Sunday, May 1, 2011

Russia's Great Discipline Against the Banskers and Oligarchs

               You have to give credit for the Russian federation for using restraint and discipline. The international banking cartel plans on destabilizing the Russian Federation after they subdue the middle east. I can see it in the cards in the future. There has been a realignment and alliances with Russia to put up a united front against the international banking cartels. The clash of civilizations is with the bankers and the nations who are not under their control.
              We see Saudi Arabia align itself with Russia seeing how the globalist plans on double crossing the oil rich nation defaulting on US Treasury notes and toppling the House of Saud.We have seen China,Iran and Venezuela too in agreements with the Russian Federation.With the NATO attack on Libya. We see Russia carefully positioning itself on the world stage. These battles are not for human rights and humanitarian missions.It is nothing but a cover story. It is about the House of Rothschild having control over all the world's currencies condemning the world to economic slavery with their puppets in power. They are trying to set Russia up for a big war and Putin sees the trap sprung for them. They have tried this when Georgia attacked on the Russian border. The Russian forces pushed the Georgian forces back across the border. Russian showed discipline not going further because they seen it was a set up for something worse.
              I do not see the globalist being infallible as many portray them to be on both sides. They are not in control of the middle east as the like to make themselves out to be. It is not going as planned. Libya is a prime example. They would not invade unless Khadaffy was removed from power so they can loot the gold and wealth of the nation with a new puppet dictator.These uprisings the globalist started are not in control as they like to have it. This is backfiring on them.This could be a weapon against the bankers instead of putting their puppet dictators in power. An unintended consequence. The bankers are not all knowing and all powerful. Russia is the loose cannon and wild card that has to be reckoned with. Russia is a big obstacle in front of them.
                The Russian federation knows if they show discipline and poise responding the the globalist actions in the middle east responding and not reacting knowing it is a set up and a trap sprung for them.When the corporate media tries to demonize Russia as a threat and the banker's puppet armies are the ones dropping the bombs when the Russian army is not fighting. The globalist will lose. Do not count Russia out, Just because they seem passive does not mean they have there cards to play either.They pan on making their move when the time is right.They are very methodical and well disciplined. That is why they are good chess players. A disciplined strategy always wins out against out of control madmen.


  1. I hope that's true. I agree with the banker plans as you have concluded. Look at the countries we call evil and ask, why those countries? And "those" countries are armed to their teeth, as they should be in that they know evil is gobbling everything up around them because they refused to play the fractional lending "control" and subjugation game. The long term plan was to make the islamists look evil in our eyes and it will be easier to make an enemy out of them when the time comes. Because their religious beliefs preclude any allowance of the western banking practices, they must be invaded and destroyed rather than cajoled and hope they just arbitrarily change their minds about reseve banking. I have been making arrangements in the lower hemispheres as of late. I cannot call the US my home anymore when it takes nearly a year to find anyone with the spine to admit 9/11 was a US military operation.

  2. USA or JewSA has contracted the Zionist disease of destruction and insanity.

    ...the American God is Dog (reverse reading). I don't feel sorry for a bunch of US Zionist Nazis.

  3. Well, Oswald Spengler was right! The "decline of the west"
    Funny about the Bolshies! They were against Religion & the Christians Orthodoxy! The have murdered countless priests, destroyed churches during their reign. But I cannot find anywhere informations about the numbers of synagogues or rabbis murdered by the Bolshies in Russia or other commies countries! Can anyone with this informations help?

  4. Yes. Go to Plenty of info there on the jews and the soviet Union

  5. Where does China stand in all of this? Are they winning the overall chess game by co-opting the means of production from America? Have they got a trump card to throw down if they want to crash our treasuries, currency and other securities?

  6. It is a fascinating game indeed. A blatant plug here, but I think worth your listening..all at no cost. I interview Andrew Gause, currency historian twice a week on - he's worth his weight in gold on this kind of analysis.