Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mexican Trucks Can Be Back on American Highways Soon. Truckers It is Time to Raise Hell Again

             I used to drive a truck years ago. I can say the USDOT restricts American Drivers with hours of service,Fuel Stickers,Permits,Weight  and Endorsements on commercial Driver License. All these regulations have restricted the truck drivers to a great extent. Driver can not even have mouth wash or cold medicine in the Trucks according to DOT regulation. American Trucks can not compete with Mexican Truck drivers if they are allowed in.The reason is the Mexican Trucks can charge less for freight than an American Truck Drivers have to charge to stay in business .The do not have to comply with safety standards or any rules under the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration and the DOT. There is no limit to harassment from the DOT and State Troopers the American drivers have to do endure.
            Now I hear the Mexican trucks will be allowed in the United States under the Obama administration. The Bush Administration started a pilot program and was stopped because the lack of funding. Now looks like the Mexican Trucks might be coming back if funding is not stopped. This Pilot program will put out of business the owner operators and the smaller trucking carriers. While major carriers like JB Hunt,Swift and Werner will have a monopoly over the trucking industry because these companies have terminals in Mexico and Canada already in place.These companies will benefit the most from Mexican trucks in the United States.These are the companies who pushed for the Mexican Trucks since they will not have to pay for American drivers cost per mile.These Mexican drivers will be paid much less under cutting the American drivers. They can hire most of their drivers south of the border. This pilot program will be a nightmare for the American driver under cutting the price of hauling freight will make impossible for the Owner Operator to compete with bigger companies who can charge less. A very unfair advantage against the Owner Operators.
            This programs to allow Mexican Trucks into the Untied States all over the 48 states is an extension of the  failed policies under NAFTA and part of bringing in the NAU erasing the borders of the United States and Mexico.The program had the funds taken away by congress once and President Obama is bringing the pilot program back again. Now we may have to ask congress to remove the funds again keeping the trucks out. The other issues arise. These Mexican drivers will not be as qualified as the drivers here. An American driver if he applies for a truck driving job has to get a physical every two years,take a drug test,have a complete work history going 10 years back. There name has to run against a database called DACS where many carriers have abused this system black balling many good drivers.Some drivers innocent been victimized by this system giving bad marks on this report making it hard getting another driving job. If a Driver wants to haul HAZMAT freight. Every two years he has to go to the DMV. Get his fingerprints taken and have his name ran against Department of Homeland Securities database to make sure he is not working for Osama Bin Laden. Then there is the concern of insurance and being bonded the American Driver is required to have in order to drive. Mexican truck driver will not have the same safety standarda as American drivers in the states have to go through. When these Mexican trucks come in and they are hauling HAZMAT. Will there be Placards on the trailer or tanker?Will they be required to have a logbook? There are many concerns why these trucks can not be allowed to be on our highways. This has to be stopped. The Trucker is the last cowboy of the road. I do not want them to be a myth of the past
              We are no longer have a government of the people,for the people by the people. Our government responds to corporate greed and the will of special interest. When our government takes away the jobs by outsourcing because regulation is so burdensome to do business to run a factory. We have immigration laws that are no longer enforced and now these Illegal aliens are undermining the wages of American workers stealing jobs away from the country's own citizens. Now we will have to ask the politicians we send to Washington like Bush said after 9-11."Are you with the American people or are you with the Globalist?If you are not with us. Than you're against us" if they can not answer honestly


  1. Not only that but the idiot Mexican truckers are always getting in wrecks in Mexico and they don't know how to drive here as it is. If you cannot speak English then don't drive on our roads. This is sick and now our Truck Drivers will lose on money. Give it all to farking Mexico Obama.

  2. Truckers need to organize truck rallies through high visibility areas like Big Cities such as DC. In fact, truckers should encircle the DC area and turn off their engines, shut the town down.

  3. that is how it got stopped last time, there was a trucker 'parking strike' where many trucks parked their vehicles and blocked traffic in DC and elsewhere. Truckers need to do it again, only bigger and also coordinate it with others to make it a true national strike for a few days...that MIGHT get the %^&*ers attention in DC

  4. Let us know what non-truckers can do to support our truckers.

    Also be ready for the media barrage - They will spin this and blame it all on 'racism' and have sob stories about how the American people just hate those poor, downtrodden Mexican truckers. Nevermind that the real beneficiaries here are big ceo's and bankers that get to undercut working, productive class labor.

    Keep your eye on the ball and put the blame squarely where it belongs, with the yuppies in ivory towers who want cheap labor. We are the most tolerant nation on earth and have integrated more people from a wider variety of backgrounds in a shorter amount of time than any nation in history. The only reason people resort to screaming about 'racism' is because they themselves want to feel superior and look down their nose at someone else. And if you don't believe thats what people brainwashed by the media will be calling you, then I've got a bridge to sell you. Just like Bush called anyone who disagreed with him 'unpatriotic' - liberals call anyone who disagrees with them 'racist' - its just they way it is when people can't really debate.

  5. But these truckers have had no problem hauling Chinese goods for years even though that cost millions of American jobs. How is this any different from the hundreds of thousands Indian and Chinese engineers brought to the US to take jobs from American engineers? We're suppose to care about the truckers even though they didn't give a crap about their fellow Americans as long as they were making out OK? Sorry, but F 'em.

  6. Make the Mexican truckers follow the same guidelines as the USA ones. Abolish NAFTA. Eliminate the whole liberal extreme and their attempts to Stalinise the USA!