Sunday, May 15, 2011

Backlash in Indiana Over Court Ruling Attacking Freedom:Video Patriots Ready for War - Indiana and The Fourth Amendment


  1. There will be a lot of dead cops soon. I hope they are ready to die entering a persons home, because the people living there will be ready to die resisting.

    Good commentary, spot on.

  2. Well put together diatribe with appropriate imagery to convey the message! I hope our brothers and sisters and cousins in Indiana recognize the need to wake up!!! But this is also a wake up call for us. Become independent, grow your own food, store up a-plenty cause' we're in for one hell of a ride...

  3. What you're witnessing is Bolshevik Revolution Part II. Jews pulled this same shit in Russia and now they've brought it to America. There is absolutely no other answer than to rid America of the jew.

  4. How long before the 50 million "we the people" when seeing the cops coming just start shooting and consider it self defense?

  5. What point is there in storing your own food if someone just comes along and steals it?

    If you have no Fourth Amendment protection in Indiana, then what's to keep gov't from taking stuff from you. After all, all this started with the drug war. The incursion on civil liberties has continued due to the War on Terror, a misnamed, power grab, Children of Men-type Kafka-esque bureau.

    I'm in Indiana and don't have any reason to resist. So all your talk about standing up for your rights isn't an issue.

    As it is, you don't have a right to defend your property from trespassers (I know because I was charged for macing them...) which means anyone can come on your property anytime, cop or not.

    Now rules for protecting one's house are more stringent--the homeowner can do more than if the trespass occurs outside.

    You have the right here to act to prevent violence from occurring, but to be legal YOU HAVE TO ASK THEM TO LEAVE, no matter how often they've been there or how many of them there are or what time it is.

    Any guesses to just how long the police will actually respond after SHTF?
    Trespasses will not be a priority, trust me.

    Looks like Indiana needs to get moved down the list of states for survivalists, considering this decision greenlights official seizure of what little property protection rights are left.

  6. "Metzgers Dog" - the cann0n in the van - be aware...this is where you all are heading if you don't repeal the Patriot Acts and get back to the strict letter of the Constitution and Bill of Rights PDQ. Some vets have had enough of being played for about you?

  7. The answer isn't to shoot cops, it is to get out of the way!
    If you live in a place where your 4th amendment rights are not respected then MOVE SOMEWHERE WHERE THEY DO RESPECT THEM!.............or get ready for chaos.