Monday, May 9, 2011

Fighting Against Real ID Act in Texas Heating Up

                  The real ID act is one of the biggest scams on the American people. The Real ID act passed congress without debate on the house and senate floor because it was amended into a bill under the radar. Many states have revolted over the Real ID act because the cost to implement it. Many of the people in the several states see the Real ID act as an invasion of privacy and big brother on steroids who wants to track and trace everyone.
                   Now the Texas Senate Bill 9 will be heard in committee Tuesday morning. This bill would implement Real ID in the State of Texas if the legislation becomes law. The people of Texas have fought tooth and nail to keep Real ID out of Texas in years past. I do not care if the Federal Government says that people of Texas without a Real ID compliance  can not board a plane,train and go into Federal Building.
                   We do not want real ID. This was supposed to the solution to the Illegal immigration problem as it was sold. But it is not. It is another way for the government to track and trace people. This fraudulent war on terror must be stopped in its tracks before we live in a virtual tyranny being tagged or chipped. We have to have this real ID to get a job ,to have services as an example electricity,water or gas.We went for many years without a real ID act.Why do we all of sudden we need it now. If the US government just enforced the immigration laws.There would be no ID theft and employers would not hire illegal aliens. Instead of upholding the immigration laws. They use the real ID as the solution which is not. We have to say no to this or we lose. 
                   I rather Texas just secede and we will not have to put up with this nonsense anymore.I say all the states that know they can do better on their own declare independence. Nullification does not work and declaring Sovereignty does not work either. With Real ID act and the TSA. Secede instead of Wasting time trying to change Washington. Then we will never have to worry about Real ID or the TSA again

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