Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Tea Party Wing of the GOP Cannot Show Weakness in the Face of Obama's Financial Terrorism

              We can all see Obama does not fight fair and is doing the will of his masters called the Bankers and Wall Street Money Junkies. It seems the President uses scare tactics and intimidation as a means to get his way when he is about to be handed a defeat.  The will of the people overwhelmingly sent a new congress to Washington DC to stop the spending and borrowing; also to restrain his power overreaching beyond what the constitution allows. Now he is resorting to financial terrorism to coerce congress to raise the debt ceiling. He knows he is about to be handed a loss that can be a major blow to his agenda.

             The big government republicans will try to make a deal to raise the debt ceiling for political reasons claiming bipartisanship. This time, the tea party freshmen congressional representatives must tell the leadership, they will not accept a deal to get this country deeper in debt. They will not accept any tax hikes either, that would grind the economy to a halt. Especially in a deep recession when small businesses and the middle class are hanging on barely as it is. Just because the leadership agrees with the president on a deal to raise the debt with empty promises to cut spending. This does not mean the rest of the representatives have to agree and vote on it just because the leadership agrees to it. The message is no deals and no more debt, because we cannot afford it anymore as a nation.

             The President is throwing out the ultimatum of no social security checks being out in the mail on August 3, 2011 if the debt ceiling was not raised shows he will inflict pain on the people if possible unless he gets what he wants. Complete arrogance and contempt for the will of the American people. He made the threat to not paying the military when the government was about to shut down a few months ago. This president tries to threaten and hold a group or segment of society hostage to get his way. It is time to call his bluff and force his hand if we do not meet his demands to raise the debt ceiling and a giant tax increase. Let him try to use the powers of Abe Lincoln trying to shut down, dissolve congress and the threat declaring martial law as Bush threatened during the 2008 bailouts. It is time for the tea party freshmen class makes the Speaker of the House fear them more than they fear the President.

            The consequences will be harsh if the congress caves in and shows weakness. The American people are willing to endure a fight for the soul of the nation. Vote no on the debt ceiling and let him declare martial law. Let him go ahead and ignore congress, push Obama to try bypassing congress manipulating the text of the 14th amendment to raise taxes and raise the debt limit without both houses approving it. Force him out in the open to act like a tyrant so the American people can see him for what he really is. A dictator and a despot hell bent on control and domination. We are so close to a tipping point where the bankers and Wall Street will be on the run when we are on the march to bring them to justice, Congress this is not the time to show any weakness. Stay strong no matter what and we will prevail giving Obama his first major defeat. If we win this, we can stop his executive abuse on power going around congress using the executive pen to impose gun control and cap and trade polices. If we show strength and not any weakness, we put fear back into their hearts. Stand up, stay strong, and we will win a real victory instead of the same old business as usual.


  1. This will probably go as population control across the board. Obama is the Texas chainsaw guy with the B.O. mask strapped on. The masses have yet to figure this out, even with 6 seperate unprovoked attacks being carried on by U.S. military volunteers.

  2. The Tea Party is a Koch Brothers creation and the Tea Party will follow orders until the USA is gone!!!

  3. Wrong!

    The Tea Party was started by the Ron Paul Campaigne in 2008. As was the term Money Bomb.

    The GOP and Glenn Beck have done they're very best to hyjack it every since.

    The truth is there are really two Tea Parties. The original supporters of Ron Paul, and then those that follow people like Glenn Beck, Palin, and Backmann. They are not one and the same. The only way there won't be a split Tea Party vote is if one of the GOP runners decides to throw in with Ron Paul.