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Max Keiser: Banks Are Dead!

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How Barrack Obama Avoids Prison (

How a Ron Paul Supporter Should Deal with Junk Mail from Mitt Romney and the RNC

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is Obama Dangerous to the People and to his Master's. Will He Give Up Power?

It is a very dangerous time between now and Election Day. Right now, we see Obama's support base erode inside the party and among black Americans. Obama has been good puppet for carrying out his masters wishes implementing the agenda. He has been bad also because he has awoken up many people to his real plan for America. The elites have decided as reported at the Bilderburger meeting to throw Obama under the bus. We are seeing the left in the media and in politics turning against Obama and promoting Romney.

President Obama is now a law unto himself instead of going through congress passing legislation. He is just signing executive orders bypassing Congress. He is giving himself power he does not have and it has really awoken the sleeping giant in America and around the world. His advisers said he needs an Oklahoma City or a 9-11 to be reelected because the people have no faith in his leadership anymore. He takes expensive and lavish vacations at our expense while millions of American is out of work. I think Obama is mad that the establishment has turned on him and looking to replace him with Mitt Romney to continue the agenda since there is not a dimes worth of difference between the two. Nothing changes, the same policies just a different face and rhetoric.

President Obama might feel hurt and betrayed not wanting to give up the presidency since now he is a dictator. Congress has not challenged him on the executive orders and the wars being launched without congressional approval. He might feel emboldened to pull off a false flag, crash the economy or stage a crisis under PD-51 and his latest executive order National Defense Resource Preparedness to cancel the November elections to take complete control of the infrastructure. If the congress is not resisting, what is stopping him going further.

He could use the NDAA, the Military commissions act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Bill to arrest members of congress, even his globalist handlers, to arrest activist and media figures. He could order the Military to go take over state capitals and arrest governors who will not play ball with him and his seizing control of the country. He can use the drones to attack anyone who stands in his way. If he feels dissed by his masters who put him power, he might pull this off because Obama and his czars he appointed might not want to giver up power.

Obama might be a monster the elites have created they might not be able to control anymore. The masters may tell him he will not be reelected. His attitude he might to do some thing major to stop the elections to avoid a humiliating defeat at the polls this November. He dissed the elites before with killing the Keystone Pipeline something Pastor Lindsey Williams reported in a radio interview. He really ticked off the establishment stopping this job-creating pipeline. He can diss the elite again by not stepping down and declaring himself Dictator for life because he does not want to give up power to the other puppet leader Romney.

I have a feeling he has become more dangerous because he might fear losing the power he has accumulated. Obama might pull a fast one where the globalist and Obama might be chased out of America because I do know the American people will not tolerate Obama being president for life and many will this as an opportunity to remove the traitors from our mist. The American people are now armed to the teeth.

How do I come to this conclusion? Well Obama is an arrogant narcissist who is now very dangerous assuming power he does not have under the Constitution. In his mind, he did what he was told by his masters, so now thinks he deserves another term as President. He gave amnesty to million of Illegal aliens to help secure the vote to reelect him with a stroke of a pen It is very possible he will do what it takes to stay in power if it is causing riots, doing everything possible to destabilize the nation to declare Martial law. All this so he can invoke the executive orders he signed and the ones by past presidents. He is a dangerous man now we have to be ready for what he tries to pull on us.

It is very unpredictable what he will do in the coming months, he may do what his masters want and step down for his Caucasian clone to finish the agenda. The other is dissing the globalist masters by taking over everything canceling the elections. We have to be ready for both. The good thing is, if he does declare himself dictator for life. We will have a real revolution. I just hope it is peaceful.

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Woman’s Survival Garden Destroyed By Tulsa Authorities

"To the Contrary Notwithstanding" "the Right of the people to Keep and Bear Amrs Shall Not Be Infringed" The UN Small Arms Treaty is Unconstituional.

We are in the battle for not only the survival of our natural rights and the republic, which it stands. We are now entering the phase of fighting for our very survival to exist as human beings. Tyrants like to declare themselves Gods of this earth holding the power of life and death in their hands. The purpose of the Constitution is to limit the government's power over the states and the individual. Now we have an out of control Chief executive in the White House looking for a way to disarm the American people with the UN Small arms treaty.

One of the safeguards to ensure we are protected from a tyrannical government is the second amendment in the Bill of Rights. These amendments were adopted by congress to assure the remaining colonies who refused to ratify the Constitution; they wanted provisions to restrain the power of the Federal government. Ever since the ratification of the US Constitution, our liberties have been attacked from the beginning. The Anti Federalist has written their objections about the flaws in the US Constitution, explaining how over time how the government will go bad. Reading what they said, it has happened.

The Constitution gives the President the power to make treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate. In Article 2, section 2:

 The president, by and with the consent of the senate, is to make treaties provided two thirds of the Senators present concur...

In Article 6, Section 2 that can be a loose cannon trampling over our liberties as stated:

all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land, and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.

What is more of an abomination to our representative form of government is the 16th and 17th amendments that were declared ratified but was not, According the Book " The Law That Never Was" . The author traveled nationwide searching the archives in various states. Three fourths never ratified the proposed amendments. The 17th is the worst of both in my opinion because the US Senators were appointed by the State legislature before 1913. Now senators are elected by popular vote of the people and not by the State Legislatures. The US Senator was an ambassador of the State government sent to a neutral place called Washington DC, which was considered a foreign territory. The 17th amendment took away the state government's representation in Washington DC. US Senators today are now beholden to special interest and not the people of their respective states. This why our right to keep and bear arms is being threatened because of the disconnect between the US Senators and the people

The writer of Anti Federalist number 75 has seen this perfect storm allowing the President and the Senate in on ratifying treaties leaving the House of Representatives out of the loop. The writer says so eloquently:

 And from this power of making treaties, the house of representatives, which has the best chance of possessing virtue, and public confidence, is entirely excluded. Indeed, I see nothing to hinder the president and senate, at a convenient crisis, to declare themselves hereditary and supreme, and the lower house altogether useless, and to abolish what shadow of the state constitutions remain by this power alone; and as the president and senate have all that influence which arises from the creating and appointing of all offices and officers, who can doubt but at a proper occasion they will succeed in such an attempt?

That is profound to hear, how many international agreements do we hear about that are carried out that have not been ratified by the Senate and the people' house is left outside the loop any recourse? The writer of the Anti Federalist 75 continues saying:

And who can doubt but that men will arise who will attempt it? Will the doing so be a more flagrant breach of trust, or a greater degree of violence and perfidy, than has already been practiced in order to introduce the proposed plan? . . . Of the same kind, and full as inconsistent and dangerous, is the first clause of the second article, compared with the second clause of the second section. We first find the president fully and absolutely vested with the executive power, and presently we find the most important and most influential portion of the executive power - e.g., the appointment of all officers - vested in the senate, with whom the president only acts as a nominating member. It is on this account that I have said above, that the greatest degree of virtue may be expected in the house of representatives; for if any considerable part of the executive power be joined with the legislature, it will as surely corrupt that branch with which it is combined, as poison will the human body. Therefore, though the small house of representatives will consist of the natural aristocracy of the country, as well as the senate, yet not being dangerously combined with the executive branch, it has not such certain influential inducements to corruption. . .

The flaw in the treaty making process under our present day constitution leaves the ratification of treaties to the Senate and the President, the people's house is left out not having any say. Two thirds of both houses and the Senate should be able to ratify a treaty, not just the Senate. In a way we are beyond that. Obama could by the executive pen say the treaty is ratified without two thirds concurring in the Senate.

There is another term ignored in the Constitution, they all see treaties being law of the land and say that is it regardless of what the legal document really says. They ignore four words of "to the contrary notwithstanding" meaning the treaty cannot violate our bill of rights or our representative form of government. So shall not be infringed means the UN Small Arms Treaty should be defeated because it withstands our Bill of Rights. It takes away a right secured by the second amendment if we allow it.

The right to self-defense, to keep and bear arms is a natural right that is God given. Just because Obama and Hillary Clinton agreed to this treaty that is unconstitutional at its worst. Ratified or not, let them try to enforce it here. We are the final check on tyranny if we are armed. This treaty takes away the final check on government power if we allow them to get away with it. It is up to us to be the final authority, or be slaves. It is our choice or exists at the mercy of tyrants. Jesus said, "Blessed are the Peacemakers". The UN small arms treaty is not a peacemaker, My Colt 45 on my hip is the real peacemaker necessary for the security of a free state. What do you think?