Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tyrants Beware:2012 Could Be the Year of Unintended Consequences

               Then year 2012 could be the year of liberty rising pushing back against tyranny. When we have people conspiring behind closed doors against our liberty and way of life. What goes around comes around like a boomerang. The very plot they seek to destroy humanity can be the weapon that take them down. The internet has proclaimed on the roof tops what was spoken in secrecy in darkness. We have seen what happened to Russia, China, Germany and Cuba when they implement a dark tyranny. America has been blessed with seeing all this happen a safety from a distance. Now these same forces are trying to take down America the same way.

             We can see the globalist trying to bring down America losing the wiggle room. They cannot go to war because they have shown their cause to be farce. I have a feeling even their minion politicians brought and paid for might be having second thoughts about carrying out the agenda of the bankers who want to implode the nations. They may see these bankers are insane that could bring their own destruction if they follow along knowing this can have far reaching consequences they maybe the end of them too. If you ever seen the movie True Lies when the agent tried jumping building to building with a horse. The horse will only go so far going up the stairs. At a certain point even the horse will say hell no in the name of self preservation then follow the master orders to jump off the building.

             With the Congress passing NDAA(S-1867) and the rest of the factions inside the US government in the highest levels moving to quash what is left of our liberties might start to see the unintended consequences of their actions. They are not dealing with Europeans and Asians. They are dealing with Americans. The weeks before Christmas we seen fire arms sales surge to a record level. The reason why because a coming collapse and they do not trust the goverment. We have seen what the governments solution to every problem they created. Instead of allowing the people to deal with it because they are more capable to have a better solution. The governments solution is loss of freedom and a jackbooted thug in a black uniform with an MP-5.

             The real war may not start out on the streets of America. It might be inside our own government from the bureaucracy to the Pentagon because the good people inside these agencies might resist from inside the system We can see county sheriffs with thousands of armed posse ready to throw out the feds. We can see police when the tyranny starts to hit the fan resist inside their own departments. We can see corrupt police chiefs and local politicians being arrested doing the bidding for the Homeland security. This is the year anything could happen because the enemies of liberty have so much more to lose if defeated.

              With Ron Paul rising in the polls because people recognize his genuine character. This can be the year where the straw breaks the camel's back. If the Ron Paul is harmed by an attempt to take his life. If election fraud is exposed out in the open with public outrage. If the internet is interfered in anyway to silence the opposition. If fee speech is criminalized. If people's money is bank accounts are stolen to shore up failing banks. If safety deposit boxes are raided to steal the silver and gold from the people to fund a crumbling empire. If people start being arrested and disappear not knowing their whereabouts. If being poor becomes a crime by no fault of their own. The corrupt system being so arrogant might be biting off more then they can chew.

            The year 2012 might be the year of unintended consequences the tyrants did not expect. The tyrants study human nature from a scientific vantage point thinking this is how they can control the people. They underestimate the human spirit. They are human just like us and no more superior then the average person. The difference is Joe six pack lives in the real world and the ruling class lives the life of delusion. This could be the year no matter what they throw at the American people, that momentum like the art of jujitsu can come back on them. We can see a peaceful insurrection where the military will not attack Iran and arrest Americans. There can be real serious blow back they never expected to happen because they live a life of illusion.

             We can see the people in complete defiance. When we have a group that is out of touch with the people, when the citizens have been pushed around long enough. Expect unintended consequences to follow because like the law of reciprocity. When there is an action, there will be a reaction that even the most power mad tyrants will not be able to quash. Their is biggest folly is not expecting the unexpected because of unintended consequences will follow. 2012 can be the year of unintended consequences where liberty rises and tyranny falls apart. I am hopeful of 2012. Are you?



  1. I am hopeful also, thank you for this most great article.

  2. I hope it is dealt with better than the Germans dealt with Nazis in the 1930's

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  4. I can see 2012 being a shift to the positive for humanity mainly because the general consensus is that it will be catastrophically negative.

    Just ask your average Joe what he/she feels 2012 will hold, and I'm sure they'll give you a negative outlook on the future. Think they came to that negative conclusion on their own? No, they're picking up on the negative suggestions being beamed through the television on a daily basis. The MSM is the most guilty of this with their constant peddling of manufactured threats created by the government to keep people on edge and supporting a suicidal war effort. How could anyone bombarded with these "negative vibes" come to any other conclusion than that of death and destruction in the not too distant future?

    So the question is why would they want people to be so negative minded about the future? Well I'm sure there are many possible reasons and I'll let you use your imagination and guess what they're up to.

    I personally will continue to go against the grain of condition responses. When they say "go left", I'll go right. When they say "the future is bleak", I'll see the future as being bright. When they say "it's time to die", I think I'll tell them that I'd rather live.

  5. Take them down before they take us down

  6. "They cannot go to war because they have shown their cause to be farce." if you mean Irak and the withdraw, then this is shortsited, it was never the intention to stay i think, the new military base in Irak is sufficient and was imo one of the the main goals, look at europe, germany in particular with closed self-propelling american militay bases all over the country...

  7. I also agree that we are in for a very interesting year which will hopefully expose more and more of the Elites tyranny and will result in more and more people waking up to the truth as to what is behind this staged economic collapse.
    I have also been exposing the Elite and the control that they have over the U.S. government on my blog site: Lisakittys hot topics. It is important that we all stick together in our fight for the last of our freedoms.

  8. I do not believe in hope. I believe in opportunity. Things are coming to a head, and finally, enough of my fellows will stand with me. We will win.

  9. Wow. Umm, no - things are not coming to a head and you won't win. Here is something I really like about 2012. We have come far enough that atheism is new religion to make fun of.

    In real atheism that atheists don't practice, logic-driven hyper-realism: the universe is and nothing is super natural.

    Sure, humans are interesting. Humans are a multi-breed 'species' that has come so far that it is evolving in the virtual realm of the 'mind'. Most understand this and see the 'big change' coming, but it is really not. Evolution 'runs its course'. It always did and always will, but that is kind of your problem.

    Think about it. EVOLUTION is this 'transformation' of a life form. But as you know, every member of that species does not simultaneously transform together. What few understand is that 'many small changes' spread out through the gene pool until they are at such a frequency that 'all the pieces' can land at the same time in organism and it is the 'new evolved state'.

    The point is: a 'few' evolve 'from' a species.
    MOST HUMANS.. right? Most? the majority? are and must be the older species. Also realize, humans do have multiple new species already. Your enemy is this 'bred for lower IQ' 'I went to law school' then I 'became a politician or banker' lowlife humans. Yeah, they are shit.

    We also have 'engineering humans', who invent the next generation of computer chip. These are not humans with 'Edward Bernays lie to people skills' or 'bullshitting skills' they have actual next species hard science innovative brains, totally nothing like the lower 'lawyer human'.

    You have uncontrollable BILLIONS of poorly bred humans on the earth right now. These bad choices of the past have taken actual 'life-form' and they plan on breeding more.

    This is the problem with atheist religion of 2012. How does one A) pretend to be believe in evolution and also B) nurture and protect ever degenerate gene specimen and encourage it to breed. Well, you can't. NATURE is cruel. HUMANISM is a sappy religion.

    I never said how you fix it. Just pointing out, your 'big transformation' is not happening and won't.

    nearly all intellectuals EVER! say - 'you are doomed to go extinct'.

    I think they are right.
    It is possible mankind escapes this trap you are ALREADY in. But your adds are really bad. Lucky for you, miracles can and do happen. But then again, so do rogue asteroids.

  10. To the above moron: if atheism is a religion, then being bold is a new hairstyle. Then again, i would not expect you to see the contradiction: you believe in miracles, yet talk about low IQ.

  11. No dummy. Atheism is a religion.
    Easy to explain why and your cause.
    You speak ONE LANGUAGE.
    If you spoke many languages, you would not have the American disease of being a social idiot.
    An American thinks, semantics is intelligence.

    American argues like this:
    1) American calls himself a superhero
    2) American SCREAMS AT YOU, "Look up superhero in the dictionary!"
    3) American argues, "That is what superhero means, therefore I proved I am one."

    Exactly, that is you and atheism.
    If you spoke many languages, you would be GODLESS.

    Say it with me.... GODLESS.
    I am also Godless.
    Am I an atheist? No.

    Then you argue, "Hey, I made up this lie, that all religion requires a God!"

    Yes, I know you did. You lied. All religions don't require Gods. Check the magnoitude of this joke atheists are. You would need to be a REAL ATHEIST TO UNDERSTAND. In real atheism, humans are MAMMALS. Humans have BEHAVIORS. There is NO MAGIC. There is no SUPERNATURAL.

    If you can grasp humans are an ANIMAL WITH BEHAVIOR, then the only possible topic is, ANIMAL BEHAVIOR.

    Say it with me: Humans and mammals with behavior and therefore religion is a BEHAVIOR OF A KIND OF MAMMAL.

    What is religion? A BEHAVIOR!

    What kind of behavior?
    That gets a little complex for someone like you.
    Religion has a list of components. EMOTION. ANGER. CERTAINTY. BELIEF. SOCIAL CONFORMITY. ARGUMENT AND REASON. TRIBALISM. THE NEED FOR AGREEMENT IN OTHERS. A system of moral correctness. On and on.

    Atheism is RELIGION.
    example: LOVE OF FAGGOTS
    what does being GODLESS have to do with supporting GAY MARRIAGE OR ABORTION?


    Those are components of your RELIGION.
    In your RELIGION.

    Go to youtube. on Youtube 95% of atheists are PHILO JUDEO NOAHIDE LAW GOY

    Atheists say, "I hate all three religions, Christians AND MUSLIMS!" Yes, I know dummy, that was the joke 1+1 does not = 2. Atheists as a rule ARE IN JUDAISM AND SERVE ZIONISM.

    Example: Me the REAL ATHEIST. You the FAKE ATHEIST. Is abortion MURDER?

    Yes it is. Why? You kill your baby. What do you argue? It is not murder. Why? Because you can't handle being a murderer on a religious level. I CAN! As a real atheist, murder is just another mammal behavior. So is rape. Yes, YOU MURDERED YOU UNWANTED BABY. And? thats the point. The real argument is YOUR RELIGION. Murder IS RELIGION> Do LIONS murder? Do tigers MURDER? they are mammals. DO THEY MURDER? No. Lions and tigers dont have RELIGION> You do.

    So the moral religious sinful burden of you ADMITTING you killed your baby, is something you can't handle on an emotional level.

    YOU CULLED YOUR BABY. It is a human behavior. IDENTICAL to waiting for it to be born then abandoning it on a rocky hillside because you don't want it.

    Lastly: I do understood, you are too dumb to learn from this. I DO! Believe me. I know. OTHERS will read, and learn something.

    So take your dirty little new age atheist religion and go away.

  12. I was hopeful that in 2008, when people knew about Obamas ties to communist. socialist, the Nation of Islam, ACORN, CAIR, the terorist group the Weatherman Underground, Bill Ayers and George Soros Obama would not be elected. Today, many are just as ignorant as they were back then. All the warnings from our founders have gone unheeded. i don't believe enough people realize the danger from Islam today present in Americas government and our public schools. 70% of America wanted Obama.if we are hoinest since 975 of black voters voted for Obama it would not matter wheather or not they knew the facts stated above. many made the comment we got us a predident now on TV. They also have double the unemployment of any other race.I only had to know one thing about Obama to realize he was bad for America. Actually, he revealed two in his books From Dreams From My Father and Audacity of Hope. From Dreams From My Father- "I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mothers race." Audacity of Hope-"I will side with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

  13. N....W....O!!!! 4 LIFE

  14. awesome.........

  15. Let's all think positive. All best wishes for 2012!

  16. Never surrender...never.