Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Message To Congress and States About the Imperial President. Why We Cannot Show Weakness Anymore.

               In Texas last month inside the State Legislature, I have to wonder why everything fell apart that had overwhelming public support? How did some cower not passing the Anti TSA bill groping the people of Texas? The public demanded the bill passage into law, also not cave into the threats by the unpopular Federal government. Where have all the Cowboys gone. They were not in Austin Texas. Now I am going to say the consequences for not standing up to Washington DC will be so much harsher on Texas because they reacted to fear and not doing right by the people they are supposed to serve.

               To the Congress in Washington DC who are the Tea Party freshmen class. We have an out of control president who does not obey the law and makes the rules up as he goes. Why does he do it? It is because the opposition in the Congressional leadership compromises and caves in. They need to start major hearings on the corruption and start pulling the plug on his unconstitutional operations. Congress cannot cave in on the debt ceiling. They must stop his secret wars. They must stop him using the EPA to enforce Cap and Trade without an act of congress. The congress must start using it powers of oversight and the power of holding the purse strings to stop these agencies like the TSA groping air travelers without a law passed by Congress. The longer the Congress and the States sit on their hands and do nothing to stop this imperial administration. The more strength he gains and much harder to stop.

               To cave into tyrants who make threats as they did in Texas almost passing the Anti TSA bill is far more dangerous than the threats they made if they followed through making the legislation into law. For the states sitting on their hands, hoping the wolf will pass by the door and waiting until the 2012 election will not work this time. The States and Congress must stand up doing their job putting a check on power in the White House as the Constitution mandates. he will gain more power with greater advantage as the days go by to solidify his control over everything if not stopped in his tracks. He will keep grabbing power over the States if no one stands up and acts. Edmund Burke wrote” For evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

                I have observed and seen it throughout history of what happens when people make a deal with the devil, compromise and cave into their threats is very dangerous. Now since the Texas legislature caved in and did not pass the Anti TSA groping bill. Now the White House sees weakness in Texas and will exploit it to their advantage every time until Texans stand up and says” no" to these tyrants. This White House will not stop and will keep doing power grabs with little or no resistance until the people push back. This is not the time to show weakness hoping it will go away. Every time they show weakness taking on a tyrant. The will use it against us every time.

                To the Congress and all the state Legislatures who swore to uphold the law of the land. This is not the time to show any weakness to a Tyrant in the White House. This is the time to show strength and resolve to stand against the bully. This is the time no matter how many threats they make acting like bullies using intimidation. Call their bluff, and to force them out in the open for all to see what they really are. You have nothing to lose. The Texas Legislature was not ready for the sting of battle to push back against tyranny. The people of Texas were ready for the fight against the TSA and the Federal government. The American people are ready to stand up and rally around the State or the person who shows leadership who will make a stand. There is nothing left to lose and everything to gain. There is no place for weakness anymore if we are to take the republic back. Only the strong will make history restoring our nation,not the cowards who cut and run when they should have stood up. Weakness never wins ,only moral strength prevails over evil.


  1. Seriously! Can you please double check what you write before you post? I read your first sentence of this post and you already lost me. Once again, how can anyone take you seriously if you can't even form a sentence? I await the anonymous cowards responses.

  2. Ryan I do not take you seriouly. I use grammar softeware and spell check to help me. All it does is screw up what was good in the first place.

  3. Ryan is lost because he needs to be spoonfed "perfect" prose - like the pre-chewed mush he's used to from the mainstream media. Yes - good grammar, diction etc.... - the only thing missing is substance.

    This article is long on substance. As far as sentence fragments etc... - what does it matter? Writers write. Practice makes perfect.

    realman2020 - keep up the good work. Perhaps Ryan can explain the sentence structure of "Seriously!" - then - after he's finished explaining how that isn't a sentence fragment - perhaps we'll be able to take him seriously - but for now - I'll just call him a fucking hypocrite.


  4. Why? WHY? Why do you make excuses for him, JR? Why do you let Realman2020 get away with writing like that?

    His writing is AWFUL. No objective appraisal could find otherwise. Yes, you agree with what he is saying. Yes, I agree with what he is saying. But are you so hungry for an alternative to the mainstream media you are willing to put up with that kind of writing?

    I just don't get. Why don't you demand the best from him? You know what, forget best. Minimal competence.

    Yes, you can say the article is "long on substance". But how can you excuse fighting through this sentence fragment forest, merely because you agree with him?

    Can you honestly say, HONESTLY, that if I were to write "i really believes that that importent. WORDS an THOGHTS." If I were to write that, would excuse it because you agree?

    Of course you wouldn't. Words inspire! Words can bring about a change of heart. A change in government. The pen is mightier. When wielded correctly.

    "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands..."

    "When it neeccasy break goverment chains to disolve and break we must do this politically and we must do this..."

    Which one inspires you? Which one makes you want to rise up and do something? They both say the same thing. They both have the same sentiment. But one is radically different from the other, isn't it?

    If you prefer the first example to the second, does that mean you need to be spoon fed perfect prose? Of course not. You prefer good writing. And what is good writing? How about not using these awful sentence fragments? How about proper grammar. Even spelling.

    What's that? You don't care about them? They don'tmatter? Then why did you slam Ryan for the EXACT same thing?

    That's right, YOU are a hypocrite. You excuse Realman2020 by saying, "As far as sentence fragments etc... - what does it matter?" But with Ryan you say, "after he's finished explaining how that isn't a sentence fragment". You're a hypocrite. You slam one guy for exactly what the other guy is doing.

    So who likes good writing? YOU DO! Who recognizes that bad grammar and spelling matter? YOU DO! Who excuses bad behavior, just because you agree with them?

    You do.

  5. The only thing that matters now, is taking back our country. It is a universal concept, that everyone should understand. We live in an imperfect world, and while I do believe words are important, everyone deserves a voice. Well everyone except those assholes in Washington, who have already spoken their piece, and do not deserve another chance. People, to keep putting faith in those who do not deserve it, prevents most from getting off their assess and removing the trash that resides in Washington. So, words are important when followed by action, else they are just words that fall on deaf ears. Inspire that you pansy armchair commandos, who never spent time in the field fighting, and don't remember how. Get off your assess and fight for your freedom, and I don't mean join the military.

  6. There is no way that you use spell check and grammar software realman2020(It isn't spelled softeware by the way). If you do, then it must be some prototype software programmed by a chimpanzee.

    To the coward who posted anonymously, I do not get my news from the mainstream media. If I did, I never would have found this blog, so do us all a favor and if you don't have the guts to post with something that identifies yourself, don't post at all.

    Rooty is right on the money with his response. Thank you.

  7. You tow so picky about grammar and spelling. You are a bunch of Soviet collectivist who do not know how to be an individual because they are so restricted to the rules of langauge Steven Frye was right about people like Ryan and Rooty.

  8. Ok....nice points, most of it very easy to agree with.

    But I'm really sick of these Spell Checker Morons.

    If it's so important to Ryan and Rooty then perhaps they should volunteer as Realmans proof readers prior to publication. Then at least they would be contributing to the cause of this publication.

    I just can't believe these two whiners, they're pathedic!

    With all our State and Nation are facing, this!, this is what you got boys!

    You must be Gay? What the name "Realman" offends you or something?

    This is Texas boys there are alot of real men here! They can't write you a peom, but they can tell right from wrong, and good from evil.

    That's what this is about, not your petty academic's.

  9. "If it's so important to Ryan and Rooty then perhaps they should volunteer as Realmans proof readers prior to publication."

    I've done it! I've volunteered SEVERAL times. I told him that I agree with what he says most of the time, but his presentation is lacking. And was willing to help.

    He turned me down flat. Stated his writing was fine. It's his call. But it's MY call to make fun of his awful writing, because it really is awful, and he fails to fix it.

    Maybe through shame he can grow.

  10. Why don't you save you're ridicule for those more deserving of it?

    Being a good writer is a gift, not one that comes easily to all. Especially so for those educated in public schools.

    In anycase if it is so important to you, then why not just move on?

  11. "Why don't you save you're ridicule for those more deserving of it?"

    Because he does deserve it. His writing is awful. He refuses help to fix it. He refuses to fix it himself. He not only defends his own inadequacy, he insults those pointing it out.

    Did you know that Realman2020 once told me that I can't get girls, because I criticized his writing? That I must be gay for paying so much attention to things like grammar and spelling.

    Doesn't that sound like someone 'more deerving of it'?

    "Being a good writer is a gift, not one that comes easily to all."

    No, writing is a skill. Like any other, it can't be improved. If you want to.

    "In anycase if it is so important to you, then why not just move on?"
    Well anycase, because it's fun. Because his writing is so cringeworthy. I get a real twisted pleasure from it. I honestly enjoy seeing how he will torture the English language. And he rarely disappoints. His stuff should be required reading in every elementary school in America.