Saturday, May 14, 2011

Selling the Police State Using Fear in the War on Terror Become Obsolete?

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves."  William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783

           I can say one thing is if Chuck Shumar ever tried to run for the US Senate in the state of Texas. He would be ran out of the lone star state on a rail before election day. His proposal calling for TSA be expanded from the airports to the streets of America because of a mythical group called Al Quaida that dwells in caves in the middle east. The truth is a police state exist for one reason. It is in place to be a rear guard protecting the corruption in government from the people.  Now since Osama Bin Laden scandal saying they just killed him in Pakistan recently.The fake Photoshop pictures and the old news that he has been dead for years.The phony videos has really destroyed any and all credibility the government may have with the people. 
           With the myth of the war on terror exposed. It is going to be a hard sell to try to convince the public we need the Patriot Act,The Department of Homeland Security.The ran out of villains and bogymen.They do not have a bad guy to use as an excuse to illegally wire tap our phones and internet habits. With the economy going into full blown meltdown and the job losses. The plunging of the dollar as the world's reserve currency.The government needs a distraction.The White House thought attacking Libya. The President trying get Americans to rally around the flag to be a distraction of the economy has backfired. The American people have become very war weary. 
           The US government has been itching for justification to cramp down on the population. To find a way to disarm the people of their firearms. For every crises they see coming.Their solution is a jack booted thug with an MP5 Automatic rifle dressed in a black uniform.They are not interested in real viable solutions proven to work. They want control over the people. This has been proven with the H1N1 fabricated crisis they tried to pull off were they wanted to use the military to force people to get a vaccine that killed more people then the flu itself.They were not interested in saving people from the flu. They wanted to set up a police state using a made up crisis to spring board into a full blown tyranny to subjugate the people.
           Why do they want a Police State? It is not because the War on Terror.That was just a means to an end turning on the American people. They need a Police State to keep the people cowered and control.Why do you ask is the reason? The US government is bailing out the banks and Wall Street.They are looting the private and public pension funds. The US government beholden to the Federal Reserve Bank,Goldman Sachs and the Robber Barons.They are breaking laws left and right. The Police State is their to be the century guard to protect the Robber Barons and the Political Puppets from the people. These thugs will use intimidation,arrest and control to make sure none of the criminals in government and on Wall Street will never be brought to justice.
          Now since they tried the Osama raid and Birth certificate has destroyed the credibility to distract away from the failing economy and the thievery on Wall Street. They are looking for a villain and a crisis to distract away from the crimes in government looting the nation so they can finish setting up a hellish police state. Saying they wiretap phones and the internet trying to send a chilling affect on free speech to keep us silent. The old mainstream media is a dying breed losing readers and the audience. They can not sell the public anymore like they used to. That is why they are moving to shut down and censor the rising alternative media and the citizen Journalist because we have exposing the truth. This is why we are gaining credibility and an audience growing by leaps and bounds.
         The flow of information and materials to educate the public around the world has had a profound effect that has the the Globalist establishment scared. The alternative media has unleashed the talent and creativity of the common people writing blogs,making Youtube videos exposing corruption using portable video cameras and producing documentaries has accelerated the awakening.This has the other side scared.
        Selling the Police state out of necessity to keep us safe and they care about us is losing its appeal. To sell the idea of check points,Torture,tracking& tracing using our cell phone,wire tapping and cyber-security does not fly anymore with the people. We are watching every move they make and they hate it because they can not lie with impunity anymore.The reason for this authoritarian police state so the people responsible for the falsehoods to bring us into wars,torture and the looting of the country by fraud from ever being prosecuted. It is really hard to sell when  we have a southern border wide open with people pouring across the border.The government is not enforcing immigration laws.  It is becoming obvious the government has no interest in protecting the nation from invasion and enforcing the laws of immigration to protect American jobs. When we see illegal immigrants running around with impunity and our kids get groped at the airports and dairy farmers get raided by a SWAT team because someone sold raw milk and organic tomatoes in the name of food safety while lying through their teeth saying gulf seafood is healthy after the biggest oil spill in decades.
         The conclusion is when we hear the politicians calling for intrusive checkpoints on highways,airports and Wal Mart. When the call for the necessity for food safety,cyber security, health care run by the government that screwed up the post office and AMTRACK.When they say for our safety they need to grope and have these full body scanners because of the terrorist. When Homeland security calls gun owners and returning veterans potential domestic terrorist.When the TSA will put someone on the No fly and terrorist watch list because the person protest being felt up. Just remember this is all not for our safety. This is all put in place because the government does not want to be challenged by the people. Using fear and intimidation so they people will never hold the Politicians,Corporations and Wall Street bankers will never be prosecuted is why they want a full blown police state. God forbid if we throw the traitors and thieves in jail. We might get our country back. Do not fall for the lie. Osama Bin Laden,with the war of terror has out served its usefulness to steal our freedoms and fight wars for Israel. So they need a new villain as an excuse to keep taking our liberties and to distract us so they government can finish looting the nation. I just wonder will it work this time for them since they been caught lying? Do you see them selling the police state using the same old tactic and lies.Has the old propaganda playbook now become obsolete?


  1. In a word, NO!

    I assume you live in Texas (and I'm too flummuxed to criticize you for your bad grammar this time!), but just because the Texas legislature is trying to end TSA tyranny at Texas Airports (do you really think Rick Perry will allow that? Only if the support for this is so overwhelming that he knows it can't be vetoed away, and he's forced to sign it...and then, who enforces it? Remember "Die Hard"? "We're the US f-ing government!") doesn't mean that the 70 percenters--those dependent on govt.--value freedom more than "safety and security" because they don't. "What good are my rights when I'm six feet under?" one of them asked once.

    Sorry, but I'll believe most Americans value liberty when they act like it!

  2. It looks like the lies are still working. Most Americans fell for the OBL fairy tale. I expect the next false flag attack will work too. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

  3. Isn't Rick Perry an honorary Israeli?

  4. Please ask your state politicos to push this into law the other states will follow don't be scared,of course they will attack their own just like the third world scum they are like in Yemen.
    ASKING scumie criminal politions to stop hurting their own people is like asking a snake:
    "PLEASE don't bite me BRO!"
    u got 2 keep tring

    RESISTANCE is not futile!!

  5. Apparently not, people everywhere are standing in line to have their balls and tits fondled by double digit IQ's (former convenience store clerks) to obtain the privilege of being able to fly in an airliner.

    They can stuff it, I'll take my trips on the interstate and until enough of us decide to tell the TSA and the airlines to stuff it we can expect that soon they will be checking our rectum with the same rubber gloves that they used on the guy before you.

    You don't have to engage in armed revolution you just have to