scanners. They all knew better. They refused to listen to people saying they are not safe, their bosses told them a lie. They believed the lie completely. Now they are paying the price for their ignorance and stupidity. I will be damned if I allow one penny of my tax dollars go to compensate the people who nearly has destroyed the tourist industry in many states because no one wants to deal with the TSA at the airports. Let Michael Chertoff's company pay for it who said they are safe knowing they were not.

                     You can call it divine justice, karma or what goes around comes around, What ever you say it is. This to me is poetic justice for following orders that have no basis in law taking pictures of people's naked body and humiliating people with legalized sexual assault if they refuse to be in harms way by dangerous radiation. The TSA agents who know better now they will pay the price with no public sympathy. All that will be remembered of these agents will not receive any public honor, instead will hear the words” Good riddance” when they all are dead from the cancer these machines produced.


  1. There may not be a God BUT there is such a thing as KARMA and she's a "bitch"!
    "By Their deeds shall ye know them".
    Now if it would only happen to the man who sold the xray scanners that would be justice.

  2. Unconstitutional means criminal. You are knowingly buying tickets, in other words, giving financial support to criminal activities. Since all current airline passengers are coconspirators then why don’t all of you hypocrites just give yourselves up?

  3. Cops don't need to use phony radar guns in Oregon to steal from a motorist. They just completely fabricate a charge then commit perjury in court. The conspiring judge will make sure there were no witnesses in the vehicle before sealing the theft. It doesn't even matter that a charge completely violates the laws of physics. See the facebook post for, "Gary Don Oliver, Kelso, Washington." Click the WALL button below the photo.

  4. "Anonymous" said
    " financial support to criminal activities." [Tuesday, 05 July, 2011]

    Say, it is not just airplane tickets. Why not add IRS filings, licenses, permits, fees...permission, permission, permission...
    Now you can join the club of what you call "hypocrites" and give yourself up.
    You voted for those rascals so you are supporting their criminal activities.

    Have fun!

  5. Beware the traffic cop who waves the radar back and forth. He is adding the spot as it moves forward on the car to the actual velocity. Up to and over an extra 15mph.
    Fondling submissive people and ogling virtual nude images. Like odiferous cheese to rodents.

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