Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama to Hold Elderly Hostage Not Sending Social Security Checks Out if Debt Ceiling Not Raised

              This is a man who does not know the meaning when the people say” no", it means "no". The people overwhelmingly have told the President and many Republicans in the house are listening to their constituents saying no more borrowing and cut spending. The people are tired of big government growing and ever expanding into every facet in our lives. We are sick and tired of the undeclared wars this President is expanding into countries that have not attacked us or threatened us. This interventionist foreign policy is hurting us. We are at the end of our rope with the US government willing to bail out the bankers here and offshore for their reckless choices.

              Back not so long ago. The President was holding our military hostage not paying them when a government shutdown was looming. The audacity for this administration calling the people in uniform unessential personal. Still the TSA still gropes air travelers that produce child porn on a daily basis with full body scanners is definitely an unessential function the American people will not miss at all, if the government shut down. This President will hold his own mother hostage if it means getting his way. I wish he held the EPA, Homeland Security and the BATF hostage. Please threaten to shut them down if the debt ceiling is not increased. We would all say go right ahead. We do not care.

               This is not the time for the Congress to show any weakness. We need to deliver a major defeat to Obama now. No deals and no agreements with a man who wants to borrow to oblivion. He wants to borrow and raise taxes that would further kill the economy. This time the tea party republicans have to dig their heels in for a tough fight. They must hold their ground no matter what the Republican leadership says or what deal they make. The people want no more borrowing and no more extravagant spending at the expense of the people.

                This is the time we cannot show weakness and cave in. Every time we show weakness. It only emboldens this president to usurp more power for himself and weaken Congress. President Obama must have a major defeat to send a message he is not invincible, because the people have spoken. Go ahead Mr. President and try to hold the elderly hostage not sending out social security checks as a way to get your way. That is extortion trying to put a gun to the people's head saying give me what I want or granny starves and becomes homeless. Mr. President, why just make the threat of we might have to shut down the EPA and the TSA if the debt ceiling is not raised .They will use scare tactics we will be breathing dirty air and we might not be safe flying on a plane if the TSA is not there. I wish he do it. Then we can say go right ahead they are no good to us. Not hold granny hostage not getting a social security check.



  1. The Mexicans will fight for their social security checks, after all we paid out for this,now we must fight them to keep it! To hell with the anglos they are just cowards.We can put millions of Mexicans on the streets of Texas!

  2. Very very foolish statement Sir!

    I ask you.......are you an American?, or a Mexican first?

    Lets not forget Sir, many many Mexicans cast they're votes for Obama, or else he wouldn't be our President.

    The Mexican American people of this nation are in the very same boat as all the other races of our nation. These crimes are being committed against all Americans, regardless of race or religion.

    As a Veteran of multiple wars, having fought alongside every color of skin represented in America. I call you a racist fool, with no understanding of the nation you live.

    Foolish hate monger, perhaps you forget your own Texas history. Both Anglo and Mexican Americans stood against Santa Anna at the Alamo.

    Any struggle that does not include all Texans is a fools march, only serving those whom would enslave you.

    The American people are all victims of the crimes of the Bankers stealing our nation blind.

    Therefore it is the wrath of all Americans they should be subjected too.

    Allowing ourselves to be devided bye race, religion, or sex. Would be handing victory to those whom wish to destroy America.

    No one race can or will save our nation. So if you are a racist, you may aswell lick the boots of those whom would enslave you. Because you work for they're cause.

  3. Do not be taken in by Obama's scare tactic's.

    From his Campaigne to present nothing he has ever said has been anything but a lie.

    If he had ended the wars as he promised, there would be plenty of money and no need for his empty threats.

    Obama has turned out to be a bigger war monger then Bush. What are we fighting five or six wars now? Hell I lost count.

    Somebody should tell that angry Mexican above, thats where his Social Security check went. Into the hands of the military industrial complex, for more bullets and bombs to kill brown people. The's a blackman giving the orders.

    It would seem it isn't only the Anglo's he hates so much that are responsible for his present state.

    Biggots never run out of reasons to hate, I'm sure he will find another reason to hate. The ignorant always do.

  4. James WinstanleyWednesday, 13 July, 2011

    My open letter to Congress:

    The President stated that if the debt ceiling isn't raised by August 2nd, Social Security, Disability, and Veteran's checks will not go out on August 3rd.

    Yet you and every other politician will still get paid, no matter what. Even if the debt ceiling isn't raised, you will still see your pay, which is funded by OUR TAXES. Same as Social Security.

    The seniors, disabled, and veterans depend upon this money to pay their bills, rent, and buy food. Some live check to check. If they don't get this money, they could go hungry, homeless, without their medications, have their power cut off, etc.

    And here's the real kicker: they didn't create this massive debt. YOU DID! Yet you are penalizing them for your mistakes.

    You should not get paid until you fix this problem. The monies going to your paychecks should go to those in need of it; seniors, veterans, and disabled. Maybe once you feel what the average American is going through, you will see the true state of affairs in this country and actually fix them.

    An annoyed taxpayer,

    James Winstanley

  5. GO James!

    That's where the metal meets the meat folks.

    If they aren't doing the job, then why the hell are we paying them!

    No more tax payments from this Texan!

  6. James WinstanleyWednesday, 13 July, 2011

    If anybody wants to use that letter I wrote...


    Figure deluge the congresscritters with them until they get the picture.

  7. Now all you people on s.s. and baby boomers about to collect dont forget what this Illegal president said and what he wants to do with the s.s. system. The cuts in S.S. will be detrimental to all older Americans. These are the same Americans that fought and built this country. Does any one really know what happen to the policies and laws of this once great country

  8. My Grandfather was in the Normandy invasion, wounded and decorated.

    I am grateful he didn't live to see this nation as it is now. I can only pray that my generation has the courage to take back what we have lost before it's gone forever.

    Yep that fella above is right no more checks for the taxman. I'll buy guns and ammo with it instead.

  9. Unemployment checks will be the next stop. Everything but the latest 350 BILLION dollars spent in May 2011 alone- not including upcoming supplementals- for the military. American citizens have earned this govt by investing no effort action or work into their civic duties to control their own govt. Not buying the whining.

  10. Well well well, Mr. Obama has slipped up! what he fails to recognize is IF he does withhold Social Security Checks.. he opens himself up to millions of lawsuits! Did you know that on June 16, 2011 Supreme court of the U.S. decided Bond v. United States, 564 U. S. ____ (2011) that if Obama‘s actions or inaction’s cause financial harm to an individual or group of individuals, that they have STANDING to file suit against him!?!?!
    Ever wanted a shot at taking him down? now could be your chance to have standing to sue him bowlegged and once and for all prove he is not who he says he is. ie; ss#, lfcb, colb, selective service fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, etc etc etc.

  11. I do not believe one or even class action can take legal action on a sitting president....what greatest generation was asleep at the wheel for this bovine scat?

    And...if the debt ceiling is not reached, social security checks will go out. (check out Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan's show)

  12. reached should be raised..oops

  13. The Law and Lawyers should be the answer we all seek. However, at every turn in recent years they have been as much of the proplem as those we seek to prosecute. It is my greatest hope that those trained in law take up they're responsibilties in earnest soon. When the common man is left with no other recourse, things tend to turn bloody and destructive fast.

    So those of you trained in the law had better get after this corruption. Otherwise it will be dealt with by those who were send to war, while you attended frat parties.

  14. Stop all these wars on behalf of Israel, stop the foreign aid and there will be enough money for our country.

  15. Ron Paul & Palin in 2012.

  16. I used to believe that B.O. would fit in well in one of John Waters' old movies like 'Pink Flamingos' or 'Desperate Living'. I now see the error of my ways and would like to apologize to Mr. Waters. Not that I find those movies of cultural relevance or of any value. I believe that therapy was indicated. Obama is not in need of therapy. He probably has been surgically damaged beyond repair and a permanent sedation or occupation away from the telephone or authority or dangerous objects or substances would be safer for us all. People are being murdered and injured by the thousands every month. These are real people.

    The CFR television has conditioned America to accept the image of their dead rotting grandmother climbing up their leg with a knife clenched in her teeth and it does not bode well for anyone because of it. We all need to reject the sickness. We all need to reject the satanic majesties of the British empire, personified as NATO.

  17. educated refreshing.

  18. "We all need to reject the satanic majesties of the British empire, personified as NATO."

    You're an idiot. I hate to be so blunt, but you're an idiot. There is no such thing as Satan, and the British Empire is no threat to us.

    The real threat is alien replicons from beyond the moon. These horrible creatures came from the planet Bomama, which as you can see is an anagram of Obama. Coincidence? No way! They mean to steal our brains people. These alien conquerors want to force us into socialism, and Obama is humanoid robot, specially designed by them, to get us there. It's really quite obvious, when you think about it.

    Wake up you sheeple!!!

  19. Rooty, rooty, rooty.............shakes head in disappointment.

    Giggle.....well at least you aren't griping about spelling this time.

  20. Rooty you are confused.

    It does not matter if God or Satan exist.

    Many people do believe in both whole heartedly.

    So the end result is in both cases, the individuals do act on they're belief's, reality be damned.

    If you don't understand that simple fact, then you are very naive.

    Secondly, aliens have been on earth at least as long as moderm man has. One would have to dismiss hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence going back thousands of years to conclude anything else. That's the facts my friend, believe what you will.

    Thirdly, Obama recieved $720,000,000 in campaigne bribes/contributions for his election. He was owned the day he took the Oath! So he may aswell be a robot, because he is dancing to the toon of those whom wrote the checks.

    You get points for doing your own thinking, to bad you are limited by such narrow views. Perhaps some serious research is in order.

    Indeed, the Sheeple need to wake up!

  21. If that idiot of a "president" actually tries
    to withhold Disability, SSI, and Social Security
    checks unless he gets his little childish way,
    I can just about promise, there will be pure,
    unholy war across the nation. NOBODY is going to
    stand for something like this and that fool better withdraw that open, mafia threat fast, or
    he is NOT going to like the results. Saying this
    as a person who is on Disability.