Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Protesting of Teachers In Austin Over Budget Cuts Still Going On And Do not see Ending Anytime Soon.

               While The Texas legislator still debates and vote on the state's budget. Many interest around the state are opposing the new state budget.The Teachers most of all are protesting the deep budget cuts to education.The State's Education budget was one of most severe that was cut. Setting aside the Teacher's unions.Not speaking about the failing of public education.There are many good teachers who are dedicated who do their job well trying to to teach the children. Many teachers complain and are correct in saying which is true. All the curriculum is not geared teaching.It is preparing students to take the TAK test to pass it so they can get federal funds. Teaching students to take the TAKs test so they can pass instead of educating is a big burdens in the costly to the education budget. Many teachers do not like this at all with good reason.
                 The teachers mainly have to realize why the state is cutting the education budget is not a budget short fall. It is Austerity measure were Wall Street and the Big central banks need to be bailed out at the expense of our children getting a quality education. Where the real savings to education can start is at the local level at the School Board. The real cost that is a drain on the budget is Federal Mandates as an example of No Child Left behind that cost more than what the Federal Money that is brought in.School boards need to opt out of these mandates. They are costly and counterproductive to comply with these Federal mandates. When the teachers and the State legislator throw off the shackles of these Federal mandates and start to return education to local and state control. Nothing will change.
                When the Teachers protest next time in Austin which I see not letting up anytime soon. I want them to know about the Wall Street and the Central Bankers will be bailed out at Texans expense. No money to Wall street Money Addicts and the Bankers should be the battle cry. The Texas legislator should also opt out of Federal Mandates starting with No Child Left Behind because it cost more to implement than what the Federal government gives back in return. Just acting on opting out of Federal control will certainly will close the gap on budget shortfalls.Teachers need to know this too before they protest.That is "No Money to Wall Street and No More Costly Federal Mandates!"

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