Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th is Not Just About a Birth of a Nation. It Is About Our Right To Secede From An Empire

               If I have to hear, one more person say, “Secession is treason”. I do not know how I will handle myself if I hear it. People forget history and do not care to find out. They think the Fourth of July is beer, barbeque, the beach and exploding loud pyrotechnics, as we like to call fire works. Many think the revolution started on the day July 4, 1776. Many do not know we been at war since April 19 1775 at Lexington and Concord. The siege on Boston Harbor was already a victory for us. We already chased the redcoats out of Boston retreating to New York. The war for the right to secede from England has begun.

               The Continental Congress was in session in Philadelphia to discuss forming a new republic free from Great Britain. After much debate tearing apart the document that Thomas Jefferson authored listing the grievances against the king and why they were declaring Independence from a tyrannical monarchy. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence knew once they signed the document. They committed an act of treason against King George III. All the colonies said we are not playing by your oppressive rules anymore. We are not paying the Bank of England with your taxes. We are better off without you and want to self govern. We do not need you and we do not want you.

                For the cause of secession, many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence paid the price losing children, they were sentenced to death by a rope and dieing as paupers in financial hardships. They made the sacrifices for the cause of being free from a tyrant. They really did pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for us. I prefer to remember that July 4 is not just Independence Day. It should be a day to honor those who made the personal sacrifices pledging everything for liberty so we can live in a free nation. The day we give thanks for divine providence for giving birth to this republic and the blessings of liberty we so much enjoy. I ask again for our firm reliance on our Creator again so this nation shall not perish from the earth and freedom will survive.

                 Today we are facing the same enemies we dealt with back in the early days of the revolution. Our government is trying to get us to pay for a debt we do not owe, we are in wars for conquest, and we have a tyrannical government out of Washington that is so arrogant to think we are their subjects. We are suffering the same repeated abuses and injuries  from our Federal government. We are dealing with a group of people who are alien to our form of government and our way of life. They seek to overthrow the republic and our Constitution. The right to be independent and free in a political divorce does not mean we are seeking to overthrow the nation. Just severing the ties. It is the right to be a sovereign republic to self-govern as the people see fit. Not as the bankers and monarchs, desire us to be their slaves.

                 For Texas, this should be a day to remember we have the right to secede when our form of government no longer works for the people and has become destructive to our posterity. This is a day we remind ourselves that we do have a right to sever ties in a political divorce to form a new government that secures the rights of the people; neither do we serve the bankers and Israel. We have a right to break free from an empire that goes in our name to destroy other sovereign nations for the bankers, Israel and mega corporations. We have a right to establish diplomatic relations with other nations, form alliances and establish trade. The Day July 4 is a day not only that a new republic was born. It is a day to remember we also have a right to secede. I look forward to the day when Texas will lift its head and Stand among the nations, not enslaved to the bankers. That is the day we erect new safeguards to our freedoms never to be subject to an outside power again.


  1. Even though you are correct, you really hurt your argument with your horrible grammar. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you can't even form a sentence.

  2. The words are really more important than the grammar--it's the thought that counts!

    Seriously, all this blog needs is a decent second set of eyes to proofread. Once upon a time, that job had a title: editor.

    Times are tough, though, don'tya know :(

  3. Ryan is a bit too distracted by the finer points of marketing. That aside, the important point here is the principle of independence. If you support these principles you should be able to overlook a few grammatical shortcomings. Let it stand! Secession is the only alternative.

  4. Sadly, I have to agree with what's been said about the grammar and punctuation errors. I really like what I read here, and would like to post links to it, but don't want people to think we're a bunch of illiterates. Please have someone proofread before posting. It will go a long way towards attaining creditability!

  5. Oops! I meant to write "credibility", not "creditability". That'll teach me to criticize!

  6. I am a German. My English ist undistinguished. While I was reading this posting I was thinking about how easy to understand it is. Although I am a proponent of using language correctly, I believe that it is more important to make people understand what it stands for. So I feel that as far as formally correct speaking and writing supports understanding it is important. With other words: If grammar mistakes or shortcomings don't affect understanding they just mean blemishes to me. Excusable and not being tangent to credibility.

    As I understood this article very well (far away from detecting any mistakes) I believe the criticized grammar deficit is more than excusable. The main target of language has been attained: Understanding. Thanks for it.

  7. No i. agree to that it wasnt importent to spell and give grammars because. Why? Ideas are more importent.

    Everyone understood that, right? So I guess we should all spell like that? Write like that? After all, it doesn't matter how I say it. Just what I say. You should be able to overlook a few grammatical shortcomings!

  8. All you anonymous posters are cowards. It makes me sick.